FGO Tier List: Best Servants for Beginners

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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) heavily relies on servants as the player’s main line of defense against their adversaries. Each servant is different and beginners might find it difficult to score certain characters at the start especially if they are 5-star servants. This is the reason why players need to learn which low rarity servants are worth leveling up as they are the ones with the most potential to help them get through the earlier rounds of the game. Servants are often placed in an FGO tier list to determine which ones are the best for beginners to acquire and level up.

In this article, we’ll be looking at different low-rarity servants and which of them are the best to use for those who are just starting to test the waters of Fate/Grand Order. But before that, make sure that you have already downloaded the game from Google Play Store or the App Store.

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Summoning FGO Servants for Beginners

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In FGO, servants are mainly obtained through the use of summoning materials such as Summoning Tickets and Saint Quartz. Similar to many gacha games, players will have to rely on their luck to obtain characters.

When new players finish the tutorial at the start of the game, they are given the chance to roll for 10 servants. This is what is often called the “Tutorial Roll”, an obligatory pull when you finish the tutorial. In the Tutorial Roll, players will not be able to obtain any 5-star character. Instead, they are limited to 4-star characters and Craft Essences of varying rarities.

Players are not limited to the Tutorial Roll at the start of the game. Once you earn enough Saint Quartz, you can start rolling at any of the available banners at the time that you are playing. This largely consists of the Story Banner, Friend Points Banner, and the Limited Banners that are up to during the time that you started playing. From here, you can start getting 5-star characters, although the chances of getting a high rarity character are still very low.


FGO Tier List for New Players

In summary, while players are only limited to low rarity servants when they perform the Tutorial Roll, this doesn’t limit them when they roll for servants beyond that as they will still have access to high rarity servants at the start of the game, provided that they are lucky enough to get them.

That said, here is an FGO tier list of the servants that you might want to consider leveling up when you get them at the start of your game.

FGO Tier List

Take note that the servants that you can get are not limited to the ones in this FGO tier list. However, these servants are usually the ones that you have a chance of getting in the Tutorial Roll and in the succeeding rolls after playing the game for the first time.


FGO S-Tier Servants

Here is a quick rundown of the S-Class servants in this FGO tier list. This rundown includes a brief description of their skills, abilities, and talents which might come in handy if you’re lucky enough to score any of them during your beginner pulls.

1. Heracles (Berserker) / ★★★★

Heracles FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Heracles is one of the best beginner-friendly servants in the game. Heracles is great for offense and his skills greatly complement his primary purpose. He has Valor, which boosts his attacks, and Battle Continuation, which allows him to restore a bit of his HP if he dies on the field. Heracles also has the ability to Dodge attacks with Mind’s Eye. He has high damage output and the best base attack stats among the other 4-star servants. He has also high strong survivability, making him better than even most 5-star servants.

If Heracles has the Craft Essence called “Castle of Snow”, it provides him with a three-time Guts skill at the beginning of a battle. This makes Heracles a great choice for the last-man-standing battles.

Arguably, players who score Heracles in their Tutorial Roll are lucky because they can easily carry the team in the long run.  Heracles is mainly an offensive fighter that boasts damage and endurance which makes him a great choice if you’re looking to farm and grind through the game’s Story Mode.

2. Emiya  (Archer) / ★★★★

© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Emiya is one of the most iconic servants in the franchise. His popularity transcends most servants in terms of versatility and power. Not only does he have a skill set that is equally scattered across all areas but his Noble Phantasm (NP), Unlimited Blade Works, makes for a hit count that deals a significant amount of damage when and during its activation phase.

Moreover, his Hawkeye skill gives his critical damage a boost for three turns. Combined with his Projection ability that buffs all his other attack cards, Emiya can pull out a damage-inducing chain that deals significant damage once activated at the right time. Additionally, his Mind’s Eye skill allows him to evade attacks for one turn and boosts his defense for a total of three turns.

In Summary, Emiya is one of the strongest and most adaptable servants available in the game. It’s essential that his skills are fully invested in and he reaches full ascension before he can truly show off his full strength. His high versatility and high critical potential make him a great addition to every beginner’s roster provided that they invest in leveling him up.

3. Cu Chulainn (Caster) / ★★★

Caster Cu FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Cu Chulainn has different versions in the game but Cu Chulainn Caster or Caster Cu, as he is most commonly referred to by players, is one of the versions that beginners will be exposed to at the earlier stages of the game. Caster Cu, individually, has a great skill set but he isn’t a Caster that you will want to stick with if you plan on playing the game for a long time.

For beginners, Caster Cu provides great offense and support. His Rune Magic skill is a critical damage dealer which even adds to the NP Charge of a character. He is more of a defensive servant than an offensive one, but he does have great survivability. He is also relatively hard to kill, but in comparison to other Casters that beginners will get, Caster Cu might not be the best one to stick with.

Still, since Caster Cu is one of the servants that you have a high chance of getting in the beginning, it’s best to consider investing in him until you get a better Caster. Despite his shortcomings as a servant, he is still largely capable of dealing damage and carrying the team for short battles.

4. Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer) / ★★★★

Elizabeth Báthory FGO
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Elisabeth Bathory is a Lancer-class servant who is capable of being an offense and support. She can buff her damage and extend this buff to the other servants in the party. Moreover, once you unlock her Sadistic Charisma skill, she’ll be able to buff the attacks of all-female servants in your party. If you already have a powerful female servant, Elizabeth Bathory buffs them up to provide more damage to the opponent.

Like other servants, you might want to invest in upgrading her skills. Elisabeth doesn’t show her full potential until her skills are leveled up to a certain degree. It’s also worth noting that while she does need to be leveled up to reach her fullest potential, Elisabeth doesn’t necessarily benefit from her boosts so upgrading her is essential to make sure that she survives a stage.

However, it’s worth taking note that Elisabeth Bathory cannot deal a lot of damage if she is alone. She works best in a team and her damage support contributes much to the team’s output. While she may not be a great offensive servant, she makes for a great secondary damage dealer.


FGO A-Tier Servants

Next is an overview of the A-Tier servants in this FGO tier list. While these servants did not make it into the S-Tier, they still pack a punch and have a considerable amount of impact on the team whether it be for offense or defense.

1. Mash Kyrielight (Shielder) / ★★★★

Mashu FGO
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Mash Kyrielight is the player’s very first servant in the game. She is also the only known Shielder in FGO so far. Her skill set is balanced but mostly focuses on stalling and defense. She’s a great fit into any team composition because she can universally defend all servants regardless of what their abilities are.

While there are players who prefer to bench Mash in favor of more offensive players, once she progresses, she becomes more of a tank than a primary defense holder. Beginners will have to be patient with her though as her skills and other abilities will only flourish once certain parts of the story quest are finished. Regardless, she’s still a servant worth investing time and effort in because of the universal defense that she brings to the table.

Mash is a well-rounded servant that offers great survivability, strong NP gain, and offensive support to the team. Moreover, she also has no class disadvantage which means that she takes neutral damage from all enemies, including Berserkers who are known to deal high amounts of damage.

2. Robin Hood (Archer) / ★★★

Robin Hood FGO
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Robin Hood is a 3-star servant with a powerful NP that can help beginners make their way through the earlier stages of the game with ease. His NP is a single-target nuker that deals great amounts of damage that can go up to 3750% if he is at NP 5.

For his NP to work at its maximum potential, his enemies need to be poisoned which he can do with his first skill. Once done, his NP can then work to its fullest and deal high amounts of damage. He is a great addition to Arts-based teams in the game.

However, if you do not run on an Arts-based theme, Robin Hood might not benefit your team at all. Despite being able to deal high damage and be at par with servants of higher rarities, he suffers much from reduced HP. He truly shines more once placed in an Arts-based team and he is a great servant to raise if you’re planning to build an Arts-based team.

3. Arash (Archer) / ★

Arash FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Arash is one of the more accessible servants in FGO because of his low rarity. But don’t let that fool you for he is a force to be reckoned with. This servant is best for farming and clearing waves of enemies. Once Arash dies on the field, the opponent will take a large amount of damage.

Arash’s NP is a powerful AOE NP that can smite down a wave of enemies in an instant. Being a low rarity servant, there is a higher chance of pulling multiple copies of Arash which means that you will be able to power up his NP in an instant.

However, Arash is not good outside of farming or clearing hordes in Daily Quests. Bringing Arash to a Story Quest where high-level enemies are stronger won’t benefit the team. Arash won’t fare well with more dangerous enemies and if his NP is used as a last resort (with him being the last man standing), you will lose the battle even if you manage to take out the enemy. Needless to say, while Arash is a great servant to have for earlier stages or for clearing Daily Quests, he won’t be of much help to you once you get into the farther stages of the game.

4. Hektor (Lancer) / ★★★

Hektor FGO
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With Hektor, it’s a hit or miss — depending on how you raise him. While he does have a powerful NP drain skill and a stun ability, his damage output is weaker than other servants. However, that doesn’t diminish his ability to still produce one of the best stun skills in the game that has a chance to reduce an opponent’s NP gauge.

Further, his NP allows him to inflict damage despite defense buffs which makes him an ideal opponent for enemies who can stack buffs. For his NP to reach its highest potential, it has to reach its highest level. This will allow him to easily wipe out enemies who have large and stacked defense buffs.

In summary, it’s important to note that if you’re looking to battle enemies of a higher rarity or of a higher level, you might want to make sure that Hektor isn’t your main carry in the team because his damage is a bit weaker than other servants and he might not do well against opponents who have high Burst abilities.


FGO B-Tier Servants

Moving on in the list are the B-Tier servants. They aren’t necessarily bad for beginners but it might take a while for beginners to get a hang of their abilities or pull multiple copies of them to level up their NP. Nonetheless, these servants are great additions to have once beginners get the hang of the game and are comfortable with switching team compositions.

1. Boudica (Rider) / ★★★

Boudica FGO
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Boudica’s main strength lies in defense and support. She has a skill that gives her allies an Arts Performance boost and another skill that gives them a Critical Strength boost. Additionally, her NP also gives them a strong Defense Up buff for one turn. Apart from her being a servant with decent defense, she’s also great at providing offensive support with her NP and her buffs.

However, as she is mainly a defense and support servant, Boudica has a low base attack and she doesn’t create much damage. This creates much of a problem as you would have to rely on two stronger servants to carry your team.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a servant who’s mainly for defense but still contributes to damage, you might want to switch out Boudica for a servant like Mash Kyrielight as she offers both defensive and offensive measures. But if you’re confident in your team and just want a servant who is heavy on defense, Boudica is a great option to consider.

2. Medea (Caster) / ★★★

Medea FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Medea is a Caster-class servant that you wouldn’t want to bench. She deals high damage with her NP and even can remove enemy buffs. She’s a great servant to have in your team if you’re planning on taking on fights with buffed opponents.

What makes Medea unique is her Rapid Words of Divine ability, which fully charges her NP gauge with no assistance. She has another ability that helps to charge her NP faster, and another ability that heals her. Because she can restore her NP fast, she can perform her buffs very well and makes a great addition to any team.

3. Medusa (Rider) / ★★★

Medusa FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Medusa is a Rider-class servant that is best for farming through Caster-class enemies. Her NP is a decent damage dealer that is helpful in the early stages of the fight. Her NP gain is also decently fast which makes her a reliable servant to have. Moreover, she has a debuff that prevents opponents from using their NP for one turn.

She also has decent AOE damage which allows players to control the battlefield a bit better. While she’s mainly used for farming, she can also be a valuable asset to Story Quests with her stun and AOE damage.

Unfortunately, Medusa also has a couple of flaws. Her single-target damage is relatively low which might not fare well with bosses. She also cannot sustain herself in a battle as she needs other servants for defense.

4. Hans Christian Andersen (Caster) / ★★

Hans FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Like Arash, don’t let his low rarity fool you for Hans Christian Andersen is a high-value servant that can be brought into any team setup. Additionally, he also helps to improve his team’s performance to a level that is beyond his rarity.

His NP provides his allies with Attack, Defense, and Healing buffs that will help them last longer in the game. You don’t even have to worry about his NP gauge running low because his ability: Rapid Casting makes sure that his NP generation per turn increases. Additionally, he also has a skill that provides his team with a critical damage buff that will help them when on quests.

That said, Hans Christian Andersen is a valuable servant to have. Just be wary of his survivability as he requires external help with his defense. He also has low damage output which might not help a lot if you’re looking for a team that deals high damage.


FGO C-Tier Servants

The performance of C-Tier servants varies from player to player. Some enjoy their performance in a team but some would rather skip using them. These servants aren’t necessarily difficult to handle or play but some players find it difficult to fit them in team setups. That said, if you’re looking to use any of these C-Tier servants, you might want to dedicate some time to using them first in Daily Quests or farming routes just to get a hang of them before integrating them into a team setup.

1. Bedivere (Saber) / ★★★

Bedivere FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Bedivere is a Saber-class servant that has one of the highest attack stats within his rarity. He also has a strong single-target NP that will help out beginners who need a bit of a push. His skill set is very straightforward, but he heavily relies on his NP instead of his offensive skills.

His defensive skills provide his team with a Defense Up that they can use for one turn. If perfectly timed, this can prevent the team from taking in a huge amount of damage from opponents. He has high NP damage, great NP generation, and he can support his team even if his NP isn’t maxed out.

Bedivere is one of the strongest 3-star servants of FGO. Bedivere is worth the effort to raise if you’re looking for a servant that you can stay for long terms in your team.

2. Saint Martha (Rider) / ★★★★

Saint Martha FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Here is another 4-star character that beginners can obtain during their Tutorial Pull. Saint Martha is primarily a utility servant who provides support for her team. She is primarily a support-based servant, but she is durable in battle and is best for fights that require debuffs and buff-stripping.

She can remove debuffs from her party and she can also strip away any buffs from their enemies. Her NP provides support that heals her team.

Saint Martha, however, is weak in the offense. She has a low base attack and lacks attack cards that can induce damage. While her NP does rank up to improve damage, it doesn’t do much compared to other servants. In all, it might take a bit of time for a beginner to get a hang of using Saint Martha with other servants but she’s still a great servant overall.

3. Marie Antoinette (Rider) / ★★★★

Marie Antoinette FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Marie Antoinette is one of the most durable servants in FGO. She has a skill that allows her to be invincible for three turns and heal for the same duration. She has one of the strongest defensive skills out of the servants in the game. This servant is highly sustainable and leans towards defense more than offense.

She doesn’t deal a huge amount of damage which is normal for servants who lean more on durability. She also has a relatively weak NP gain which might be a big problem because she relies heavily on her NP. Marie Antoinette’s NP is the source of her damage and the support that she provides to her team.

While it may take a while to get a hang of Marie Antoinette, the results will elevate your team performance. It’s just a matter of finding out which servants fit in a team with her the best.


FGO D-Tier Servants

Finally, we have the D-Tier servants of the FGO tier list. Being at the D-Level doesn’t necessarily mean that they are mediocre servants, but it’s safe to say that there might be better options to consider. However, if you do encounter these servants as you play,  you should give them a try first before deciding whether they work for you or not.

1. Gaius Julius Caesar (Saber) / ★★★

Gaius Julius Caesar FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Gaius Julius Caesar is a 3-star servant with a lot to offer. He has a strong single-target NP and a lot of support capabilities that include critical-based buffs, NP strength buffs, and attack buffs. Like Bedivere, he is one of the strongest 3-star servants in the game, but he does fall flat in a couple of categories.

What’s great about Gaius Julius Caesar is that he deals powerful NP Damage that is at par with servants of higher rarities. At his 2nd Rank Up, his attack can go up to 50% which deals huge amounts of damage. He also has skills that are both offensive and supportive which balances him out among other servants.

However, he makes it low in this FGO tier list because of a few reasons. Despite his high damage and support capabilities, Gaius Julius Caesar’s critical potential only comes into play when his NP is activated. Moreover, he has low survivability and a weak NP generation which doesn’t make him ideal for long-term fights and boss fights.

2. Kiyohime (Berserker) / ★★★

Kiyohime FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Kiyohime is a Berserker-class servant that heavily relies on her NP and high NP gain. She is an AOE Berserker who shines mostly in terms of farming. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to difficult quests as she does have low damage dealing methods.

As mentioned, her strength lies in her AOE NP that can one-shot weaker opponents. Her defense debuff skill further adds to the strength of her NP. The same skill also allows her to deal more damage for her normal attacks. Her NP generation is also stronger than other servants, which allows her to fuel her NP multiple times in the game. She can also remove debuffs on herself and she is quite durable in normal battles.

The downside of this is that she doesn’t have a hard defense. It can cause her downfall if she’s attacked using NPs that deal heavy damage. That said, it might take a while for beginners to get a hang of using Kiyohime if they don’t have decent defenses set up yet.

3. Romulus (Lancer) / ★★★

Romulus FGO
© Photo from the FGO Fandom Wiki

Romulus is a great servant for beginners but not one that you would want to carry farther into the game. Overall, his skills are great but he doesn’t work well with other servants. He has an amazing set of skills, but some of them, like Imperial Privilege, are inconsistent. Another skill is Seven Hills which has a great effect as it is a targeted skill but its duration is too short. He makes it into this FGO list because of his low rarity which makes him a great choice for beginners as they will encounter him more.

The only downside of having Romulus is that, unless you’re looking for a servant that is good for farming purposes, he won’t be of much use in battles and you might just end up falling one servant short in the long run.

Again, Romulus is a great servant to use if you’re still in the earlier stages of the game and you need someone who can fill in the spot or if you need someone who can deal decent damage in the team with low cost.


Explore Beginner-Friendly Servants

There are many servants in FGO that are beginner-friendly. It’s not rare for new players to score high rarity servants but they should work with what they have first. Beginners need not rely on this FGO tier list alone when exploring the game because it’s better to discover for themselves which combinations are best for them. This guide serves as a guide to help beginners decipher which servants are the easiest to use and which ones are available to them off the bat. FGO is a game with a variety of servants that many are aspiring to have but it’s recommended to work with what you have as a player before aspiring for higher rarity servants.