How To Record An Incoming Phone Call Secretly? (A Guide)

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In previous decades, the sole method of recording a phone call is through an external device. It involves connecting a digital recorder to a device’s handset and base component. While it is one of the most reliable methods of how to record a phone call conversation, it comes with some inconvenience — it’s quite expensive and bulky.

How to Record a Phone Call
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Fortunately, there are now modern methods how to record a phone call sans the external devices once required. In this article, we will explore these methods and what third-party apps you need in order to record a conversation on your phone.

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Inside This Article

  1. Is It Possible To Record A Phone Call On A Mobile Phone?
  2. Can I Record A Phone Call Without The Other Caller Knowing?
  3. Is It Illegal To Record A Call Without Consent?
  4. How To Record An Incoming Phone Call? 
    1. Built-In Phone Functions
    2. Using Google Voice To Record A Phone Call Secretly
  5. Apps to Use to Record a Phone Call
    1. TapeACall Pro
    2. Automatic Call Recorder Pro
    3. Rev Voice Recorder
    4. ACR Call Recorder
    5. Call Recorder
    6. Call Recorder Lite
  6. Conclusion


Is It Possible To Record A Phone Call On A Mobile Phone?

With the massive progress of phones and tech in general, it’s now possible to record a phone conversation on any mobile phone. For example, Google Voice makes it easier and more attainable to record an incoming phone call secretly for Android smartphones. For iOS devices, the process can be a little complicated. Nonetheless, it’s possible through the help of third-party apps available.

On the contrary, cloud-based services and platforms, as well as smartphone apps, make recording phone conversations more convenient and straightforward. Regardless of the intentions of why you want to record a phone conversation, be it with your boss or a family member, recording a phone call has never been this easy.

Moreover, there are several ways how to record a phone call secretly. However, it comes with something to ponder on – is it for the greater good? Another aspect regarding phone call recordings that you should consider is the associated federal and state laws. These laws differ significantly per state. That said, some states require everyone’s consent before recording a phone conversation, while others may only require consent from just one person.

Assuming you’re already aware of these subtleties, you can read further to know more about how to record a phone call secretly.


Can I Record A Phone Call Without The Other Caller Knowing?

Can I Record A Phone Call
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Under the “one-party consent” law, the federal law allows phone call recordings as well as in-person discussions, given that at least one person provides consent. It should be the first thing that comes to mind before you start recording phone conversations. That said, you should verify if your home state will allow you to perform such an activity.

As long as it’s allowed in your state, your caller doesn’t have to know that you’re recording your conversations over the phone.


Is It Illegal To Record A Call Without Consent?

As mentioned, it’s recommended that you verify all federal and state laws that encompass phone call recordings first before hitting that “Record” button. There are 11 American states that require two-party consent regarding phone call recordings. That said, every person involved in the phone call must provide consent, as well as grant permission to conduct a recording. Some of these states include Washington, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Florida, Delaware, and California.

In other states, they apply the “one-party consent” with regard to recording phone calls. As long as one person grants permission, then recording a phone call without repercussion is possible, even without informing the person on the flip side of the line.

Since the laws governing phone call recordings differ per state, it’s best practice to always record a phone call secretly for the greater good and without malicious intent.


How To Record An Incoming Phone Call?

Neither the Android nor iOS devices are integrated with built-in phone call recorders, but both platforms have their app stores for downloading and installing apps for recording. You can check some of the methods on how to record a phone call secretly.


A. Built-In Phone Functions

For recording phone calls secretly, you can purchase a digital voice recorder that works similarly with mobile apps. The main difference is that you’re only using the built-in functions of your smartphone for recording a phone call. Also, many specialized voice recorders are available nowadays that can be plugged into your device’s headphone jack or pair it with Bluetooth. As such, there’s no need for you to use a speakerphone for recording a phone conversation with someone.

For Android users, it’s easier to record a phone call secretly since it utilizes Google’s ecosystem. They can use Google Voice to record a phone conversation without a fee or any form of subscription. Most Android phones have the Google Voice app installed, making it more convenient to record phone conversations using your account on Google Voice.  If you choose Google Voice, it will record incoming calls only.

How To Record An Incoming Phone Call
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If you already have the Google Voice app installed on your smartphones, you can skip the instructions below:

  1. Open a web browser and visit Google Voice website.
  2. Click For Personal Use.
  3. Choose Android if you are using an Android smartphone. Otherwise, you can choose iOS or Web.
  4. Start the installation of the Google Voice app on your device. Alternatively, you can download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  5. If you’re prompted with a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy section, click Continue.
  6. Depending on your current city or area code, you can acquire a Google Voice phone number from that specific state. Input a particular city or area code.
  7. Review the options from the dropdown menu. Click Select once you’ve chosen a specific mobile number for your Google Voice account. If any of the numbers didn’t match your interest, you can click Load More.
  8. Click Verify to complete the setup process and start using Google Voice.
  9. Input the mobile number that the app should forward phone calls to and click Send Code.
  10. Wait for the verification code on the expected mobile number. Once you received it, input the code on the website.
  11. Click Verify and then choose Claim to grant access to that specific number for forwarding calls.
  12. Click Finish to launch your account on Google Voice.


B. Using Google Voice To Record A Phone Call Secretly

Using Google Voice To Record A Phone Call Secretly
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  1. Open a web browser and launch Google Voice’s website.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon from the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. On the left navigation menu, click Calls.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle on the Incoming Call Options.
  5. If someone will call you on your Google Voice number, press 4 to notify each person on the call that the phone call recording begins. If you want to stop recording, press 4 or simply hang up the call.

With Google Voice, you can easily access recorded phone calls online. To do this, open the Google Voice app on your smartphone or through the website and listen to the audio file in the incoming calls section.


Apps to Use to Record a Phone Call

If you don’t have access to Google Voice or don’t prefer using it, there are numerous third-party apps capable of recording phone calls. However, each has its own disadvantage. Some of these call recording apps are more expensive, while other apps require payment, depending on the duration of your phone recording. Although there are free apps, they always have issues concerning security and vulnerability.

Here are some of the phone call recording apps that you can download if you want to record phone conversations secretly:


1. TapeACall Pro

Record a Phone Call Using TapeACall App
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TapeACall Pro is a paid iOS mobile app that offers you premium services when it comes to recording a phone call secretly. It is integrated with plenty of features for the ultimate phone call recording experience. With your TapeACall Pro subscription, you will enjoy unlimited phone call recordings for both outgoing and incoming calls.

The app has a three-way phone call recording system. Through this, the app dials a local TapeACall access number that works as a recording line as soon as you start recording. The TapeACall Pro app doesn’t inform the other person; hence, it’s one of the best apps for recording a phone call.

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2. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Banner Photo of Automatic Call Recorder Pro
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One of the best Android mobile apps for recording a phone call is Call Recorder S9 – Automatic Call Recorder Pro. It doesn’t only have the best interface but also works effectively as a phone call recorder. Call Recorder S9 features plenty of customizable settings, letting users adjust the audio quality and allowing automatic recording of every phone call.

Moreover, Call Recorder S9 has a “shake to record” function. By the name itself, recording a phone call can quickly be initiated by simply shaking your smartphone. With Call Recorder S9, it’s easy to upload your recordings to different cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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3. Rev Voice Recorder

How to Record a Phone Call Using Rev
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Another app for recording a phone call is Rev Voice Recorder. While this phone recorder app doesn’t automatically record incoming phone calls, you can easily call someone on speakerphone to start recording. Once you’re done with recording, you can send it to a transcription service. With Rev Voice Recorder, you can upload your recordings to Evernote,, or Dropbox.

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4. Call Recorder – ACR

How to Record a Phone Call Using ACR Call Recorder
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Call Recorder – ACR is another Android-compatible mobile app for recording a phone call. It offers a free and premium version of the app. However, you can go for a premium service that costs $4 only. With a premium subscription, you’ll get rid of plenty of advertisements. Through the ACR phone recorder app, you can automatically record a phone conversation, store them on a mobile number and arrange them in an organized manner.

You can also save phone recordings in various formats such as MP4, WAV, MP3, and M4A. The app also automatically deletes old recordings. However, you can mark them as important if you want to save them further. In terms of uploading recordings to cloud-based services, ACR is compatible with OneDrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

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5. Call Recorder

Another Android app for recording a phone call in this list is Call Recorder. Aside from its cloud-based storage and recording features, the app features a Caller ID integration that helps you identify unknown numbers.

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6. Call Recorder Lite

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone
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With Call Recorder Lite, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls. This iOS mobile app will require payment if you want to playback longer phone calls. In addition, phone call recordings don’t have any limitations. You can record a phone conversation with Call Recorder Lite for as long as you want.

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Regardless of your reason why you want to record a phone call secretly, it’s highly recommended that you conduct such an activity for a greater purpose and without any malicious intention. While it’s not entirely illegal to record a phone call, always have the ethical reason for doing so. Moreover, you should invest in reliable mobile apps that are safe to use and works well when it comes to recording phone calls. Chances are, most apps in the market are purely fake, and are just after your money.

We hope this article has helped you regarding how to record a phone call for whatever reason it may be. If yes, please feel free to share among your network so they too can record phone calls secretly, given that they’re for upright reasons.

Did we miss anything in this article? We always love to read suggestions, insights, and recommendations in the comment section below!