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“Fortune, glory, and fame can be yours if you have what it takes to become an Apex Legend.” This is a line that may greet you when you play Apex Legend: Mobile. Indeed, what does it take to become a pro player in one of the best battle royale, hero shooter games nowadays? While many would say innate skills and strengths, we believe that picking the best Apex Legends character is the initial step to securing a victory in the game.

We’ve followed Apex Legend: Mobile from the beginning, including its target release dates and soft launch. In this Apex Legends tier list, we are ranking all the playable characters in the mobile version of the game.

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Inside This Article

  1. Apex Legends Character Tier List
  2. S-Tier: Best Apex Legends Character
    1. Wraith
    2. Bloodhound
    3. Gibraltar
  3. A-Tier: Apex Legends Character
    1. Fade
    2. Lifeline
    3. Octane
  4. B-Tier: Apex Legends Characters
    1. Bangalore
    2. Mirage
  5. C-Tier: Apex Legends Characters
    1. Pathfinder
    2. Caustic
  6. Best Apex Legend Mobile Characters According to Class
  7. Best Apex Legends Characters for Beginners


Apex Legends Character Tier List

Apex Legends Characters Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar (Left to right)
Photo by EA

Apex Legends: Mobile kicked off with 10 playable characters. Nine of them are characters that we already know from the console version, while the other one is a new character named Fade a.k.a “Phasing Punisher”.

Apex Legends mostly have balanced skills, but they don’t necessarily give players a level playing field. The characters have unique quirks that they carry throughout the game and others are simply a cut above the rest. While team compatibility plus your playstyle and quick thinking can help turn the tide of the game, picking the best Apex Legends characters is the most important decision to make, to begin with.

In this tier list, we rank the Apex Legends characters from S, A, B, to C with S being the best and C as the least desirable characters.

S-Tier Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibraltar
A-Tier Fade, Lifeline, Octane
B-Tier Bangalore, Mirage
C-Tier Pathfinder, Caustic



Apex Legends may add more characters in the future. We will update this tier list as new characters arrive.


S-Tier: Best Apex Legends Character


Wraith Apex Legends Mobile Character
Photo by EA

Wraith has always been a strong pick in Apex Legends because of her deadly attacks and versatility — she can both carry a team or play support. Although strong characters have also emerged, Wraith doesn’t seem to decline in popularity and continues to have a high pick rate in Apex Legends: Mobile.

Often described as a whirlwind fighter, Wraith can manipulate space by opening wormholes. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, puts her in stealth mode while increasing her mobility. This ability also renders her invincible to enemy attacks for a few seconds, giving her ample time to reposition herself in the game.

On the other hand, her ultimate skill, the Dimensional Rift, is a team-player ability that helps the rest of the characters do a rotation without taking damage. With this ability, Wraith places two rifts or portals on the battlefield that she and her teammates can use to escape a bad situation. However, enemies can also use these portals; you have to wait for the perfect timing before unleashing this ability and make sure no enemies can jump to your void.

Lastly, her passive, Voices from the Void, warns her whenever there is an enemy nearby or when someone is about to attack her. She can also voice this to warn her teammates.

Best as getaway: Because of her dimensional travel ability, Wraith is best at providing a getaway for her teammates given that you use her skill properly. You should have constant company within the game to make use of her completely.



Bloodhound - Apex Legends Mobile Character
Photo by EA

Bloodhound is one of the first legends you can use in Apex mobile and one of the best too. He is primarily a game-hunter who can track enemy locations and, in turn, inform his teammates about their positions. Because of his tracking ability, Bloodhound is an in-demand character pick for any team across all modes.

Eye of the Allfather is Bloodhound’s tactical ability. This helps him and his team scan what’s behind structures in front of them and see silhouettes of enemies, traps, clues, and loot ticks. However, Eye of the Allfather has a long cooldown for a tactical ability; unleashing his ultimate – the Beast of the Hunt – will reduce it.

The Beast of the Hunt allows Bloodhound to go into hunt mode. It increases his mobility by a fraction and highlights the enemy path, a combination perfect for taking down enemies quickly. This ability lasts for 30 seconds, but it will extend for every enemy downed while it is enabled.

While two of his abilities are on cooldown, Bloodhound’s Tracker passive is your best friend. This ability shows clues left by enemies in the last 90 seconds including their footsteps, zip line direction, and even damage taken in an area. However, you should pay close attention to these clues as they are hard to notice while you are moving.

Best for getting a killing spree: Bloodhound can easily be the top frag in a team. With his tactical and ultimate enabled at the same time, multiple kills may come easily.



Gibraltar-Apex Legends Mobile Character
Photo by EA

Gibraltar isn’t a favorite pick among beginners, but he is a game-changer for higher-rank plays. As a character that is leaning toward defense, his main role is to rescue and protect his teammate during difficult encounters.

His tactical ability provides a dome of protection, a barrier that blocks enemy projectiles from the outside. While inside the dome, reviving teammates is also faster by a fraction. This ability doesn’t sound much that’s why many players are maligning Gibraltar, but one would know that a lot can happen in a couple of seconds in an intense play.

His ultimate, however, is more fatal. Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment calls in a mortar strike within a target radius. Red circles indicate where the explosives will drop that can shellshock players within the range.

Gibraltar’s passive — the Gun Shield — is something you would find very helpful in the most desperate situation. If his tactical ability is on cooldown, his passive provides a health energy barrier that protects his torso. You should not abuse this, though, as it can only take too many shots before it cools down.

Best at providing protection: Gibraltar was born to be a rescuer. The protection and speed in reviving teammates that his dome provides can turn the tide of the game.


A-Tier: Apex Legends Character


Fade Apex Legends mobile character
Photo by EA

You won’t find Fade in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends, but it was still able to clinch the favor of many players albeit being in the second-best tier. Nicknamed the “Phasing Punisher”, this Apex Legends: Mobile-exclusive character has abilities that are similar to Wraith. Instead of just space, though, Fade has the ability to manipulate the spacetime continuum.

Their tactical ability, the Flashback, allows them to teleport back to a location they were in a few seconds ago. It may just be a split second but it can change the course of the game during the most crucial fights. Their ultimate ability, on the other hand, is more refined. The Phase Chamber releases a phase cage that sends all nearby legends, including Fade, into the void.

Their passive ability, Slipstream, is more on improving their mobility. With this skill, Fade will gain a short movement speed boost after a slide.

Best for phasing: Fade’s ability focuses deeply on improving their phase, that’s why you should use this character if you want a quick getaway. However, their passive ability is not well balanced compared to other legends.



Lifeline - Apex Legends Mobile character
Photo by EA

No Apex Legends team should go out without a support character; Lifeline does great at that. In case the name doesn’t make it obvious, Lifeline will be the lifesaver when your team is running low on health. Her abilities focus on reviving her teammates by providing them with healable items when they are down.

Her passive alone is already powerful enough, which allows her to revive a teammate by sending a Drone Of Compassion (D.O.C.). With this ability, she no longer has to run all the way to the location of the slain ally just to bring them back to the game. While healing, the drone also shields the ally against enemies.

For her tactical ability, Lifeline deploys a D.O.C. Heal Drone than can heal up to two players at the same time within its radius. However, her res shield will be disabled while healing; she is free to move around and defend herself against enemies.

Her ultimate provides even more healing plus protection for the entire team. When activated, this will summon a care package that contains not just heals but also attachments and armor updates for the team.

Best at providing healing: Lifeline embodies what it is like to be the lifeline of the team by providing them with enormous healing. She should always stay nearby a teammate to make the most out of this ability.



Octane - Apex Legends Mobile Character
Photo by EA

Octane is one of the most fun characters to use as well as one of the best Apex Legends characters if you want to do a rotation across the landscape. With this daredevil’s speed, enemies will have trouble catching up.

Octane’s passive ability is already powerful and gives him an upper hand in the game. When he has not engaged in a crossfire for 9 seconds, he will start earning 1 HP per second.

His tactical ability, Stim, increases his speed by more than a quarter, providing him a great way to escape. Its cooldown is also just 2 seconds, that’s why you can practically use it all the time. However, players will lose 20 HP whenever this ability is activated. Although he can eventually earn it back by not engaging in a battle, one must still use this ability carefully.

Lastly, Octane’s Jump Pad, his ultimate ability, allows him to quickly travel the map by launching him high up in the air. His teammates can also use the jump pad, and so their enemies, so you should activate it when there’s no danger in sight.

The best character for speed and rotation: With his speed and jump pad, Octane is best at rotation and can easily escape a dangerous situation.


B-Tier: Apex Legends Characters


Bangalore - Apex Legends mobile character
Photo by EA

A smoke grenade is perhaps one of the most common weapons in any battle-royale shooting game. That said, it’s also one of the least favorite. It can’t do much except blocking the enemy’s sight. This is exactly Bangalore’s tactical ability, which is why she arrives a bit late on this Apex Legends character tier list.

For her tactical ability, she throws a smoke canister that blocks enemies for a couple of seconds. This may sound ideal as an escape but there are legends who can provide a better getaway like Wraith.

What prevents Bangalore from being dropped to the bottom of our tier list is her ultimate. Her Rolling Thunder is explosive and aggressive, to say the least. When activated, it launches an airstrike within a large portion of the map that can severely damage enemies. It has a long cooldown, however, so players must activate this ability with prudence.

Bangalore’s passive skill, on the other hand, helps her escape a crossfire. When shot by an enemy, her Double Time passive will activate, allowing her to run faster for a few seconds.

Best for offensive play: Bangalore’s ultimate is a great damage-dealer. To get the most of this ability, you may pair her with Bloodhound to give her intel on when and where to strike.



Mirage Apex Legends mobile character
Photo by EA

Mirage is the most fun character to use in Apex Legends — his ultimate is called Life of the Party, to begin with. But, “fun” doesn’t mean “best”. During a serious game, he is the last character you would pick because of his one-dimensional skills.

His ability focuses on tricking players by creating decoys. For his tactical ability, Psyche Out, he deploys and controls a holographic version of himself to fool enemies. His ultimate, on the other hand, allows him to send five controllable decoys. This trick may work against new players, but it might get a little harder to trick them as they grow acquainted with the game.

Best in rescuing allies incognito: Mirage’s passive ability might be the one to impress you, instead. His Now You See Me ability turns him and his downed allies invisible when he is reviving them. What’s more, this ability has no cooldown.


C-Tier: Apex Legends Characters


Pathfinder - Apex Legends mobile character
Photo by EA

Pathfinder is arguably the best Apex Legends character both on console and mobile because of its rotation. However, it’s one of the hardest to master at the same time; that’s why many players favor it behind Wraith or Octane.

Its passive ability, the Insider Knowledge,  is a bit hard to activate in that you first have to find the survey beacon before you can use it. However, it will be worth it as it shows where the next safe zone will be that can give your team a better opportunity to edge out your enemies.

For its tactical ability, the Pathfinder uses a grapple to dash across the maps. It can also be used to propel players upwards to cross obstacles like buildings and walls. Its cooldown, however, can be confusing. To elaborate, Pathfinder’s tactical has no fixed cooldown as it depends on how far you have traveled using the grapple; the farther your dashes are, the longer the cooldown will be.

For the ultimate, the Pathfinder uses a Zipline Gun that the rest of the team can use when doing a rotation or evacuating to a safe zone. It doesn’t have a limit, so players can deploy as many ziplines as they want. However, players must always watch their backs as enemies can also utilize these ziplines.

Best at scouting maps: Pathfinder’s passive ability is unmatched. Whoever gets to the safe zone first has the advantage.



Caustic - Apex Legends mobile character
Photo by EA

Caustic is a defensive character that can work just as well for offense. With his tanky build and large hitbox, he can take bullets for his teammates while also inflicting severe damage to enemies. His abilities revolve around toxic gas.

For his tactical ability, Caustic places Nox Gas Trap across the area that releases deadly gas when triggered. Six cans of Nox gas can be active in the field at once. His ultimate, on the other hand, allows him to throw a Nox Gas Grenade that releases a blanket of gas in the target area.

His passive ability, Nox Vision, complements both his tactical and ultimate abilities. When enemies are in the blanket of Nox gas, Caustic gets a threat vision that would allow him to shoot and finish them.

Best for indoor encounters: Thanks to Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap and Grenade, enemies will have a hard time escaping him indoors.


Best Apex Legend Mobile Characters According to Class

Apex Legends characters are classified into four classes namely: offense, defense, support, and recon. They don’t usually create a great bearing on individual playstyle, but you would want to consider them when forming your team.

  1. Offensive: These legends are made for combat and use abilities against enemies.
  2. Defensive: These legends provide cover for their squad and make an area safer.
  3. Support: These legends keep their squad alive by healing or providing equipment upgrades.
  4. Recon: These legends gather the whereabouts of enemies and scout the map.

Here are the best Apex Legend Mobile characters according to class. The best ones take the top row.

Offensive Defensive Support Recon
Wraith Gibraltar Lifeline Bloodhound
Octane Caustic Pathfinder


Best Apex Legends Characters for Beginners

If it is your first time playing Apex Legends: Mobile, it’s better to start with characters that are easy to control and whose abilities are easy to execute. Luckily, some of the best characters in Apex Legends are the easiest to use as well, so your first win wouldn’t be hard to come by. Here are our top four Apex Legends characters for beginners:

  1. Wraith
  2. Bloodhound
  3. Lifeline
  4. Bangalore

If you want to explore other legends but are having a hard time mastering them, you can head to a free practice first before jumping into an actual battle. Aside from understanding your legends, you can also use free practice to fine-tune your shooting and aiming abilities.



That’s our tier list of the best Apex Legends: Mobile characters. Hopefully, you were able to pick the right character that matches your playstyle and skills. But did you know that there are more things to consider in Apex Legends than your player character? Other than knowing the legends, you must also explore in-game weapons and guns, game modes, and maps. Download Apex Legends: Mobile from Google Play and App Store to start playing now.