What Is Honey App and How Does It Work?

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Perhaps you have come across this mobile app once or heard about it from a friend. Maybe you saw an ad for it online or watched a YouTube video about it. No matter how you learned about the Honey app, there is no denying its intriguing appeal. But, how does the Honey app even work? Does it actually deliver on its promise to save you money? And is there a way to possibly earn money while using the Honey app? Is it safe to use? The answers to all these questions can be found here.


What Is the Honey App?

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Let us first define what the Honey app is. Perhaps you already have a basic understanding of this app. However, if you are one of those who are unfamiliar with it, this an application that searches the internet for the best discount codes and automatically applies them to your online purchase. This app also goes by other names, such as the Honey shopping app and the Honey discount app. Either way, this application is supposed to be a one-stop platform for you to shop smarter by enjoying additional perks like discount vouchers, reward points, and so on.


What Are the Honey App Features?

Aside from the basic discount codes and the cashback program, the Honey app offers other features as well. For instance, it does not bar you from using other cashback programs like Rakuten. You can use the Honey app in conjunction with other money-saving extensions without trouble.

Additionally, Honey has a Droplist feature, which allows you to save items for future purchase. So, for example, if you want to buy a specific pair of shoes but are not yet ready to purchase it at the moment, you can add it to your Honey Droplist. When that item goes on sale on one of Honey’s partner retailers, the app will notify you. You can also set the percentage level of the discount at which you get notified. So, if you set it at 50%, the Honey app will only send you a notification if it goes on sale by that much.

Furthermore, if you are shopping on Amazon, the Honey app will let you know if an item you are interested in buying is available for a cheaper price at a different retailer. Another Amazon integration is price history. Honey shows you the price history of a particular item. This way, if the item sold for much less in the past due to a sale or discount, you can wait for the price to drop to a similar range instead of buying it right away.

The only real downside to using the Honey app is coupon availability. While the app does find you working codes most of the time, there are times when it fails to do so. To some, this might come off as a waste of time. However, if you are willing to wait for a better deal, then the Honey app is definitely a good extension to get.


How to Install the Honey App?

Generally, Honey App can be installed across all devices. That means you can install this application on a mobile phone, iPad, tablet, and to your laptops. Just like any other mobile apps, the installation of Honey is pretty straightforward. But if you need some guidance on installing this app on your browsers, we’re here to help. First of all, all you need to do is open your browser of choice and look for the Honey browser extension. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can install this app on your preferred browser.


How to Install the Honey App on Google Chrome:

Honey App On Google Chrome
Screenshot on Google Chrome
  1. Open Google Chrome and go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/
  2. On the search bar located in the top-left corner, type in “Honey” and press enter
  3. The Honey app should be the first result on the list
  4. Click “Add to Chrome” on the Honey app page
  5. Confirm the installation


How to Install the Honey App on Mozilla Firefox:

Honey App On Mozilla Firefox
Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to http://addons.mozilla.org/
  2. On the search bar located in the top-right corner, type in “Honey” and press enter
  3. This app should be the first result on the list
  4. Click the app
  5. Click the “Add to Firefox” button
  6. Confirm the installation
  7. You may need to restart your browser for the add-on to work


How to Install the Honey App on Microsoft Edge:

Honey App On Microsoft Edge
Screenshot on Microsoft Edge
  1. Open Microsoft Edge and go to https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/
  2. On the search bar located on the left side of the page, type in “Honey” and press enter
  3. Click the app from the results page
  4. Click the “Get” button
  5. Confirm the installation


How to Install the Honey App on Safari:

Honey App On Safari
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  1. Open Safari and click Safari > Safari Extensions
  2. On the search bar, type in “Honey” and press enter
  3. Look for the app
  4. Click the “Get” button
  5. Click the button for a second time to install the extension


How to Install the Honey App on Opera

How To Install Honey App On Opera

  1. Open Opera and go to https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/
  2. On the search bar located in the top-right corner, type in “Honey” and press enter
  3. Click the app, which should be the first one on the results page
  4. Click the “Add to Opera” button located on the right side of the page
  5. Confirm the installation


How to Install the Honey App on Mobile?

on mobile
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Now, not all shopping is done on a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. In fact, most of today’s online shopping takes place on your mobile device. With brands adapting to new-age technology, almost every company has an app for their products now. Thankfully, the Honey app is not slow to change. You can also find mobile versions of this app, so you can shop using your smartphone without worrying about missing out on Honey coupons.

The process of downloading and installing this app on your mobile device is simple. All you need to do is go to the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the App Store (for Apple users). From there, use the search bar to find the app. It might go under a different name, “Honey Smart Shopping Assistant.” Tap “Download” or “Get” and wait for the app to install completely.


How to Use the Honey App?

It is one thing to download and install this app, but it is another thing to actually start using it. Luckily, the Honey app does not make the process complicated. In fact, the app itself does most of the work. After you have installed the app on your mobile device or browser, you can just shop as normal and let the app do the work for you.

How does that work? Well, once you have put items into your cart and are ready to check out, Honey scours the internet for discount codes related to your items. It then chooses the one that works and automatically applies it to your shopping cart. This is particularly convenient because you no longer have to rely on coupon sites and search for codes yourself. There is no need to enter code after code to see which one works.

You do not need to create an account to take advantage of this app’s coupon codes. However, an account does offer you added benefits, which will be discussed in a later section. 

How To Use
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To use this app and get the most savings you can, follow the steps below:

  1. Shop as normal and add items to your cart
  2. Once you have finished selecting items, click the checkout button (in some cases, you may only need to open your cart)
  3. Click the Honey icon on your web browser
  4. Select “Apply Coupons”
  5. Complete your purchase with maximum savings


It is important to note that Honey will not always find working coupons for the items you wish to buy. If it thinks from the get-go that it cannot find discount codes, it will inform you. Of course, you have the option of pushing through with the search by clicking “Try Anyway.” Sometimes, Honey manages to find a working code.


Where Can I Use the Honey App?

This app works on most major retailers and online shopping stores. One of its most popular partners, though, is Amazon. The retail giant itself already offers astounding savings for its shoppers. With the app, you get the added bonus of extra savings. Aside from Amazon, it also works on Nike, J. Crew, Forever 21, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Finish Line, and Crate & Barrel. It also works on travel and hotel websites like Expedia and Hotels.com. Other than that, you can also save money on food, such as Papa John’s. 


How to Earn Money From the Honey App?

How To Earn Money
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You might think the honey app is only good for one specific use: to get maximum savings on your purchases. And while that alone is already enough reason to install the app, it adds to its appeal by allowing you to earn money as well. Honey offers a cashback program called Honey Gold. To make use of this program, you will need to create an account with them. You can do that by signing up using your email address, your Google account, your PayPal account, or your Facebook account.

To understand how Honey’s cashback program works, you must first know how Honey earns money in the first place. Put simply, Honey takes a commission of the product price and decides how much of it goes to you. With Honey Gold, you get a chance to earn anywhere from 1% to 100% of the commission the app gets. 

Not all sites work with Honey Gold. However, when you shop on those that do work, you can click on the Honey icon on your extensions and select “Activate” on the “Today’s Reward Rate” option. This will allow you to earn a percentage of your money back. You can convert the gold Honey gives you to redeem gift cards, too. 

Honey’s cashback program, Honey Gold, is a truly enticing offer. Not only do you save money on your purchases, but you also earn money along the way. Plus, with over 4,500 partner sites, you are guaranteed to benefit from this program. After all, this cashback app has highly raved for a good reason. 


Is Honey App Safe to Use?

With seemingly endless gains, many may wonder whether this app is reliable or safe to use. For the most part, browser extensions are safe. However, there are a few bad eggs that take advantage of end-users. Some come with malware, while others collect your private information with less-than-noble intentions. Thankfully, the Honey app does not seem to fall under any of these categories.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that the app does gather information about your shopping habits. The app does this in faith for the purpose of verifying purchases. It also does this so that the extension only appears on certain websites, specifically, partner websites. As Honey’s privacy and security policy states, the app does not sell user information to other parties. 


How to Uninstall the Honey App?

How To Uninstall
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If you are not sure whether you should get the app or not, there is no harm in trying. You can always uninstall the Honey app if you feel like it is not a good fit for you. Uninstalling the Honey app is a simple process and requires even less time than installing it.

To do so, simply open your browser and go to the extensions or add-ons page. Find the Honey app on the list of extensions or add-ons. If you have a lot installed, you can use the search function. Then, click “Remove” or “Uninstall.” That should do it.

On your mobile device, you can uninstall the Honey app the same way you would with other apps. To uninstall an app on your Android device, tap and hold the app icon and select “Uninstall.” On the other hand, if you are using an Apple device, tap and hold the app icon and tap on the “x” mark. Whether or not if you’re uninstalling the Honey app because you’ve found an alternative to this money-making app or any other personal reasons, we believe there’s everything deserves a second chance. If you ever need to want to install it again, refer to the app installation steps above.


Should You Get the Honey App?

The Honey app is a useful tool for any smart shopper. Whether you shop all the time or do it seldomly, you will find that the Honey app is a beneficial extension or add-on. The installation process is easy, and using it is even easier. Plus, you get the added advantage of cashback programs and a notification feature with Droplist. If you are looking for a way to save money and earn at the same time, all while getting the items you want, get the Honey app today.