Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile [The Truth]

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People have become more public about their private lives than ever because of social media. However, the fact that you see most things on the web doesn’t mean all information is publicly available. With that said, can I truly see who viewed my Facebook profile? Does the Facebook app have a feature for that, and are third-party apps reliable? Let’s find out.


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  1. Does Facebook Show Who Views Your Profile?
  2. Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Other Apps?
  3. Does Page Source Reveal Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?
  4. Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Browser Extensions?
  5. Why Won’t Facebook Allow Me to See Who Viewed My Profile?


Does Facebook Show Who Views Your Profile?

Find out whether you can see who viewed your Facebook profile or not here
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Facebook does a lot of things for you. With it, you can create a profile, add and interact with friends, and make posts. You can even expand your horizons by using Facebook dating, gaining followers, or doing business in the marketplace.

However, unlike how you can view your Facebook followers, Facebook doesn’t show everything by default. If you’ve been asking, “can Facebook show who viewed my Facebook profile?” Then the answer is no. The Facebook website and app don’t have the feature for that available. Hence, you can’t track any potential stalkers or persons of interest.

This doesn’t mean that the feature is unavailable because of Facebook’s technological limitations. After all, the website did allow users to view who visited their profiles on iOS back in 2018. When the feature was released, users could view who visited their profile in the previous 30 days. They could find out who saw their most recent posts too.

However, the feature got discontinued shortly after it was made available. Since then, Facebook hasn’t relaunched it. You also cannot access the feature by paying a subscription fee like you can with LinkedIn. If you ever hear a rumor of Facebook hiding the feature behind a paywall, know that it’s not true.


Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Other Apps?

Be careful with apps promising that you can see who viewed your Facebook
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Nowadays, third-party apps can do nearly everything. They help you connect with others or even bypass some limitations other apps implement. A good example is a VPN that masks your IP address, helping you access geo-restricted content.

With that said, is it possible to check who viewed your Facebook profile using a third-party app? Are the apps reliable? Despite how tempting it is to trust the apps’ promises, they shouldn’t be downloaded.

That’s because the apps are likely stealing your important information. After all, if they can catch data as sensitive as who viewed my or your Facebook profile, they can scrape up many other things they want as well.

Facebook understands that. As a result, it explicitly forbids third-party apps from doing so. Moreover, they even ask users to report such apps to them immediately. Hence, you shouldn’t trust the apps no matter how effective they (or others) claim them to be.


Does Page Source Reveal Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Page source doesn't exactly reveal who visited your Facebook profile
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What if I badly want to use Facebook to see who viewed my profile, you ask? Is there any way to “hack” into Facebook using the page’s source code? After all, many websites promote the idea and claim you can see the profile ID numbers of those who visited.

Unfortunately, the method is likely a hoax. That is because you can’t truly confirm that the accounts and numbers you see refer to people who viewed your profile. They could just likely refer to those whom you’re connected to via Messenger.

Additionally, even if the numbers did point to who viewed your profile, it’s not worth risking your safety. Doing the “hack” triggers browsers to send security alerts. It could sacrifice your privacy and safety. More specifically, it could open the way for malicious hackers to access your data through your computer.


Can I See Who Viewed My Profile Using Browser Extensions?

No, you likely cannot. Just as third-party apps are likely hoaxes, browser extensions that promise the same thing are likely scams. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to truly see who viewed your Facebook profile using these methods.

Moreover, downloading an extension likewise puts your digital safety and security at risk. You could be opening the way for data farming from bad actors who steal your data. They could even compromise your security further by introducing viruses and hacking into your device.


Why Won’t Facebook Allow Me to See Who Viewed My Profile?

Facebook doesn't show who viewed your profile
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Facebook doesn’t provide an official way to showcase who viewed your profile for multiple reasons. Firstly, doing so can easily hurt people’s privacy and hinder them from finding friends. People search for other people’s profiles all the time on Facebook. If doing this simple act could alert the user of their visitation, they’d feel more embarrassed about looking others up.

That could also discourage people from using Facebook altogether. As a result, the number of people who frequent the site will likely diminish as anonymity is important online. Moreover, Facebook would have too much trouble managing the press if it implemented this feature. This could also result in a decrease in revenue for the website which, as many users know, takes precedence for large corporations.

Additionally, Facebook could be doing that to avoid getting into conflicts with law enforcement. If someone comes up to Facebook protesting that the app shows their photos to stalkers, they might be in for a lawsuit.

The reasons may not live up to people’s standards all the time, though. After all, a majority of Facebook’s reasons for keeping things private are more for protecting the company’s interests. Nonetheless, they’re fairly reasonable if you put yourself in Mark Zuckerberg’s shoes.


No Workaround for Now

Can you know who viewed your Facebook profile, you ask? While technology has advanced tremendously, the feature isn’t something everyone can access. That is because Facebook itself doesn’t allow its users to know who viewed their profile.

Just know that the reason you can’t see who viewed your profile isn’t because of technological limitations. Facebook’s brief allowance for the feature back in 2018 is proof of that. Knowing who took a peek at your profile is only impossible because it’s in Facebook’s (and potentially its users’) best interest to keep the said information private.