Another Eden: A Guide to a New Breed of Gacha Game

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Roleplaying games (RPG) have garnered the interest of gamers in the past few years. Japanese RPGs, in particular, have made their mark in the market for their gameplays, narratives, and gacha. Another Eden is among the RPGs that have recently caught the attention of gamers, hailing it as the new breed of gacha games. But what exactly is Another Eden? In this article, we’ll be looking at the game’s elements and why it’s dubbed as such.


What Is Another Eden? (Overview)

Another Eden gives a nod to old-school roleplaying games with its narrative-based gameplay and graphics. It’s a game that’s easy to grasp compared to most RPGs in the market today, and it will keep you entertained for long periods. The game combines everything gamers love about mobile games such as smooth gameplay, an engaging narrative, and even some gacha elements.

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The Plot

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Another Eden follows the story of Aldo, the protagonist, and Feinne, his sister. The siblings lived a peaceful life in their small village, but it all came to an end when the Beast King arrived. Feinne has dormant abilities that could potentially rid the world of humans. The Beast King intends to awaken her abilities, use them, and leave the planet for the beast-kin to thrive.

Aldo sets out on a journey to save his sister from the Beast King. However, everything takes a turn for the worst when a time distortion occurs and he is transported to 800 years in the future.

The game’s plot is very reminiscent of Genshin Impact in the sense that the protagonist has to travel through worlds and dimensions to achieve their goal. Though, the game is also unique as there are other quests aside from the Main Story Quest that adds more layers to the game’s narrative.


The Gameplay

If there is one thing that you should know about the game, it’s that it is narrative-driven. Another Eden’s gameplay is standard for games of its genre, which will definitely make RPG lovers more interested in it. Its rich storyline is complemented by a smooth interface and interactive elements.

The game is a turn-based RPG that allows the players to create strategies based on their opponent’s types and classes. The game is similar to Fate/Grand Order in a sense as they both utilize turn-based combat and follow the same format. You’ll be able to choose different characters, attacks, and moves to damage your opponents. There are a lot of characters that you can take to the battlefield and each of them varies in skills and classes so you’ll be able to explore different combinations.

Battles in the game aren’t as action-packed or tactical as other RPGs, but they will still provide you with the gratification that you feel from winning other RPGs.


Another Eden: A Quick Beginner’s Guide

Now that you know the basics about Another Eden, it’s time to move on to more technical aspects of the game that you should know. Apart from getting to know the plot and the general gameplay of Another Eden, there is much more to the game especially if you’re looking to give it a try.


Rolling and Rerolling

First up is Rolling, which is a common concept in gacha games. In Another Eden, you will need to roll or “pull” for the characters that you’ll be using in the game.

Rolling uses up Chronos Stones, which you can get from finishing quests or through in-game purchases. You don’t have to purchase Chronos Stones to be able to get them, but you will need to be very patient when you’re saving up for them. You can only get so much from the game so don’t forget to save as much as you can and don’t waste them on impulse rolls.

Rerolling, on the other hand, is when you intend to move to another account to be able to start with a fresh set of characters. In other gacha games, many players opt to do this but in Another Eden, it’s not recommended by most players because there is still no guarantee of getting “better” characters.

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However, if you’re set on rerolling, the best way to do it is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Provided that you didn’t link the game to your social media accounts, uninstalling should provide you with a fresh slate to start with.

Always keep in mind that gacha games are a game of luck and getting the characters that you want is not guaranteed whether you purchase Chronost Stones or not. There will still be a chance that you won’t get the character that you’re after. It’s also important to know that you’ll be getting free characters as you progress through the game so rolling and rerolling isn’t necessary unless you’re after a certain character.


Main Story

Another Eden is a narrative-driven game that will require you to play through the Main Story to be able to unlock new chapters, characters, and even weapons. Currently, Another Eden has about 26 chapters in its Main Story that you can play through.

Another Eden
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Playing through the Main Story guarantees certain characters and other unlockable items that you’ll find in handy as your progress through the game. You must play through the Main Story as you won’t be able to unlock other parts of the game without playing through it first.


Side Quests

Side quests in Another Eden are usually given by non-playable characters (NPCs) and are unrelated to the game’s main story. After completing a side quest, players will receive rewards such as Chronos Stones, experience scrolls, and materials.

As of writing, there are about 23 side quests that you can go through in the game. Side quests usually become playable after you finish a chapter of the Main Story.


Is Another Eden a Real Gacha Game?

For a game that was first released in Japan, you can somehow expect that Another Eden will have gacha game elements incorporated into it. The Another Eden tier list is filled with great and unique characters and many players would love to have them on their squads.

Put bluntly, yes, Another Eden is a gacha game. However, the entire game does not ride on gacha elements. While you will have to roll to unlock new characters, that is as much gacha as the game has. Compared to other games, Another Eden doesn’t rely on gacha for other elements such as power-up materials. The gacha elements in the game are quite discreet, and you might not even consider the game a gacha because of how discreet it is.


How Does Another Eden Transcend Gacha?

Another Eden is known to be a “new breed” of gacha games and while it is undeniable that the gacha elements still play an important part in the game, it’s not as prevalent as other games that emphasize their gacha mechanics.

No matter how discreet it might be, it is still a gacha game with its own gacha elements. However, it is not just a gacha game.

Another Eden strays away from traditional gacha game elements where everything is reliant on gacha. The game, as a “new breed” gacha game, doesn’t solely rely on gacha elements to keep players hooked. The game is commended by many players for not relying on gacha to get new characters, weapons, and other materials.

Compared to other gacha games, Another Eden doesn’t force its players to roll in its gacha banners, nor does it require players to spend to be able to pull from its gacha system. The game allows players to enjoy the narrative and the gameplay without having to think much about the gacha elements. As mentioned, gacha elements in Another Eden are discreet and you won’t even notice that it’s there unless you’re a hardcore gacha fan.


Is Another Eden Free to Play or Freemium?

Another Eden is marketed as a free-to-play game. You can get characters, resources, Chronos Stones, and other materials simply by playing through the game. Essentially, you don’t need to pay to get good characters either as new characters will be added to your rooster as you finish quests and events. You can play through the game without spending and it won’t make a difference in the overall gaming experience.

That said, you can still opt to pay. You can purchase Chronos Stones with real currencies and you can also purchase characters in paid banners. However, spending is not necessary and you won’t need to spend at all to be able to enjoy the game.

Another Eden is both free-to-play and freemium but it doesn’t force players to be one or the other.


Pros and Cons of Another Eden

Another Eden is a great game to play especially if you’re a fan of Japanese RPGs. However, the genre isn’t always for everyone. Despite the growing interest in the game, there are elements of Another Eden that certain players might not like.

That said, here is a quick summary of the pros and cons when you play Another Eden.



  • Easy to learn and play
  • Free to play
  • Has an exciting storyline.
  • Features a great line-up of characters
  • Lets you get free characters and equipment through quests


  • Some characters are paid.
  • The game is narrative-driven.
  • Gacha mechanics are still in play.

Do keep in mind that player experiences may vary. It’s recommended that you play through the first few chapters of the game before deciding whether or not it’s a game for you.



Ultimately, Another Eden surely brings a new meaning to gacha games. The game is a great example of a gacha game that doesn’t solely rely on its gacha mechanics. It’s safe to say that Another Eden is unique among other games in its genre, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s a game to try out if you’re a big fan of Japanese RPGs. That said, always keep in mind that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the game if you’re only after the gacha. The game is best enjoyed if you’re going to dive deeper into the narrative.