PUBG Crossplay Explained: Everything You Should Know

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG is arguably the best battle royale and multiplayer first-person shooting game there is. Props to newer FPS titles like Apex Legends and Valorant for also making a mark in the genre, but there’s nothing quite like PUBG in our opinion. It’s so epic that a lot of PUBG-like games are trying to emulate its success. If there is one thing that sets it apart from other battle royale games, it would be its wide variety of maps, each requiring a different tactic and play style. This component is something you would want to experience on every gaming platform, leading us to one question. Is PUBG crossplay compatible?

Before we answer that million-dollar question, did you know there are a good number of games you can play with people across different platforms? Here are the best cross-platform games you can enjoy.


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  1. Is PUBG Crossplay or Cross-Platform?
  2. How to Turn on Cross-Platform Play in PUBG
  3. How to Play PUBG with Friends on Consoles
  4. How to Turn on PUBG Cross-Platform Play Between Android and iOS
  5. Can Xbox Play with PC on PUBG?
  6. Is PUBG Cross-generation?
  7. Is PUBG Cross-progression?


Is PUBG Crossplay or Cross-Platform?

PUBG Battleground
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We won’t be going around the bush and we’ll answer the question immediately instead. Yes, PUBG is crossplay compatible – giving the players from different platforms the opportunity to play together or against one another. However, this option has its limitations.

PUBG crossplay is only compatible with the console versions of the game, including that of Google Stadia. If you play on Xbox, PlayStation, and Google Stadia then you’d have no problems matching up with the players across the said platforms.

PUBG Mobile players on the other hand can only play with those who are also on mobile, namely on Android or iOS. They can’t be matched with players on consoles and PCs.


How to Turn on Cross-Platform Play in PUBG

Enabling cross-platform play in PUBG on consoles can’t get any easier because it will automatically prompt you to turn it on when matchmaking takes too long. That said, you can manually enable cross-platform from the get-go before finding a match.

PUBG crossplay settings
Screencap on PUBG Battleground

To turn on cross-platform play in PUBG, go to the game’s Settings and switch to the Gameplay tab. Lastly, toggle the switcher beside Cross Platform Play to enable it.

There are several ways to know when you are playing PUBG with players on a different platform. The easiest would be through the custom match lobbies. Here, a small dot will appear next to your IGN according to the platform you are in. Green is for Xbox, blue is for PlayStation, and pink is for Google Stadia.


How to Play PUBG with Friends on Consoles

The great thing about the cross-platform compatibility of PUBG is that not only does it matches you randomly with players but it also allows you to party up with your friends on other console platforms. If you are friends with an Xbox player but you are on PlayStation, for example, you’ll still be able to send each other invites to a match.

Sending invites in PUBG
Screencap on PUBG Battleground

You can invite a friend to a PUBG match from the game’s social screen. Under the Friend’s tab, you can add them if they’re online and enter a matchmaking lobby together. Alternatively, you can use PUBG’s Team Finder feature to let your friends know that you are you’re looking for a team and ready to join a lobby.


How to Turn on PUBG Cross-Platform Play Between Android and iOS

You don’t have to do anything to play PUBG with players on Android and iOS as long as you are also on mobile. Android and iOS will be matched up with or against each other automatically.

If you want to squad with your friends in playing PUBG Mobile, you may also add them to a match. However, make sure that you are already friends with them before entering the matchmaking lobby. Here’s how to do that.

Adding Friend in PUBG mobile
Screencap on PUBG Mobile
  1. Go to PUBG Mobile’s main dashboard screen.
  2. Click on the Friends area underneath your user name.
  3. On the Friends screen, click on the add friend icon and enter their username or player ID in the search bar.
  4. Tap the add friend icon on their profile to send a request. They will receive a friend request notification to approve.
  5. To invite a friend to a match, go to your friend’s list and click on the plus icon next to their names. If they are free, you can enter the matchmaking pool together.

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Can Xbox Play with PC on PUBG?

PUBG is not crossplay compatible between Xbox and PC. In other words, you cannot be matched against the players on Steam if you are playing on Xbox One, Series X, and Series S. The reason for this is that the matchmaking on these platforms runs on independent servers. There will also be the concept of fair play. Putting PUBG Xbox and PC players on the same pool is an injustice because of the different controls that the game allows for each platform.

PUBG is also not compatible between PC and PS4/PS5 for the same reason.


Is PUBG Cross-generation?

Yes – PUBG is cross-generation. Players on older consoles will be able to play PUBG with those using the new ones. This means PUBG players on PS4 and PS5 will be able to join a single match.


Is PUBG Cross-progression?

Yes – PUBG is Cross-progression. You will be able to carry your game account progress, including cosmetics when moving from current-gen to next-gen consoles, e.g. from PS4 to PS5. You will also be able to carry your progress when moving PUBG from Android to a new mobile device. However, cross-progression doesn’t apply when you have to transfer platforms, e.g. PS5 to Xbox. You have to create a new account and start over.



That’s how crossplay works on PUBG. It may seem to have a lot of limitations, especially that playing with players on consoles and PC sounds exciting. However, these limitations are what maintain a fair playing field for players. Naturally, some platforms are more advantageous than others in terms of ergonomics and controls. This is the reason why complete cross-play compatibility will be hard to implement in PUBG.