How to Make Concrete in Minecraft [Ultimate Guide]

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Like in the real world, concrete within Minecraft is a durable material that’s great for building structures. You can even create concrete in various colors to bring your Minecraft house ideas to life. If you’re curious, here’s what you must know regarding how to make concrete in Minecraft.


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  1. Things You Need to Make Concrete in Minecraft
  2. How to Make Concrete in Minecraft?
  3. Making Red Concrete in Minecraft
  4. How to Make Concrete in Minecraft Version 1.14?
  5. What Other Colors Can You Make for Minecraft Concrete?
  6. How to Make Multiple Concrete at Once?
  7. How Do You Use Concrete in Minecraft?
  8. What Are the Advantages Of Using Concrete in Minecraft?
  9. Does Concrete Naturally Spawn in Minecraft?


Minecraft concrete in different colors

Things You Need to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Materials Location / How to Obtain
Gravel Beaches, ocean floors, Windswept Gravelly Hill biomes
Sand Beaches, deserts, ocean floors
Dye Craftable through various materials

Like smooth stone and other craftable items, learning how to make concrete in Minecraft requires the right materials. Fortunately, it doesn’t require too much as you only need to acquire three items. These include gravel, dye, and sand.

For the dye, you’ll need this component so you can get the color you want. There are several options including black, pink, green, white, gray, cyan, magenta, yellow, and green. You can get these through smelting, crafting, and trading materials with other NPCs. Once you have your supplies, you can then proceed to learn how to make concrete in Minecraft.


How to Obtain Gravel?

Learning how to make concrete in Minecraft means you must obtain tons of gravel. It’s especially crucial if you plan on creating a large building, house, or other structure.

Fortunately, gravel is abundant in the world of Minecraft. You only need a reliable tool to mine it and the location of these items. We recommend using a shovel to break through gravel quickly.

Where can you find gravel? Gravel naturally generates on the disks of beaches. If you go diving, you may even find it atop the pit of frozen, cold, or normal ocean biomes. You can also find it around rivers and small bodies of water. If you happen to get to the Windswept Gravelly Hills biomes, you should find it in abundance covering the surface.

Gravel also exists within the Nether. Simply head to the lava ocean’s shores and you can find these in several layers around the area.

On the other hand, if you’re in no mood to forage or mine, you may also trade for gravel. You only have to find Piglins who can barter 8-16 blocks if you provide him with a gold ingot.


How to Obtain Sand?

The next material you must find when learning how to make concrete in Minecraft is sand. As you’d expect, you can obtain sand around beaches, near water, underwater, or in deserts. Once you find it, you can dig it up with any tool you have on hand. However, we suggest using a shovel if you want to make the process quick.

Afterward, simply mine the sand in front of you until you collect a lot of the material. Just dig and dig until the sand block disintegrates into smaller chunks. Then, get that floating chunk to put the sand in your inventory.


How to Make a Dye in Minecraft?

Finally, you’ll need dye to turn your concrete into the color that you desire. This material simply requires various flowers and other materials to create the item. However, some dyes are harder to make as the materials necessary are more difficult to find.

Moreover, certain colors have a more complex crafting process because they require you to mix two or three different dyes. As a result, some dyes require you to forage for flowers or materials for other dyes first. Then, you must create those dyes and then mix them on the crafting table.

Once you get enough materials for the color you want, creating a dye is easy. You simply have to place the source material on the crafting table without other components. Afterward, the crafting table should generate the color you want. You can do this as often as you need as long as you have enough materials.


How to Make Concrete in Minecraft?

Once you have all the necessary materials, learning how to create concrete in Minecraft is easy. However, you will have to create concrete powder before you can proceed to concrete. We’ll cover the steps for both processes below to help you begin.


Step 1: Make Concrete Powder

Learning how to make concrete powder in Minecraft shouldn’t be too difficult. You only have to navigate to your crafting table. Afterward, you can add one dye, four blocks of sand, and four gravel blocks to the grid. The dye could be any dye you have on hand. However, if you don’t currently have dye, you must obtain some before you start.

Minecraft doesn’t require you to put these pieces in a specific order on the crafting table, unlike other items. Hence, you may add them anywhere on the grid without regard to order. Afterward, you should have concrete powder. Just put it in your inventory to store it.

how to make minecraft concrete powder
Screencap from Minecraft

Step 2: Turn the Concrete Powder into Concrete

To convert the powder into concrete blocks, you will require water. For this, you can use flowing water nearby or employ a source block.

If you’re going for the former, you only have to put the powder beside the water. The powder should then solidify and become concrete.

Alternatively, you may also use a manual water source to solidify the concrete powder. Simply put the concrete powder anywhere on the floor. Afterward, get a pale full of water and pour it on the powder. This should trigger the powder’s transformation and turn it into a concrete block.

Regardless of the technique you use, keep in mind that you must mine the block that forms using a pickaxe. This is because the concrete block that forms doesn’t magically show up in the inventory. Hence, mining the finished product is crucial if you don’t want to lose it.

How to turn Mincraft concrete powder to concrete
Screencap from Minecraft
Can You Use Rainwater to Convert Concrete Powder?

Unfortunately, while rain is a legitimate water source in life, you cannot use it to convert concrete powder in Minecraft. Hence, you must waterlog the concrete or use a source block or flowing water to convert it. You also cannot use cauldrons or water bottles as a substitute for source blocks or flowing water.


How to Make Red Concrete in Minecraft?

If you want to learn how to make concrete in Minecraft that’s red, the steps will be slightly different. That’s because you need a specific dye to turn your concrete red. This wouldn’t be a problem if you already possess red dye, to begin with.

However, if you don’t currently have it, then you must make some before you proceed. Just look through the instructions below to start:

making red dye in minecraft
Screencap from Minecraft
  1. Launch the Crafting menu.
  2. Use one poppy and transform it into red dye through the crafting grid.
  3. Put the dye in your inventory.
  4. Open the Crafting menu once more.
  5. Add the red dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel pieces to the crafting menu.
  6. Put the red concrete powder in your inventory
  7. Employ water to turn it into a concrete block.
    • Note: you may accomplish this by putting the powder beside flowing water or pouring a bucket of water over it.
  8. Then, mine the block that solidifies using a pickaxe.

Remember that these steps will stay consistent regardless of the color you want. Hence, the steps for how to make white concrete in Minecraft are the same as pink, black, or blue. The only difference is that there’s a different material and process for each dye, depending on the color you desire.


How to Make Concrete in Minecraft Version 1.14?

In Minecraft 1.14, the fastest method to create concrete is by using a special command. It may not be a legitimate way to accomplish the task. Nonetheless, it’s certainly the fastest means for it if you intend to create massive structures. Just use this command on your computer:

/give @p grey_concrete 1

This should generate one gray concrete block in your game. You can substitute the color for other variants that are available in-game. Moreover, you can even alter the number to generate more blocks at a time.


What Other Colors Can You Make for Minecraft Concrete?

You can create different colored concrete in Minecraft using the right dye. However, you must craft the dye first before you can use it to craft concrete. The table below lists the materials needed (or dyes you must mix) to get the color of dye you require.

Dye Materials
White Lily of the Valley / Bone Meal
Black Wither Rose / Ink Sac
Purple Blue + Red Dye
Red Poppy / Rose Bush / Beetroot / Red Tulip
Blue Cornflower / Lapis Lazuli
Lime Green + White Dye
Yellow Dandelion / Sunflower
Orange Orange Tulip / Red + Yellow Dye
Magenta Allium / Lilac / Purple + Pink Dye / Red + Blue + White Dye / Pink + Red + Blue Dye
Light Blue Blue Orchid / Blue + White Dye
Pink Pink Tulip / Peony / Red + White Dye
Gray Black + White Dye
Cyan Blue + Green Dye
Brown Cocoa Beans


How to Make Multiple Concrete at Once?

Creating Minecraft concrete takes time when you’re doing it one by one. However, you can also hasten the process by creating multiple blocks at once. You may accomplish this by creating multiple concrete powder blocks through the following method:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place one dye in the upper-left corner of the grid.
  3. Add two blocks of sand in the remaining spots on the first row.
  4. Place two blocks of sand and one block of gravel in the middle row.
  5. Add three blocks of gravel in the bottom row.

This method should immediately yield eight blocks of concrete powder. It’s an efficient method if you don’t want to use up your dye creating just one block.

Afterward, you can also convert multiple blocks of concrete powder into concrete in one fell swoop. You only have to use a water source and place multiple concrete powder blocks in one place. To begin, just refer to the instructions below:

  1. Stack concrete powder blocks side by side in one area.
  2. Put water beside the concrete blocks using a bucket of water.
  3. Break each block to turn the powder blocks into concrete.

Remember that you can make as many blocks as you want, provided there’s enough water to solidify the powder blocks.


How Do You Use Concrete in Minecraft?

You can use concrete like you would on any other block. After you mine it and pick up the block, it stays in your inventory. You can then place it anywhere you want to create a sculpture, building, or any other structure.


What Are the Advantages Of Using Concrete in Minecraft?

There are many advantages to using concrete in Minecraft. Firstly, concrete is one of the sturdiest materials you can use for building. It’s slightly better than stones in terms of hardness.

In addition, the material is hard to break using the default pickaxe. You may mine it faster if you have an upgraded pickaxe made from Netherite, Diamond, or Iron. However, it does have lower resistance to blasts so remember this when you’re constructing a protective fort. Nonetheless, it’s certainly sturdier than many other materials you come across.

Secondly, concrete is a non-flammable material in the world of Minecraft. While wool and other materials can burn quite easily, you can trust that concrete won’t break when exposed to fire.

Finally, concrete is one of the prettiest decorative materials you can use for your buildings. That’s because it can come in many different colors — even more than Terracotta. Hence, you can decorate your buildings and create as much variation as you want. The colors are also more pronounced compared to other materials.


Does Concrete Naturally Spawn in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, Minecraft obeys real-world rules to an extent. As a result, it doesn’t spawn concrete naturally anywhere in the world. Hence, you must go through the crafting process if you’d like to employ concrete in your building projects.


The Bottom Line

Learning how to make concrete in Minecraft isn’t all that difficult. That’s because the materials aren’t particularly complex or hard to find. If you’re a Minecraft veteran, chances are you already have some of them on hand. Moreover, because the crafting process doesn’t mandate a specific order in the crafting table, you can create concrete more swiftly. Just remember to plan what color you want (and how many) beforehand.

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