Life Is Strange Remastered Is on Mobile via Stadia; Delayed for Switch

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Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which contains the enhanced versions of the first two games in the award-winning series, is once again delayed for Switch. But, fans can still play it on mobile via Google Stadia and on other platforms come February 01, Wednesday.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection banner
Photo by Life is Strange

This is not the first time that the remastered original Life is Strange game and its prequel Before the Storm has been met with a delay. The fancied-up collection was originally due in September 2021 but was put back just weeks before launch. Its publisher, Square Enix, did not give a definite date of its release on Nintendo Switch and said it would be “later this year”.

In a press statement, they said that they are “sorry to share that the Nintendo Switch versions of the games (Life is Strange) have been a little setback”. According to them, the games need a bit more time until they are ready for Switch.

On a lighter note, fans on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can proceed to play the games as scheduled. If you are more of a mobile player, you can also get the Life is Strange games on Android and iOS but you need a Google Stadia subscription.


How to Play Life Is Strange Remastered on Stadia Pro

If you are a Stadia Pro member, you can claim the Life is Strange Remastered Collection for free starting next week. However, you need to keep your $9.99 monthly Stadia Pro subscription active to continue playing the games. Alternatively, you can purchase the bundle if you want to keep your progress when your subscription expires. You also need a compatible controller to play the game on mobile.

Aside from mobile phones, you can also play the new version of Life is Strange 1 and Before the Storm on Android/ smart TVs and PCs using one Stadia Pro account.

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Life is Strange: Remastered Will Bring Visual Upgrades

Life is Strange: Remastered promises to bring visuals upgrades and animation enhancements to its Legendary leads, Max and Chloe. In a six-minute video clip, Square Enix showed the heavy graphics improvement inside the game.

The first trailer showing Max and, eventually, Chloe in the school hallway gives a sneak peek of the improved character facial expressions. The characters are more emotive and have more natural hair physics as well as realistic injuries. There are also some noticeable visual upgrades on the environments, especially on the lighting.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection is available for pre-order on their websites. You can also purchase the True Colors Ultimate Edition and receive the remastered collection for free.