20 Best Roblox Horror Games to Play Right Now

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Once again, Halloween is just around the corner, and along with it is a new range of spooky games that will surely spice up your Hallows’ Eve. Since Halloween of 2019, there are now more horror games available on Roblox and they come with more options to choose from. Selecting the best Roblox horror games to play this Hallows’ Eve might take you all night. So, we have listed the best there is on the platform – at least 20 of the best horror games for you to enjoy the night.


About Roblox

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Roblox is an online game platform where users can play games created by other users. David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded the platform in 2004 and released it in 2006. Baszucki and Cassel used the computer language Lua to build the system.

Children under the age of 16 make up half of the 164 million active users in the platform across the United States as of August 2020. In rough estimates, there are 1.5 million games available on Roblox to date.

Roblox horror games are now accessible on mobile devices with developers having the discretion to choose the platforms (desktop, tablet, and phone) on which their games are supported. As of this writing, the app is available on most Android devices. It’s also currently supported on Apple iOS including iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 4s or higher, and iPod touch 5th Generation.

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Common Gameplay

Most Roblox horror games come as a mixture of strategy, trivia, puzzle, locate and collect, and survival. These are common in the games that we have listed below. The games have multi-level challenges which will eventually lead you to an end goal specified by the game’s creators. How to get there? Well, that’s your job to find out as you get to decide how the game will unfold.

While the end goals differ, you can expect these Roblox horror games will surely test your decision-making skills, strategy in executing your decisions, patience, and common sense.


20 Best Roblox Horror Games

A good number of new horror and spooky games have been released on Roblox since Halloween 2019 and it is safe to say that some are not that scary or spooky in any way at all. Not even the limited-time challenges and unlockables can save them and put them on this list. Keep the horror and spooky vibes alive this All Hallows’ Eve by playing these gamers’ choice and recommended Roblox horror games.


1. Finders Keepers

Screenshot from Finders Keepers on ROBLOX
© Photo by Candlelight Games

First in our list of Roblox horror games to play when you’re bored of trick or treating is Candlelit Games’ Finders Keepers, a paranormal-investigative horror game. You, as the hero, have been called by a distressed family and reported their house is plagued by an unknown entity. Your goal here is to investigate the strange occurrences, find a disk, and unleash the entity before it becomes all too powerful to be banished from the house.

If you love the bio-pics based on paranormal experts Lorraine and Ed Warren’s lives, you will surely enjoy this game. Do you have what it takes to stop the entity and save the family?

Play Finders Keepers on ROBLOX


2. They Lurk

Screenshot from They Lurk on ROBLOX
© Photo by terribleblox

The hero, your father, your brother, and a friend are being stalked by unknown beings in this Roblox horror game. The unknown being’s goal is to kill you and pretend to be your family. More so, they will haunt and attempt to slay you while you explore the unknown place you’re currently at. Your main goal here is to find and uncover the person who started the whole thing.

Play They Lurk on ROBLOX


3. Dark Wood

Screenshot from Dark Wood on ROBLOX
© Photo by Morbid Games

If you prefer to take things further, you’ll definitely like this entry from Morbid Games. Dark Wood is a survival horror game that brings a number of stages and maps. Your goal as the hero is to collect items along the way in each map, all the while avoiding the entities around that protect the items.

The game allows a multiplayer setup so you and your friends can enjoy the game. You are also allowed to choose maps and modes in each stage. The catch is, you, as the hero, can become the monster and kill other players in the game.

Play Dark Wood on ROBLOX


4. Dark Corners

Screenshot from Dark Corners on ROBLOX
© Photo by brolion1

Developed by Brolion1 (stylized as brolion1), this is one of the best shard-collecting Roblox horror games where you, as the hero, is stuck in a maze. You are given missions and your goal is to accomplish those missions while collecting shards along the way. Monsters are sent your way by the unknown entity to hunt and kill you.

As you progress along with the levels, each maze gets challenging. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the unknown entity.

Play Dark Corners on ROBLOX


5. The Office

Screenshot from The Office on ROBLOX
© Photo by kinythenoob

This horror game surely has a lot of writings on it. You, as the hero, would have a sense that time in this game is non-existent (or is it?), makes you wonder whether you are crazy or not, or someone is controlling everything. While other Roblox horror games do play your imagination, this, perhaps, is one that toys with your sanity.

Your goal is to find the exit from the office before you completely lose your sense of self before time runs out.

Play The Office on ROBLOX


6. Batty’s Rooms

Screenshot from Batty's Rooms on ROBLOX
© Photo by OnlyUpgradin’ Studios

OnlyUpgradin’ Studios developed this point-click Roblox horror game. The goal here is to find the items set out for you before time runs out and Batty comes to kill you. The game has a number of difficult challenges that will test how well you can outsmart Batty.

The game is unique and brings a unique set of differences that pale in comparison with other horror games you may have played. For one, you, as the hero, will become unsure whether Batty is the only threat in this game. There could be other dangers apart from Batty.

Play Batty’s Rooms on ROBLOX


7. Regret

Screenshot from Regret on ROBLOX
© Photo by The_BucketHead

The_BucketHead’s Regret is a phobia horror game where the hero wakes up in a strange place alone and with no recollection of how he got there. The only thing the hero is sure about is the lingering feeling of regret, thus the name of the game.

The mission is to find a way out. The hero will bump into different types of phobia along the way, thus raising the difficulty and making the game more horrifying. The goal is to overcome the phobias and beat the monsters who are hiding around the area.

Play Regret on ROBLOX


8. REC-5325

Screenshot from REC-5325
© Photo by Omega Brains Studio

Omega Brains Studio developed this mystery-type game that certainly gives off the Hotel 629 game vibes. This game doesn’t have a clear objective, neither it gives you a good sense of what the game is all about. As a player, you have to travel across what seems to be an endless dark hallway while dreading for something scary to just pop out from nowhere.

Whether the place is inhabited by monsters, that we don’t know. Maybe you can play this game and uncover the mystery yourself.

Play REC-5325 on ROBLOX


9. Silent Limbo

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Silent Limbo
© Photo by BeezelduD

This Roblox horror game is a mystery-type game developed by BeezelduD where you, as the player, have to explore an abandoned house and uncover the mysteries that surround it. This game is reminiscent of the PC game Outlaws.

Making the game eerie are the mysterious and random things happening while you explore the house such as doors suddenly opening. The more you, as the player, progress along with the game, the more sinister the discoveries are.

Play Silent Limbo on ROBLOX


10. The Scorpion Man

Screenshot from Roblox horror game The Scorpion Man
© Photo by Tvelok

Tvelok developed the game ‘The Scorpion Man’ for Roblox. The Scorpion Man is seen pursuing the player who finds himself inside a house. The player is led to various creepy places as he explores the house. Again, this is one of the Roblox horror games that give players the Outlaws vibes.

To those looking for some intense, weird, scary feeling while playing a game during All Hallows’ Eve, this horror game is just for you.

Play The Scorpion Man on ROBLOX


11. The Maze

Screenshot from Roblox horror game The Maze
© Photo by SmartHelper6

The Maze is a Roblox horror game that gives a player a sense that he/she is being followed in every area of the game. The enclosed maze plagued by different monsters makes the game more interesting.

The game is unfinished and there will be further updates to come, but the current level available is enough to bring the creeps around All Hallows’ Eve. Play it with friends and try to get out of The Maze in one piece.

Play The Maze on ROBLOX


12. Before The Dawn: Redux

Screenshot from Roblox horror game BtD: REDUX
© Photo by Before the Dawn Official

Stylized as BtD: REDUX, this multiplayer horror game allows users to either be the hero, slasher, or survivor. The survivors on the game would have to complete their objectives on a map while evading the slasher. The hero is there to help the survivors by aiding or leading them to complete the objectives. As you have already guessed, slashers will have to kill the survivors and heroes, a mechanic that is similar to the Among Us game.

Each character in the game would have their own set of equipment and abilities to help them complete their objectives before the dawn of 6:00 AM in the game. This is one of the Roblox horror games that guarantee heart pumping and jump-scare experience.

Play Before The Dawn: Redux on ROBLOX


13. Incursion

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Incursion
© Photo by Secondhand Studios

This is perhaps one of the Roblox horror games that stands out among the rest due to its science fiction horror theme. The player starts out as a scientist in a laboratory where a shape-shifting monster is running freely. The number of monsters is also unknown. This makes the game rather precarious because the scientist can’t trust anyone. The goal is to make it to safety until rescue arrives.

The player can also assume the role of the alien who should be discrete in infecting the humans in the game. Any player who dies in the round can rejoin the game as a swarming alien.

Play Incursion on ROBLOX


14. Dead Silence

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Dead Silence
© Photo by DoomX10

Dead Silence is a story-based Roblox horror game developed by DoomX10. A train hits the player who then gets locked up in a cell. In the cell, the player has to find the key in the control room to unlock the other mysteries shrowding the train. The train holds sinister secrets including satanic rituals which will add up to the jump scare and chill elements of this game – things to expect from a real ROBLOX horror game.

Play Dead Silence on ROBLOX


15. The Rake – Classic Edition

Screenshot from Roblox horror game The Rake
© Photo by RVVZ

This is a Roblox game developed by RVVZ where a player has to survive a humanoid called The Rake. The game has several levels and hiding places like the safehouse, which is the most common hiding spot in this game. The safehouse has a door that The Rake can’t pass through. However, this does not mean The Rake can’t get inside the house – the roof of the safehouse is accessible for The Rake.

Play the game, find the other hiding places, and unravel how to survive the attacks from The Rake.

Play The Rake on ROBLOX


16. Horror Portals

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Horror Portals
© Photo by The Dark Matter Studios

This game consists of a series of super scary horror stories including Happy Birthday Isabella and Jolly’s Carnival. Each portal has its own challenges and objectives which players have to complete in order to obtain the pets which will accompany them to the next portals.

The third portal of the game, Holmes Hospital, was the recent addition and is twisted in its storytelling, thus completing the horror feels of this Roblox game.

Play Happy Birthday Isabella and Jolly’s Carnival on ROBLOX



Screenshot from Roblox horror game ROSES
© Photo by Clockwork Entertainment

ROSES is one of the Roblox horror games developed by Clockwork Entertainment. It is perhaps the most detailed game on the platform in terms of graphics. Also, the storytelling is as thorough as the graphics. You, as the player, have to collect clues and unravel a greater mystery embedded in the game while locating a friend who has been taken to an asylum.

It would cost a player 25 Robux (currency used in the platform) to play this game.



18. Light Bulb: Reillumination

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Light Bulb
© Photo by PuffoThePufferfish

What makes this game a standout is the top-down view while playing, which is something different from the rest of the Roblox horror games we have listed so far. The goal for the player is to look for an exit in a maze filled with jump scares and surprises that will surely make your pulse race. However, players will experience an unnerving feeling due to the poor lighting and the eerie atmosphere of the game.

Play Light Bulb: Reillumination on ROBLOX


19. Identity Fraud [Revamp]

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Identity Fraud
© Photo by Team M0THERB0ARD

This game is best played with friends during All Hallows’ Eve especially if you all fancy a maze challenge game. The game has a few levels and all house-big, scary monsters hiding at every corner. The goal is to avoid getting caught by the monsters by taking advantage of their unique aspects.

Play Identity Fraud on ROBLOX


20. Alone In A Dark House

Screenshot from Roblox horror game Alone In A Dark House
© Photo by DarkHouseRBLX

This game allows up to 20 players to play at once, which makes the game ironic because you are not alone. There are a number of puzzles the player has to solve while experiencing a number of jump scares in the process.

The game’s premise is, as the hero, you have been called to a small town to investigate an accident. However, you also discovered sinister and unexplained occurrences within the family you are investigating.

Alone In A Dark House



Getting lost in a maze, a foggy forest, or stumbling upon a deserted house at night — whatever your idea of horror is, these games will surely not run short of those elements. We hope we made your search and preparations easy by listing these noteworthy Roblox horror games. Don’t be a scared little ponies and spice up your All Hallows’ Eve this year with these games available on Roblox.