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The best workout apps of 2019 will change the way you look at exercise! In this age of high-speed connection and globalization, it is indeed a blessing to have a job that only goes from nine to five. However, is a hectic work schedule an excuse to skip the gym and miss out on those gains? Absolutely not!

Being the productive people that we are, it is imperative to adapt to our circumstances and find tools to aid us in our daily lives. This is where workout apps come in. The merging of technology with exercise have bridged the distance between users and fitness trainers, enabling the everyday individual to gain access to resources for an effective workout through their mobile devices.

Every year more and more apps are being developed to keep up with the changes in lifestyle and user behavior of the everyday working adult. From workout apps that can track calories burnt, to workout apps that motivate you to start a workout routine, the digital space is flooded with mobile apps of every kind.

As such, the ranking for the top 15 workout apps is constantly changing as improvements are made in terms of innovation and interactivity. This then creates the problem of choice as there are just too many workout apps to choose form.

But fret not. This article is here to shine a guiding light. Besides going through a list of the top 15 workout apps, this article will also briefly go into the importance of working out and the benefits of using workout apps.

At the end of this article, you the reader should be sufficiently hyped up and ready to fire up that workout app! So, let’s begin.

Best workout apps
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Why Use The Top 15 Workout Apps?

Can you get ripped just by looking at workout apps?  I think most people will know the answer to that one. Despite the fact that working out does not require the best workout app, it is a boon to have tools that supplement a workout routine and help fit a workout schedule into the modern adult’s hectic lifestyle.

The best work out apps brings greater convenience when it comes to speed in recording, organizing and tracking workout data. Either through one or a combination of workout apps, technology has allowed users to store and access huge amounts of data at the touch of a fingertip. This is especially useful for time-poor individuals who need to have a quick and accessible way to track the different aspects of working out. From exercises to diet, there is the best workout app for each need.

Moreover, the best workout apps have features that creatively get the exercise in. These creative workout features can take many forms, ranging from calisthenics with periodic workout sets that need to be accomplished when the notification comes out to booty dancing. Therefore, there is really no excuse to put off a workout due to laziness as the best workout apps make the exercise fun, convenient and manageable.

Why Use Work Out Apps
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Main Benefits Of Working Out

The most important thing about the best workout apps is using them. Excluding workout apps that are faulty or broken, most workout apps will at least serve their intended functional purpose; working out.

First off, working out decreases stress and keeps you healthy. Exercising can reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your overall immune system. Thus, saving you the pain from illnesses and the money from medical bills. The best work out apps has the function to allow users to keep track of their workout history and plan a workout schedule. Convenient indeed!

Secondly, working out can help build self-esteem and the ideal body image. Getting the ideal body image takes hard work and dedication, there are no short cuts and working out is certainly the first step to achieving that goal. There are many workout apps in the market, the best of which might include diet tracking as well as work out routines to support the user in the quest for the desired physic.

Thirdly, the more you work out the more you develop the habit of exercising. The more we perform an activity, the more likely we develop a habit. As such, the best workout apps might include features that keep the user on track and provide support such as reminders if the user is starting to fall off the wagon.

Main Benefits Of Working Out
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Top 15 Workout Apps 

We start the list of the best workout apps with a series of workout apps that have differentiated themselves through creativity and building a niche in the market.


1. Zombie Run

Zombie Run
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Free with available in-app purchases

Zombie Run is simple yet so creatively entertaining. In any zombie flick, there is usually a lot of running. It takes cardio to survive the zombie apocalypse and this workout app uses missions to incentive users to focus on the run.

At the very least, running is made more imaginative and less monogamous, which should help those people who start dragging their feet when it is time to go for a jog. The work out app operates by playing missions and music through the user’s headphones when they run. They will start to speed up when they hear that they are being chased by zombies. The best part of all, it’s free to download!

Easy to use and immersive, this workout app made it to the top 15 workout app list in this article.


2. Burn Your Fat With Me 

Burn Your Fat With Me 
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Free with available in-app purchases

This workout app takes exercise motivation into a niche and quirky direction. The user is thrown into a narrative of a Japanese novel where trials are set for the player to complete. These trials are exercise-based and get progressively harder. Failure will mean a breakup with the virtual character while the successful completion of workout trials will move the story forward.

Thus far, this workout app’s concept has worked. The reviews have been positive on the Google Play store with over 1,800 reviews and an average score of 4.2. Definitely a game for the anime fans, this workout app’s unique take on motivation for its target market takes a spot on the list of top 15 workout apps.


3. Better Body Dance Workout

Better Body Dance Workout
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Get that body moving with a dance app if that is your thing! This workout app has some fantastic features such as dance tips, workout exercises and information on dancing techniques. To make the workout even more enjoyable, the dances come in different styles ranging from modern-day hip-hop to exotic belly dancing. These features coupled with a user-friendly and intuitive navigational display make this workout app deserving of a mention. For those who want to add a splash of dazzle into the workout, this workout app is worth checking out.


4. Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts
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A personal trainer and exercise workout app, Daily Workouts has hundreds of targeted exercises to incorporate into your workout. These workouts sessions vary in time from 5 to 30 minutes which is highly advantageous for time-poor individuals looking to get a guided workout session on the go. Each workout is demonstrated by a trainer through beautiful HD videos. In addition, users can spice things up with a random or customized routine. A workout app for the everyday modern adult, it makes the list for the top 15 best workout apps.


5. Lympo 

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Free with available in-app purchases

Get rewarded by working out! Lympo is an interesting workout app that combines blockchain with health. Users are able to be rewarded with cryptocurrency token for pre-defined trackable health goals. The workout app tracks and stores the user’s health and fitness data which are used in the future. In addition, users can exchange their data for lifestyle goods and services. One of the few apps that reward and put greater control of data over to the user, Lympo is a workout app that is building a niche in the workout application market.


6. TRX

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$4.99 to $39.99

TRX is a workout app that promotes working out smarter. The workout app has workout routines of various types ranging from indoor functional training and yoga to cycling and much more. In addition, it has personalized training programs and on-demand workouts for the busy individual to slot a session into his or her schedule. With a 14-day trial period to find out if the workouts suit the users, this workout app has a low barrier to adoption. Detailed and professionally composed, this workout app made it to this list of the top 15 workout apps.


7. 8Fit

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$25 – $60 plans

As a workout app, 8Fit puts exercise and nutrition conveniently with the reach of your mobile devices. The workout app is highly customizable, allowing different users with different needs to access workout and meal plans that are tailored to individual fitness objectives. Within the workout app, users can easily look at their workout exercises, progress, and meal plans. The best part, 8Fit allows people to start the workout app with a free trial before committing to their subscription plans.


8. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach
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For anyone with a Fitbit, the Fitbit coach is the next addition to the workout plan. The workout app includes adaptive workouts that fit the requirements and goals of the user. In addition, the workout app will recommend workouts based on the activities tracked through the Fitbit device. Free to download and upgradable to a premium subscription, Fitbit coach might just be the best workout app for those who own a Fitbit.


9. Seven

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$9.99 – $59.99 plans

Seven minutes is all you need to workout anywhere and anytime with this workout app. With tailored workouts and the feature to challenge others, this workout app aims to encourage users instead of just providing workout routines. The emphasis on providing motivation to workout is further amped up with workout achievements and customizable instructors. For those that need the extra push, this might be the best workout app.


10. 30 Day Fitness

30 Day Fitness
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$9.99 – $59.99 plans

A workout app that challenges you to stay on track and get that body you wanted. This workout app contains hundred of workouts and instructions for each day of the month. Users of this app will not have to feel the monotony of routine with the amount of variety at their fingertips. With selections like this, this workout app will likely resonate with some users as the best workout app of the year.


11. Runkeeper

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$9.99 – $39.99 plans

This workout app focuses on helping users stick with their running goals by having features that make running with others easy. It allows its users to start running groups and brings in a sense of achievement and community. Moreover, it provides real-time tracking and audio updates, making it a useful workout app for the runners that want that extra edge. A pick for the best workout app of the year.


12. BetterMe

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$9.99 weekly plans, $41.99 bi-annual plans, $99.99 lifetime plans

This running app features daily audio guided running programs to suit different user’s goals. It has an option to change the difficulty of exercise for various levels of users which makes it appealing to novice and avid runners alike.


13. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga
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Monthly plans from $9.99 to $12.99, $39.99 yearly plans

A yoga workout app that offers asanas, guided yoga classes, Pilates and a multitude of workout plans that will spoil the user with choices. Designed for both beginners and advanced users, this app has supportive features such as a responsive Q&A in addition to the work out routines. For yoga enthusiasts, this could just be the best workout app.


14. Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS

Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS
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$9.99 Upgrades

This workout app is designed for more than just cycling as runners can also make use of its innovative features. The users can start tracking the weather condition during the run, health data and performance before summarizing these into insightful charts. A workout app that also allows a user to compete against previous achievements, this could take the spot as the best workout app for some users.


15. MySwimPro

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Subscriptions from $7.99 to $119.99

This swimming workout app is a training supplement for users who want to take it to the next level. With a multitude of unlockable features such as personalized coaching in addition to its extensive list of tools such as swim log, tips and motivation, this workout app will stand out as the best workout app for avid swimmers.


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