Alo Moves: The Yoga App That Keeps You Motivated (A Review)

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Planning lifestyle changes can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you are not sure where to start. That is why having a support system is vital to keep you motivated and grounded. Besides maintaining a healthy diet, leading a healthier lifestyle also requires you to train your mind and body religiously. For this, Alo Moves helps you practice more mindful movement with its daily yoga workout routines, which are a great activity to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength.

Learn more about Alo Moves and what makes a good choice for a yoga app not only for many practitioners but also for people needing a better lifestyle.


Inside This Article

  1. What is Alo Moves?
  2. App Subscription and Cost
  3. App Features
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Alo Moves vs Other Yoga Programs
  6. Is Alo Moves the Yoga App for You?


What Is Alo Moves?

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Alo Moves is an extension of Alo Yoga, the famous athleisure brand loved by many celebrities. It is a community of dedicated individuals aiming to improve their well-being through fitness and meditation classes. It offers virtual yoga classes so you can get the full studio experience right at the comforts of your home.

You can also learn how to stretch your muscles safely, with difficulty levels that you can choose from. Alo Moves’ aim is to help you find the perfect movement and routines catered just for you based on your skill level, time, and workout style.

Another impressive thing about Alo Moves is its wide variety of wellness classes you can join. You will never feel bored doing the same routines every day because it offers many kinds of online yoga you can choose from.

At Alo Moves, you can enroll in thousands of classes to train your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you want to focus on meditations for relaxation or yoga as a daily ritual, its app can provide you with extensive guided instruction.

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Alo Moves App Subscription and Cost

Alo Moves Pricing
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Investing in your health is just as important as having the motivation to do it. Alo Moves offers different subscription choices specifically for your needs. It has options for people who are still on the fence. For just $20 a month, you can get unlimited access to thousands of workout and meditation videos from the platform.


Alo Moves Subscription

Is Alo Moves worth it? You can find out by trying its free trial for 14 days and cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied. If you decide that you’ve found the perfect exercise regimen at Alo Moves, you can immediately sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. On top of that, you’ll get a month free as a bonus.

If you want to cancel your membership, you can go to the app settings and click on the “manage membership” option, and you will not be charged from your credit card for the following month. The app will ask you to fill up a short survey before you click on the cancel membership button at the bottom of the page.

The discount on Alo Moves is bigger if you avail of its annual memberships. You can get from 25% to 50% off its usual yearly fee of $199. Programs similar to Alo Moves usually charge higher, which means that you can get the best deal from the Alo Moves app with the help of its professional instructors for less than $200 a year.


Accepted Payment Methods

Alo Moves accepts a credit card payment, but not PayPal. However, you can purchase through iTunes credit using your PayPal account if you are using an iOS device.

To find the payment settings in the app, go to settings and click on the “Manage Payment Methods” option. You can choose to cancel or update your payment methods from there.


Alo Moves App Features

Alo Moves recently launched an app to allow easier access for its users. Now, you can save your Alo Yoga classes on your mobile phone or tablet and bring them with you anywhere you go. You can even download the courses so you can watch the workout routines even when you are offline.

Here are some of the more noteworthy features of the app:

Wide Catalog of Yoga Classes

Yoga Alo Moves
Photo from Alo Moves

Once you become a member, you can gain access to professional instructors and personalized class recommendations that suit your lifestyle best. You can choose your fitness classes based on duration and difficulty.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time yoga enthusiast, there are thousands of classes you can choose from. Scroll through classes that focus on different parts of the body — depending on what you feel like doing that day. Here are some of the highlight classes you can enroll in the Alo Moves app:

  • Tension Release
  • Detoxifying Stretch
  • Fresh Start Morning Flow
  • Whole Body Opening
  • Weekly Reset
  • Morning Yoga for Beginners
  • Nightly Stretch
  • Toned Thighs and Booty Burns
  • Yoga for Lower Back Pain
  • Yoga for Runners


Mindfulness Training

With thousands of classes, you can have the option to build your strength, relieve stress, increase your flexibility, or get a more toned body. Aside from yoga classes, the Alo Moves app also has mindfulness videos, including:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Soundbaths
  • Visual Meditations


Class Finder

Photo from Alo Moves

With the help of the app’s “Class Finder” option, you can also sort the time and instructor for your next class according to your mood and schedule. Be the first to view its new releases each week and stay up to date with the latest yoga moves.

Join the growing community in the Alo Moves app and find other members who can help motivate you to keep on moving. You can also track your daily workouts to view your progress and to help you practice your patience when it comes to achieving the results you want.


Alo Moves Pros and Cons

If you are still unsure if Alo Moves is the right yoga app for you, we will talk about the pros and cons of using the app to help you decide better:


  • It is affordable at only $20 a month. If you avail of the annual membership, you can save more.
  • Download videos and play them offline.
  • Play the videos on your phone, tablet, laptop, and Apple TV.
  • Choose from thousands of fitness, yoga, and meditation videos.
  • You can get the best advice and help from professional instructors.
  • Connect with your friends and keep track of your progress.
  • Choose the difficulty and duration of your workout routine.
  • The Class Finder lets you choose classes based on your personal goals and needs.
  • Target specific concerns such as your hamstrings, shoulders, glutes, core, and more.
  • The app is easy to navigate and user-friendly.


  • The payment method does not include PayPal yet.
  • The videos are pre-recorded and don’t allow you to interact with instructors.
  • The app does not display nutritional information yet, so you will need a different app for monitoring your diet.
  • The videos don’t have music. Some people prefer a background sound to help them relax.


While there are a few downsides to the Alo app, most of those do not directly affect the quality of the programs. If you are someone who loves to listen to your playlist while meditating or working out, you will love the videos from the app.


Alo Moves vs. Other Yoga Programs

If you are curious about how the Alo Moves app functions compared to other yoga apps, you don’t need to look further. Here are some of its differences and similarities among other yoga apps in the market.

Active by POPSUGAR


POPSUGAR is a women’s lifestyle media brand. Its app is called Active, and it includes blogs, fitness tutorials, and healthy diet plans for its users. The main difference between Alo Moves and Active is that the latter focuses more on building strength and exercises to build muscle. The upside of PopSugar is that it hosts live workouts as well as pre-recorded videos. Alo Moves, on the other hand, only offers pre-recorded videos for its users.



YogaGlo is another fitness community online that offers fitness programs such as Pilates and yoga. Its app, Glo, also offers private-inversion workout sessions that allow you to interact with instructors. Similar to Alo Moves, the focus is yoga and meditation. However, YogaGlo’s basic subscription is slightly higher at $22.99 a month.

Meanwhile, the great thing about YogaGlo is that you can avail of a membership discount when you refer someone and give them a voucher. If you purchase a subscription for someone else, you will only pay $18 a month instead of $22.99.


Mirror Workout

Photo from Mirror

Mirror Workout is a fitness technology that combines live-streaming classes and your mirror to achieve a new experience when it comes to workouts at home. It is like a normal mirror but it turns into a screen that shows you your trainer.

The device comes with a camera for live sessions. It is great for those who want to try something fun and new when it comes to their daily routines. Since it is a recent innovative technology, it is expected that it costs more than your usual yoga and workout apps.

Mirror offers a monthly installation payment method, but if you plan to purchase the device from the get-go, it will cost you a full price of $1,495.


Is Alo Moves the Yoga App for You?

Photo from Alo Moves

Nowadays, it is better to enroll in a virtual yoga and meditation class to avoid exposing yourself to the ongoing pandemic. Alo Moves app allows you to feel like you are in a studio with your instructor without leaving your home. It is convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule and find it a hassle to go to a physical yoga studio. You can use almost any device to access the app without any problem and even download videos for offline access.

Now, you can relax and unwind away from the city without worrying whether you can still have instructional videos to guide you through the process. Since the membership also allows unlimited access and streaming, you will never get bored doing the same workout routine every day.

So, is the app worth the hype? Our answer would be yes. Alo Moves has garnered massive support from its customers worldwide because of its excellent quality service, engaging videos, and reasonable cost. Overall, it is a great app, and if you are someone looking to invest your time and effort into making lifestyle changes, this yoga app is worth it.