Top 10 Mobile Rhythm Games You Cannot Miss [Android & iOS]

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Most gamers prefer to play mobile games that require less attention and action, in which idle management games and other RPGs with auto battles became popular. But some hardcore players prefer to play more games that let them focus on playing, and games like rhythm games are still popular in the mobile game scene. Some gamers who used to play music rhythm games in the arcades and even to some portable consoles back in the day are looking for a portable experience of playing these games, the good side is that most of these games have a mobile game version, where some gamers will have a nostalgic feel to it and continue playing.

If you are a music rhythm games fan, we listed out 10 of the popular rhythm games that are worth your time and also money if you plan to purchase their microtransactions, which usually composed of additional songs, customizable avatars and other cosmetic items.


1. Cytus 11

Experience the music with Rayark’s award winning game
© Photo by Cytus 2 on Apkcure

Developer: Rayark

A sequel to the hit music rhythm game for the mobile platform, the developers are known for creating several rhythm games for mobile that produces great content and mechanics. In Cytus II, it features a story set to give more backstory and lore to the game itself. In the future, humans have changed internet development and have synced the real world to the virtual world, in the virtual space called cyTus, a mysterious DJ called AEsir creates music that captivates the people.

The game features a unique Active Judgment Line mechanic were tapping a certain note when the judgment line crosses at the right time will give a higher score. It features over 30 songs available right at the start and with over 70 more songs available for purchase optionally. Download now on the App Store or Google Play.


2. Deemo

Help Alice return to her world in this emotional music game
© Photo by Deemo on Vr and Fun

Developer: Rayark

Deemo is another popular music rhythm game from Rayark. This game has an eerie yet emotional setting and focuses on one specific musical instrument. The game’s plot is centered on a young girl named Alice that falls from an open trapdoor in the sky and a black. While the mysterious character named Deemo tries to help the girl to return to her own world by playing the piano where it grows a tree sapling, the game progresses along with the story with a very surprising plot twist in the end. Each song has a series of difficulty levels to complete and the gameplay is somewhat similar to any music rhythm games but it focuses more on the piano instrument aspect where the presentation and visual cue are that of the piano keys. 

Deemo is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.


3. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Be the best rock band with anime girls
© Photo by BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! on Tokyo Otaku Mode

Developer: Bushiroad

Combing anime and music rhythm elements can have a really best-selling combination, and that’s what Bushiroad managed to prove with its latest game. BanG Dream is based on the hit multimedia franchise that combines the release of games, anime, music CDs, music videos and live concerts. It is focused on the cute anime girl characters who are performing on a band and it allows players to choose between two different modes; the Live mode and Story mode. Live mode lets you play any of the unlocked songs without any limitations while the Story mode is has a progression that lets you unlock more content after completing levels. There are gacha elements where you can recruit high rarity characters that can boost the performance of your band and score higher points.

Unfortunately, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is only available on Google Play Store.


4. Arcaea РNew Dimension Rhythm

Experience this arcade style rhythm game
© Photo by Arcaea on Apkcure

Developer: lowiro

An arcade-style rhythm game where players must touch, hold slide to the beat of the music. Arcaea has a really high difficulty where experience growth is a factor in the game, with over 90 songs to try that features more than 50 artists from around the globe and each song has three difficulty levels to master, it will give any players a whole new experience with the different music genre to try, and they can expect new music through content updates. You can challenge your friends on the online leaderboards to see who has the highest score. If you are in it for the challenge, then this is one of the best mobile games with high difficulty.

Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.


5. Dynamix

Play over 100 music tracks from different artists around the world
© Photo by Dynamix on Apkcure

Developer: C4Cat Entertainment

A mobile game that integrates the arcade gaming experience at the palm of your hands. Unlike other music games that offer a convention-style of gameplay, Dynamix offers a triple-dropping track design. This design has a unique rhythmical play style in which players would feel like they are actually composing a track. With over 100 tracks created by composers from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, it features different cultural styles of music from different genres such as chiptune, j-pop, TransCore and new age. The free version will let you play until rank 30, and you need to purchase the full game to unlock higher ranks.

Dynamix is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.


6. TAPSONIC World Champion

Experience DJ MAX songs from this popular mobile rhythm game
© Photo by TAPSONIC Facebook Page

Developer: Neowiz Games

From the developers that brought the popular DJMAX music rhythm game to the arcades and consoles, Neowiz brings the same game experience of music tapping. Moreover, Tapsonic is now on your mobile devices. It may have familiar gameplay, but Tapsonic is more about being competitive, as there are different game modes to choose from. Games such as the Champion’s Tour, where you can challenge some of the best players to show their best skills. There are a ton of music tracks to try, including some of the classic DJMAX songs.

The great part of this game is that there is no pay to win microtransactions, as most of the songs can be downloaded for free through content updates. Also, you can play Tapsonic without the need of an internet connection. Thus, you can enjoy the game outside without the need to be constantly connected.

Tapsonic is both available to be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.


7. BeatX

Play different classic Dance Dance Revolution games with this mobile game
© Photo by BeatX Facebook Page

Developer: Maniacs s.r.o.

If you are a fan of Dance Dance Revolution or even Beatmania in the arcades, BeatX is more of a homage to it. You will definitely get a nostalgic feel to it. Though it is more of a fanmade game, BeatX has the same from DDR games and Without the need of android/iOS to play it.

With over 100 songs to choose from, ranging from the popular DDR music up to any custom songs. It also has different game modes from single player to versus and double cooperative mode. One cool feature is that you can use a game controller or even a dance pad via Bluetooth. Thus, you can recreate the nostalgic feel of dancing at the arcades.

As for now, Tapsonic is only available to be downloaded on Google Play Store.


8. Groove Coaster 2

Use your imagination in playing this fun music tapping game
© Photo by Groove Coaster 2 on Iphonecake

Developer: TAITO Corporation

With so many tapping music games, it gives the same experience to the other games available. But Groove Coaster 2 tries to be different from the rest. Combining music rhythm with a roller coaster experience, it offers a thrilling ride to those who play the game. With over 150 music tracks to play, ranging from different compilations of famous EDM and techno music artists and even from other popular mobile music games.

Thus, players will never run out of songs to try out in Groove Coaster 2. The unique game feature is that you can play the game without using the touchscreen. You can use the surroundings as your instrument to play the game, from singing, clapping and even using your drumsticks. Also, you can even play with other friends on a single screen for more interaction.

Groove Coaster is available on Google Play Store and Apps Store.


9. Avicii | Gravity HD

A fun music game from famous DJ Avicii
© Photo by Avicii | Gravity HD on Apkcure

Developer: Hello There AB

Famous Swedish DJ Avicii made a collaboration with Hello There Games to create a music game that offers adaptive and atmospheric gameplay. Featuring a fast-paced and intense gameplay, the game progresses on your performance. It means that your progress will determine how the melodies will build-up. 

Also how the environment will change to match the music as you guide your ship by swiping, pushing and using power-ups on the screen. Featuring the latest songs by Avicii, players can unlock more content as points score up and earn achievements. These achievements are new ships, environments, and power-ups. 

Avicii | Gravity HD is available on Google Play Store and Apps Store.


10. Lanota

An anime music game with an engaging storyline
© Photo by Lanota on twitter Page

Developer: Noxy Games

An anime rhythm game, Lanota features a colorful world and an artistic feel with the art direction. Its gameplay still has that familiar mechanic from other music tapping games. But has additional animation as visual cues to aid you in landing the right notes.  It also offers different difficulty levels that suites for beginners, casual players up to the hardcore veterans. It also has the main story mode where, as you progress further, you uncover plots in the characters.

However, the trial version has some limitations to the story campaign and even limits the retry function. But once you purchased the game, you will be able to experience more tracks. There is also a leaderboard function that lets you compare scores and achievements with other players wherein you can accomplish and unlock more content.

Lanota is available both on Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store.



There you have it, the best rhythm games you can ever play these days. Whatever reasons you need to play these games, we hope you enjoyed it. Though some might not be available on Apps store to Google Play, there are still plenty of other rhythm games for you to choose from. These are just some of our favorites. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment.