Farfetch Review: Buy Clothes With Just One Click

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To the highly fashionable people worldwide, scouring through racks at local malls isn’t the only available option anymore. You can now take your shopping online as it is becoming the more efficient option. Many fashion companies have taken their brand to the World Wide Web, such as Farfetch. In this Farfetch review, you’ll have an even better idea of why shopping online for fashion items is the best thing yet.

Read on to know more about Farfetch and why it has become the go-to for people who want to look their stylish best.


What Is Farfetch?

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A company that grew out of the passion for fashion of one man, Farfetch is an online shopping platform for everything elegant, chic, and glamorous. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Farfetch can even make children’s dresses as tastefully as those of their parents.

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How It All Began

It’s always great to know how a global company started to understand what it has to offer. Farfetch was founded by Jose Neves, a Portuguese entrepreneur, in 2008. He created what would become known as an online luxury platform with only five people by his side.

The launching of Farfetch came at a time when the recession hit hard. This, however, did not hamper the company’s rise. It turned out to be the right timing in the world of fashion retailing. In Europe, brick-and-mortar stores were struggling with fewer sales because of the recession. Selling online was not a popular idea, but Farfetch managed to get 40 boutiques to work with, which was a win for both sides of the business. From 40 boutiques, it has since grown to over 700.

Farfetch now has offices in Braga, Lisbon, São Paulo, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.


What Farfetch Offers

You already know Farfetch is an online luxury platform, so what does it sell?

Think of Farfetch as a storefront that welcomes you in and shows you all the beautiful things you can have produced by the fashion industry. Farfetch gives luxury boutiques a digital storefront along with tools that facilitate the selling process. These tools provided by Farfetch deal with inventory management, analytics, and logistics. More software has been made available that benefitted many boutiques.

This Farfetch review can tell you that clients of Farfetch boutiques seek high-end fashion items, and its clients consist of those who want to dress in clothes that are not easily accessible or common in their countries. Simply put, if you have a high-end fashion aesthetic, shopping at Farfetch is for you.

Farfetch gives you access to European designer labels, and your choices are pretty exclusive, even if the online platform caters to more than a thousand brands. There are different styles to choose from, like beachwear, dresses, jackets, and even lingerie. You can easily shop for something extra luxe for your wife or your husband.


How Farfetch Earns

Like almost all online platforms, Farfetch earns from commissions it takes from sales done at its website. The commissions range from 25% to 33%. It also adds 8% if it takes care of fulfillment.


How to Sign Up for Farfetch

Farfetch makes it so much easier for customers by speeding up shipping. We all know how you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest fashion item and wear it. This is a big plus, and maybe you shouldn’t waste time by just thinking twice about signing up to shop. You only need your email address and, of course, your payment method so you can start shopping.


Getting the Farfetch App

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You can get the Farfetch app by going straight to the Farfetch website, or you can go directly to the App Store or Google Play.

For Android Users

For iOS Users


Accepted Payment Methods

Farfetch incredibly accepts many payment methods. Globally, it accepts the following:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Delta
  • Discover
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • JD Pay
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • WeChat

Some payment options are only available to other countries:

  • AfterPay – Australia.
  • Alipay – United States, Canada, China, and Chinese territories.
  • HB Pay – Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Klarna – United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  • UnionPay – Canada, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
  • iDeal – The Netherlands
  • Softorbanking or Klarna Pay Now – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium
  • Boleto – Brazil (Paying in installments is also only available in Brazil, where people prefer to pay in 12-month installments.)


Farfetch Review: Features and How to Use Them

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The layout on Farfetch is well designed and neat. Photos of items are displayed, and you can scroll down the interface to view everything under the category you choose.

You can shop in “New In,” “Sale: final event,” “Recommended for you,” and “Shining stars.” You can also start exploring “New Launch” and “This week’s highlights.”


How to Shop on the Farfetch App

When you have browsed through all the products and found what you want, you can click on the photo of the item you plan to purchase. The product you pick will have more pictures for you to view, and you can see them by just swiping.

When you’re ready, click on the size you want the Farfetch clothing in and click on “Add to Bag.”

If you’re ready to buy, click on “Go to bag,” and you will see your purchase with an item ID number, the price, the quantity (which you can modify), and the total sale with a shipping fee.

Click on “Proceed to checkout” to finalize your purchase with your payment method. Before checking out, you’ll have to provide the shipping address, choose your delivery method, and your payment method.

That’s how fast and easy to shop in Farfetch. No clutter, the process is quick and easy, the whole experience is enjoyable for someone new to Farfetch.


Item Descriptions

When you have found the item you want, Farfetch takes you to the item’s page, where you can view several more pictures of it alone or worn by a model. The page also allows you to pick the size.

The page also contains essential information such as product description, size and fit, composition and care, and shipping and return policies. It also comes with access to the designer’s other creations if you want to see more from this designer.


Visual Search

In 2019, Farfetch partnered with a visual startup company called Syte to make the shopping experience more realistic. Through the integration of Syte’s visual AI, you can upload a picture of the look you want—a shirt, a dress, or a whole outfit—and then the app will give you either an exact or the closest match to that look.


Social Media Sharing

The Farfetch app also comes with a sharing feature. You can share the item through Facebook, chat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Pinterest, and many more. That’s if you might want to show someone the product you are looking at.


Farfetch Review: The Good and the Bad

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What’s Good About Using Farfetch?

There’s an all-around thumbs up with shopping at this incredible online store in this Farfetch review. The experience from installing to shopping has been relatively easy, with app features blending seamlessly together.

There are more than a thousand designer brands to choose from, and the styles apply to men, women, and children. You can shop for your husband to outfit him for a gala event. You can also find high-end items for your precious youngster so they can be as stylish as a mommy.

Farfetch has taken being eco-friendly seriously as it offers sustainable options. The website recommends brands that adhere to sustainability. Even the packaging is eco-friendly!

Farfetch also has a category called “Secondlife” for selling preloved items for store credit.

Even more awesome is that the company ships to more than 190 countries, so even if you’re miles away from Europe, you can still dip your finger in that exclusive fashion pool.

Farfetch also has free shipping.


What’s Bad?

For this Farfetch review, we’ve come across some customer reviews where there are mentions of receiving the wrong size and the incorrect item. It’s a good thing that this does not happen often, and Farfetch does pay attention to its customer’s needs and resolves the problem immediately.

We can only say that we wish the online store could accommodate more brands. However, we have noted that Farfetch has made it its mission to champion the small and independent merchants. Farfetch allows them to enjoy as much as bigger companies as it brings balance to the fashion industry.


Farfetch App vs Other Fashion Apps

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We’ve scoured the internet for the closest competitors of Farfetch for this review, but the truth of the matter is that it’s hard to compare it with other fashion selling apps. This is because it has created a niche for itself. The target market of other fashion e-commerce sites is different. For example, ASOS targets people who want to have a cheaper version of the trends they see being promoted by celebrities. On the other hand, Farfetch focuses on those who want high-end or luxurious clothing and are willing to spend on them.

Moreover, ASOS is aimed at getting the attention of young adults. The designs are fresh from its team of designers, while Farfetch merchants sell designer brands like Fendi, Gucci, Versace, and many more. Farfetch targets a more mature and fashion-savvy age group.

Other clothing apps like Depop and ThredUp promote second-hand clothing and other items and encourage small entrepreneurs. Farfetch, on the other hand, sells brand new fashion clothing and items and helps small luxury boutiques profit.

If there is another selling website that Farfetch could be compared to, it’s Poshmark. Poshmark is also another e-commerce website that sells a variety of items from fashion. These can either be brand new or preloved.


Farfetch Review: Final Word

All in all, Farfetch’s app reflects the company’s aesthetic and style. Since it caters to more high-end clients, even its app looks like a style magazine. The interface is visually pleasing, clean, and engaging. Navigation is a breeze.

If you are looking for that high-fashion item that no one else has in your country, then there’s only one shop we can recommend. With Farfetch, owning and wearing exquisite fashion has never been this easy.