Niantic Disables Pokemon Go Trading Temporarily

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Pokémon Go players have awakened to the news that Pokémon Go trading has been disabled due to unforeseen events. Niantic has taken to Twitter to let traders and players know it is already investigating the issue and will provide further updates.

“Trainers, trading is currently unavailable as we investigate an issue. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will continue to update here. Thank you for your patience.” Niantic says on its post dated January 20, 2022.

Traders like @seaprincesshnb have been quick to express disappointment following the news. She says, “This is really unacceptable for us to be denied the chance to trade during the event when we get a guaranteed XL with each trade.” She calls for compensation for the 100 XL candies she’s about to lose.

No further updates have been given by Niantic so far. However, the temporary unavailability of trading is likely due to a bug.

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Lucky Pokémon Bug Might Have Caused the Trading Glitch

Pokemon Go Trading Disabled Due to Bug
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Essentially, the bug has rendered trading in Pokémon Go unavailable on a temporary basis. It should not be an issue. However, the timing of this bug couldn’t come at a better point as it struck on the first day of the new Power Plant event. Niantic seems to imply the bug has caused players to get higher chances at scoring a Lucky Pokémon when trading.

Reports say players have been receiving an unusually high number of Lucky Pokémon when trading. As a result, Niantic moves to temporarily disable Pokémon Go trading until it is able to fix the issue. Moreover, whether that is the only reason why Niantic moves to disable trading is unknown.

Until the trading system is enabled, players have to spend candies to evolve their Pokemon.

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Importance of Trading Pokémons

Trading Pokémons is an integral part to succeed in the game of becoming the best Pokémon trainer. Moreover, the mechanics of the game dictates players will not be able to complete a series without a friend to trade with. In so doing, players must use Stardust to be able to trade Pokémons. Stardust is the in-app currency players use to purchase items, trade — absolutely any transaction in the game.

Players are able to gain Stadust by catching Pokémons. However, Stadusts can also be earned by feeding gym Pokemon berries and hatching eggs among others.

With these contexts, Niantic’s move to disable Pokémon Go trading as a result of a bug is a bummer to many players as this completely defeats the purpose of playing the game. More importantly, many players are bummed over the fact the bug decided to hit on the day when the new Power Plant event drops. For many players, this development derails any chance of being able to complete missions as part of the January field research.

As of this writing, players and traders are still waiting for further updates from Niantic. Get the latest on this bug by following Niantic’s Twitter Support page.