Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide for Every Playstyle

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Albedo is one of the most widely used characters in Genshin Impact and it’s no surprise why. He uses a sword, practices alchemy, and is a capable DPS character. However, unlike what you’d assume at first glance, there’s more to Albedo than meets the eye. He’s much more capable than what you’d initially expect, especially if you can make a reliable Albedo Genshin Impact build. If you’d like to find out more, stay until the end to see how you can fully utilize his character.

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Inside This Article

  1. Who Is Albedo?
  2. How to Get Albedo on Genshin Impact?
  3. How to Use Albedo on Genshin Impact?
  4. What Are Albedo’s Constellations?
  5. Best Albedo Genshin Impact Build: Secondary DPS
  6. Best Artifacts for Albedo’s Build in Genshin Impact
  7. What Is the Best Team Composition for Albedo?
  8. How to Ascend Albedo in Genshin Impact?


Who Is Albedo?

albedo genshin impact
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Albedo, otherwise known as Kreideprinz, is a five-star Geo character you can play in Genshin Impact. He’s a product of alchemy, an artificial human crafted by Rhinedottir, and is himself a Chief Alchemist. Albedo is also the Captain of the Investigation Unit of the Knights of Favonius.

Albedo mainly excels as a secondary DPS character that can scale on Defense. Using his Elemental Skill, you can easily boost your Energy Recharge and the attack damage you produce. Alternatively, Albedo can also act as a Burst DPS unit because of his high AoE damage.

Overall, Albedo is a powerful character with quick cooldowns. You’ll mostly want to pair him with other DPS characters. This should boost your damage and maximize efficiency. However, regardless of how you use him, he’s flexible enough to be useful to most parties within Genshin Impact.


How to Get Albedo on Genshin Impact?

Albedo is a five-star character, and thus, is only available under his featured banners. He’s fairly rare as he has never been made available in giveaways, either. As a result, you’ll need to wait until his banner appears before you can summon him. Once his banner appears, you’ll have to try to pull his character on his Event Wishes.

Albedo’s banner, called Secretum Secretorum, was first released in December 2020 and was re-released in November 2021. There is no update on his return to the Genshin Impact hero pool, but even when you catch it, getting Albedo will take a bit of luck and resources — namely, Primogems. If you don’t have enough resources, you can check our article on how to get Primogems fast to earn more.

Albedo can cost anywhere between 160 to 28,800 Primogems excluding Intertwined Fates. Unfortunately, the large range is because Genshin Impact is primarily based on luck and the Pity System. As a result, you can’t completely manipulate the game or make it work for you intentionally to get Albedo.

The only way you can try to get a guarantee is by making your Albedo pull your 90th summon. However, do note that while the Pity System provides five-star pulls in 90th summons, it’s still no guarantee. That’s because the chances of pulling Albedo are still only 50%. Nonetheless, this also means you might only need to spend 14,400 Primogems to get him.

If you want a better guarantee, you might be able to pull him if it’s your 180th summon. That’s because the game grants players a featured character by this time. If you’re on the right banner, then chances are, you can pull Albedo within the game.


How to Use Albedo on Genshin Impact?

Creating a Genshin Impact Albedo build can be easy if you know how to use him. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this five-star character, there’s no need to fear. Here’s a quick run-down of his active and passive skills that you might want to use.


Active Skills

Favonius Bladework

(Normal Attack)

  • Normal: Let you strike up to five times.
  • Charged: Depletes stamina to strike with your sword twice
  • Plunging: Let you plunge at enemies in the air to deal AoE damage.
Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma

(Elemental Skill)

Allows you to deal AoE geo damage which, in turn, creates a geo construct and calls for Transient Blossoms once every two seconds.
Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide

(Elemental Burst)

Let you deal AoE geo damage by calling on geo crystals. Seven Fatal Blossoms will be generated if the Solar Isotoma is on the field.


Passive Skills

Calcite Might

(1st ascension)

Your Abiogenesis’ Transient Blossoms will attack with a 25% increase in damage if the enemy’s health is below half.
Homuncular Nature

(4th ascension)

Buffs the Elemental Mastery of party members within a certain radius by 125 for 10 seconds.
Flash of Genius

(Utility Passive)

The chances of getting double items while crafting will be 10% more.


What Are Albedo’s Constellations?

If you want to improve your Albedo Genshin Impact build, you’ll want to use constellations to increase the potential. You can always get these constellations after getting a duplicate of him while making wishes.

  • Flower of Eden – This allows Albedo’s Transient Blossoms to regenerate 1.2 Energy.
  • Opening of Phanerozoic – Enhances Albedo’s Transient Blossoms to provide Fatal Reckoning for half a minute, increasing his damage and defense.
  • Grace of Helios – Boosts Albedo’s Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma (Elemental Skill) by three.
  • Descent of Divinity – Increases plunging attack damage of active party members within the Solar Isotoma by 30%.
  • Tide of Hadean – The Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide gets boosted by 3.
  • Dust of Purification – Albedo’s Solar Isotoma gives party members a 17% damage boost if they have a shield made by crystallizing.


Best Albedo Genshin Impact Build: Secondary DPS

Building the best Albedo Genshin Impact build is all about finding his niche and focusing on his strengths. Our recommendation is to use him as a secondary DPS character because of his fast cooldowns and AoE damage. It’s best if you can mix him with other DPS characters to boost the output. Using him as a burst DPS unit is also not a bad choice because of the solid AoE damage. You can also use him as a sub-DPS character if you want to use Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma often.

Regardless, Albedo is a fairly flexible character within Genshin Impact. Modifying your Albedo’s build shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you make minor tweaks to his weapons and artifacts, he should prove to be useful.

Epitome Invocation in Genshin Impact
Photo by Hoyoverse

Now, the weapons you use are just as important in creating the ideal Albedo Genshin Impact build. There are three suggestions we can make for this if you’re using him as a secondary DPS character:

  • Cinnibar Spindle
  • Harbinger of Dawn
  • Primordial Jade Cutter

The first one is the Cinnibar Spindle, a four-star weapon that boosts your Elemental skill damage. It measures the increase as 40% of your defense. However, the only time you can trigger this effect is every 1.5 seconds. Moreover, it will only cease 0.1 seconds after the damage is dealt.

The second weapon is the Harbinger of Dawn. It’s a solid choice if you want to switch up your playstyle. The effects are simply a 14% boost in crit rate if Albedo’s health is still above 90%.

Finally, the last weapon we recommend is the Primordial Jade Cutter. This simply gives Albedo a 20% boost in health while providing a special attack bonus. His attacks will be 1.2% more effective based on his maximum health.


Best Artifacts for Albedo’s Build in Genshin Impact

There are several Genshin Impact artifacts you can equip Albedo. Every artifact provides different effects that enhance your character in various ways. You can use a full set, add more for bonuses, and more. However, do note that many of these artifacts aren’t easy to get. Hence, you might need to settle for a more toned-down artifact set to act as a substitute. With that said, let’s begin.


Husk of Opulent Dreams

The first artifact set you can use in this Albedo build is the Husk of Opulent Dreams. You must have two of these artifacts equipped to gain a 30% defense boost. If you increase that number to four, Albedo will develop something called the “curiosity effect.”

This simply allows Albedo to obtain a stack of curiosity when he uses a geo attack against an opponent. It will happen only once every third of a second while he’s in the field. However, when he’s out of the field, he’ll gain a stack every three seconds.

At most, his curiosity can stack four times and each will add 6% to his defense and his geo damage. However, he has to gain curiosity every 6 seconds or he’ll lose one.


Tenacity of the Millelith

The Tenacity of the Millelith is another great artifact set to use in your Albedo build. With two equipped, you’ll gain a 20% boost in your HP. Add two more and your nearby party characters will get a 20% attack boost every time your elemental skill strikes an enemy. Moreover, their shield strength increases by the same percentage for a few seconds.

Like other effects, these boosts only come out periodically — once every half a second, to be exact. However, what’s great about this weapon is that Albedo doesn’t need to be out on the field; it will trigger regardless.


Archaic Petra

Equipping two sets of Archaic Petra will increase Albedo’s geo damage by 15%. When that number reaches four, Albedo can increase his party members’ damage by 35%. However, it only works when a crystalized reaction provides him with an elemental shard. The damage bonus will also only be applied to attacks dealt with the same element and it will only last for 10 seconds. In addition, you can only obtain one elemental damage bonus at a time using this method.


Defender’s Will

While the previous artifacts are great to use for Albedo’s Genshin Impact build, they can be hard to obtain. That’s why we recommend using the Defender’s Will set as a substitute as you gather the others in the meantime. It’s also a great placeholder as you’re leveling or waiting for better options to drop.

What’s the benefit of the Defender’s Will set? Simple. You’ll gain a 30% defense boost when you have two equipped. If that number goes up to four, you can resist elements more effectively – by 30%, in fact. However, the elements in this resistance will be based on the elements your party members have.


What Is the Best Team Composition for Albedo?

(from left to right) The Traveler, Albedo, and Paimon

There’s no true “ideal” team composition for Albedo as this is heavily dependent on your roster. Nonetheless, we can make some recommendations for the team you should strive to build. These recommendations take synergy into account, ensuring the characters can complement Albedo’s skills.

DPS Team 1 DPS Team 2 Support Team 1 Support Team 2
Ningguang Fischl Ningguang Fischl
Bennet Xiangling Bennet Childe
Xinyan Barbara Venti Jean


The first DPS team lets you pick up geo and pyro resonance and maximizes your team’s power. There’s additional damage from Xinyan and even passive geo damage dealt by Ningguang. Meanwhile, the second DPS team is a decent choice for free-to-play players. Xiangling is great for having consistent turrets that bring out Albedo’s elemental skill.

As for the Support team build, Ningguang has great synergy with Albedo because of the extra damage with her C1. Both she and Albedo can deal tons of damage to several enemies with their abilities. Meanwhile, Venti is a great pair with Ningguang to deal more AoE damage and gather opponents in smaller areas.

The second support team provides a smooth playstyle. Albedo jives with Childe as you can drop turrets, letting Childe stay in dagger form. As this goes on, you can do even more damage using Albedo even while he’s on the bench.


How to Ascend Albedo in Genshin Impact

If you want to maximize your Albedo’s Genshin Impact build, you must make sure to ascend his character. This will increase his geo damage output and boost his efficiency. However, it will cost you quite a few things to do so. For a quick guide on how to ascend Albedo, see the table below:

Phase Level Requirement Mora Cost Ascension Materials
1 20 20,000 x1 Prithiva Topaz Silver

x3 Cecilia

x3 Divining Scroll

2 40 40,000 x3 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

x3 Basalt Pillar

x10 Cecilia

x15 Divining Scroll

3 50 60,000 x6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment

x4 Basalt Pillar

x20 Cecilia

x12 Sealed Scroll

4 60 80,000 x3 Prithiva Topaz Chunk

x8 Basalt Pillar

x30 Cecilia

x18 Sealed Scroll

5 70 100,000 x6 Prithiva Topaz Chunk

x12 Basalt Pillar

x45 Cecilia

x12 Forbidden Curse Scroll

6 80 120,000 x6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone

x20 Basalt Pillar

x60 Cecilia

x24 Forbidden Curse Scroll


Carry Albedo in Genshin Impact

Creating an Albedo Genshin Impact build can be a bit tricky. For one, you must draw Albedo before you can make use of him. However, if you’re lucky and somehow manage to snag him, he acts as a solid DPS character. Then, it’ll all boil down to choosing your teammates, weapons, artifacts, and playstyle. We do have some recommendations for the kinds of weapons and artifacts to use. However, feel free to play with the build and experiment to make things suit your style better.

You can download Genshin Impact from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.