300+ Private Story Names for Snapchat (Funny, Cute, and More)

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Do you want to stand out by creating more interesting private story names on Snapchat? There are innumerable ways you may accomplish this. You only need to have the right name for your private stories. If you’re out of ideas, keep reading and we’ll give you more than 300 private story names you can try.


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  1. What Is a Private Story on Snapchat?
  2. Why Do You Need a Unique Private Story Name?
  3. Best Private Story Names for Snapchat
    1. Funny Private Story Names
    2. Good Private Story Names
    3. Cute Private Story Names
    4. Naughty Private Story Names
    5. School-Related Private Story Names
  4. How to Create a Unique Name on Your Own
  5. How to Generate Good Names Easily
  6. Add a Private Story Name on Snapchat


What Is a Private Story on Snapchat?

How to create private story names
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If you’re new to Snapchat, you might only know a few features the app has to offer. For instance, you likely already know how to change your Snapchat username. You might also be familiar with how to post stories on Snapchat to share with your friends.

However, not everyone knows about the private story feature right off the bat. What is a private story on Snapchat and why is it necessary, then? If you have an Instagram account, chances are you already know what Snapchat private stories are. This is because Instagram has a similar feature wherein you can share your stories privately with certain accounts.

A Snapchat private story works the same way. With it, you can share a story with select accounts. As a result, strangers and the general public cannot see what you post. It’s an interesting way of sharing private details more meaningfully with a few faithful followers or good friends.

Like regular stories, private stories expire after 24 hours. However, you can still delete these stories before the timer runs out. Hence, even if you make a mistake in posting your private stories, you can easily reverse the action.


Why Do You Need a Unique Private Story Name?

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Browsing private story name ideas to create a unique name isn’t always important. It’s just a fun little way for you to add some personality to your stories for boosting your interaction with friends. However, it might be more important if you have a public profile as an influencer or public figure.

If you’re creating private stories for loyal fans, adding a unique name will make them feel even more special. Moreover, adding unique private story names provides additional context that an otherwise nameless story would miss out on.

Think of private story names like YouTube video captions. Private story names give context and tell the viewer what the story is about. The audience can then interpret if you’re being direct, satirical, or making a joke. Without good private story names, viewers won’t easily pick up what you’re trying to convey.

Finally, even if you’re a regular Snapchat user, using unique private story names is fun. Everybody wants to post something witty or creative, even on their private profiles. It showcases your personality and what you’re going through specifically. Regardless of whether or not you’re famous, private story names are a nifty way to show your individuality.


Best Private Story Names for Snapchat

We’ve listed the best private story names to use for Snapchat. They’re segregated into different categories and listed alphabetically. We hope these lists help you create your private story names easily.

Funny Private Story Names

Funny story names
Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash
1. <Story Content> Challenge 33. Embarrassing Photos 65. Shh, Don’t Tell Them
2. (Ouch) 34. Failed Life 66. Simp Nation
3. $$$$ 35. Follow The Leader 67. Snap Hoc
4. A Day Of Madness 36. Fun Wake 68. Soggy Toast
5. Awful Medicine 37. Grande, Please 69. Somebody’s Hungry
6. Balls Of Steel 38. Groom In Doom 70. Someone Woke Up On The Wrong Side Today
7. Basket Case 39. Hair Won’t Cooperate 71. Star In The Making
8. Beach Baby 40. Hobo Hours 72. Stay Petty
9. Bearded Lizard 41. Hooray, Do You Want A Medal? 73. Stranger Things
10. Bingo 42. I’m Not Lost Without You 74. Synchronized Slimming
11. Bossman 43. I Thought I Was Cool Or Something 75. Terrible Stories
12. Brainless Blondes 44. It Iz What It Iz 76. That’s All, Folks
13. Brainless Brunettes 45. It’s A Depressing Tale 77. The 12th Man
14. Can You Keep Up? 46. Jump Into My Belly 78. The Idiot Factory
15. ‘Cause I’m Worth It 47. Just Did It 79. The Next Day
16. Cheeto Tips 48. Lights On, No One Home 80. The Secret Turtle
17. Christmas Canceled 49. Limited Edition 81. The Ways Of An Idiot
18. Clearly, I’m Drunk 50. Me In A Meme 82. Titanic Swim Team
19. Clueless 51. Meowza 83. To Do Later
20. C’mon, It’s Obvious 52. Me-Tv 84. Token Of My Gratitude
21. Come And See What A Mess I’ve Made 53. My Life A Comedy 85. Too Much Tea
22. Congrats, You Made It 54. No Filter Needed Here 😉 86. Total Drama Island
23. Copycat 55. No Trolling 87. Two Idiots Aren’t Better Than One
24. Cover My Ears! 56. Ogre Wearing A Bikini 88. Welcome To My Fan Club
25. Crying Freak 57. Only In My Dreams 89. “Whatever” With A Smile. 🙂
26. Daily Mug 58. Petty Is My Middle Name 90. Who’s Gonna Say It?
27. Daggers For Eyes 59. Questioning My Sanity 91. Who Says I’m A Mess? Clearly, I’m Drunk
28. Dark Side Of The Moon 60. Relax My Man 92. Who Wore It Better?
29. Dirt Brag 61. Saturday Nights @ 9 93. Woke Up On The Wrong Side
30. Disgusting 62. Secret Files 94. Wolf Trip
31. Doctor Blue 63. Secretly Self-Destructing 95. Worse When I’m With You
32. Dog’s Breakfast 64. Sgt Lazy 96. Zz Plop


Good Private Story Names

1. <Name> In Wonderland 28. It’s All Smiles Now 55. Sir Dabs A Lot
2. <Name>’s Army 29. It’s Always Sunny In <Name> 56. Summer Nights
3. <Name> With A Chance 30. Iridescent Colors 57. Sweat It Out
4. *WANTED* Attention 31. Just Being Me 58. That <Name>’s Show
5. A Dreamer Is Never Bored 32. Just Live Life 59. That’s So <Name>
6. All Fax, No Printer 33. Life Is A Journey 60. That’s So Fetch!
7. All The Other Kids 34. Lo(v/s)ers 61. The <Name> Movie
8. Baby’s Day Out 35. Love Is All You Need 62. The <Name> Show
9. Blessed With Bad Decisions 36. Lovely Day Taday 63. The Big Gang Theory
10. BrOGs 37. Lovers/Losers 64. The Chilling Adventures Of <Name>
11. Can’t Touch This 38. Madhatter’s Tea Party 65. The Gladi(ate)ors
12. Captain Of My Ship 39. Melting Pot 66. The Hot Pots
13. Catch Me If You Can 40. Midnight Drive 67. The Journey Is What Matters
14. Chamber Of Secrets 41. Monday Blues 68. The Late Night Show With <Name>
15. Clowns Around Town 42. Morning Mood Booster 69. The Magic Of Me!
16. Don’t Forget To Smile Today 43. Motley Crew 70. The One, The Only
17. Forgive Yourself 44. Mukbang Gang 71. The Originals
18. Gal Acapella 45. Mukgang 72. The Secret Life Of <Name>
19. Gang Gang Gang Gang 46. My Cat’s Name Is Chubby 73. The Snooze Cruise
20. Get Jiggy With It 47. My Life, My Rules 74. The Story Of ME!
21. Good Vibes Only 48. OG Squad 75. To Love Is Bravery
22. Groundhog Day 49. Only Fools 76. Tons Of Tea Spillage
23. Hands Up, FBI! 50. Private Showing 77. Touch Me Not
24. Haters Are My Motivators 51. Procrastination Station 78. Who Am I? Meet The Real Me!
25. Haters Are My Strength 52. Reasons Why I’m Single 79. Would You Care For Some Tea?
26. Health, Joy, Love 53. She Said What? 80. Yours Truly
27. “I Live” In Good Times 🙂 54. Shot On iPhone 81. Xclusive


Cute Private Story Names

Cute story names
Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash
1. [Dramatic Pause] 32. Goodbye For Now 63. Private Party
2. <Name> TV 33. Gossip Girls 64. Ride Or Dies
3. & That’s The Tea 34. Hot Girl Summa 65. Sight For Sore Eyes
4. 90% Happy, 10% Burnt 35. How I Met Your Mother 66. Snap Squad
5. After Hours With <Name> 36. I Do My Own Stunts 67. Soft As Silk
6. A Golden State Of Mind 37. I’m Not Insane, I Swear! 68. Spam Squad
7. All About The Bass 38. I Need A Vacation. Please? 69. The A-List
8. All Day Tea Party 39. Invite Only 70. The All-Night Crew
9. All The Cool Kids 40. It’s Been A Ride, Hasn’t It? 71. The Challenges Of Parenthood
10. Back Like I Never Left 41. It’s Just The Beginning 72. The Days Of Our Lives
11. Backstage Entry 42. Keeping Up With <Name> 73. The Insiders
12. Behind The Scenes 43. Keepin’ It Real 74. The Inside Scoop
13. Blissful 44. Kind Of Classy 75. The Powerpuff Girls
14. Bloopers 45. Kitten Adventures 76. The Real Ones
15. Bucket Of Crabs 46. Let It Be Known 77. The Time Is Now
16. Channel <Name> 47. Life’s Good, Ain’t It? 78. Time Is Of The Essence
17. Circa. <Birth Year> 48. Lips Of Honey, Eyes That Sparkle 79. Too Glam To Give A Damn
18. Circle Of Trust 49. Literally My Life 80. Top 2, But Not #2
19. Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen 50. My Gs 81. Unbelievably My Life
20. Drama Club 51. My New BFF, The Camera. 82. Unforgettable Face
21. Elites 52. Nerd Nation 83. Until Next Time
22. Enemies To Lovers 53. Nobody Does It Better 84. Upper East Side
23. Escape From Reality 54. Non-aesthetic Photo Dump 85. Vibes N Tribes
24. Est. <Birth Year> 55. No Treble 86. V.I.P. Passes
25. Favorites 56. Not To Brag, But 87. We’re All In This Together
26. Felt Cute 57. Numero Uno’s 88. Woke Up Like This
27. For Your Eyes Only 58. Oh, Snap 89. What I’m Grateful For
28. Frenemies 59. Our Story 90. Why Are We Here?
29. Getaway Car 60. Pinot Grigio Girls 91. Wild Child Is A Beautiful Child
30. Glee Club 61. Prettiest Problem 92. You Made It!
31. Golden Days 62. Pretty & Profitable


Naughty Private Story Names

1. A Little Respect, Please? 20. I’m A Bad Guy 39. Seen Me In Your Dreams
2. Be Mine Tonight 21. I’m Feeling Kind Of Naughty! 40. Serving Looks, Not Tea
3. Boyfriend & Chill 22. I’m Just Sayin’ You Can Do Better 41. She’s No Angel
4. Boy You’re Asking For Too Much 23. I Might Be Ur Newest Addiction 42. Snapchat: Way 2 Stay Untouched
5. Don’t Play No Games w/ Me 24. I’m Not Your Toy 43. Still Goin’ Bad On ‘Em Anyway
6. Don’t You Dare Ask 25. I’m Sorry, I Don’t Care 44. Talk To The Hand
7. Do You Need To Be Saved? 26. I’m Uncontrollable 45. Too Late For All That
8. Drake Warned Me About You 27. I’m Wild And I Know It 46. Two Is Better Than One
9. Drop It Like It’s Hot 28. I See Your Lips 47. What Is Your Damage?
10. Get A Life, Man 29. Kiss Me & Make It Better 48. Who Died And Made You Queen?
11. Get Out Of My Life 30. Let’s Hang Out & Watch Netflix 49. You Can Look But Don’t Touch
12. Gonna Get Drunk 31. Let’s Just Vibe 50. You’re Horrible
13. Good But No Angel 32. Missed Out On The Best 51. You’re Hotter Than The Sun
14. Hard To Get, Harder To Forget 33. My Kisses Are Like Fireworks! 52. You’re Like A Drug To Me
15. Hey There Cutie Patootie 34. My Rules 53. You’re My Favorite Bad Guy
16. Hi, I’ve A Crush On You 35. No, I’m Not Ok With That 54. You’re Not Too Bright Are Ya?
17. How You Look So Perfect On Your Worst Days? 36. Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow 55. You’re Not Wanted Here
18. I Ain’t For Everybody 37. Pillow Talk 56. You Said That? My Gosh
19. I’ll Watch Over You Later 38. Rude Much?


School-Related Private Story Names

School-related story names
Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash
1. Bored At School 14. It’s A Beautiful Day And Yet I’m In School 27. Recess, Come Faster
2. Campus Life Is Awesome 15. It’s Friday! 28. School Is Difficult
3. Campus Party 16. It’s The Weekday 29. “Shut Up” Said My Teacher
4. College Is Hard 17. I Was Late To School 30. Sleepy
5. Class Clown Over Here 18. Just Not My Day 31. Study Sesh
6. Dorm Life Is The Best 19. Late For The Bell 32. Teach Is The Best!
7. Got My Lunch 20. Let’s Go Home, Now 33. Weekend, Here I Come!
8. I Need To Go 21. Loving My Dorm Life! 34. Whatever My Grade Will Be, Will Be
9. I Just Got A Job 22. Mr./Ms. Crush Just Passed By 35. Who DMed Me?
10. I’m Graduating Soon! 23. My Professor Is Horrible 36. Who Needs Math IRL?
11. I’m So Excited 24. Nice Day Today 37. Why Is College Terrible?
12. I’m So Tired 25. Not Gonna Get An F… Hopefully. 38. Why Is Math My Worst Subject?
13. In Trouble Again 26. Recess At Last


How to Create a Unique Name on Your Own

Making unique private story names is quite difficult if you want to make yourself distinct. That is because not everyone can come up with something witty in just a few minutes. You truly have to think about what kind of content you want so you can insert a suitable name.

Thankfully, there are some key factors you can be mindful of to help you gain focus. For instance, the foremost important thing you must remember is your content. What kind of content are you going to post in your private stories? Is it related to your pets? If so, then creating a name based on your pet’s species, breed, or name might be appropriate.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t create private story names based on your pet if you’re mostly posting about food. That’s because the name and the content won’t match or connect, making it more confusing than interesting. Moreover, if you want your stories to contain more general content, placing a general label might be the best option.

In addition, we suggest keeping your personality or branding in mind. This will make your content more cohesive with who you are or what your brand is overall. Moreover, it should boost your engagement and let people know what to expect from your private stories.

Lastly, you can also create private story names based on significant emotions, moments, or circumstances. This should give more context to what you’re posting and even create engagement between you and your friends. You can also build intrigue by asking questions or having an open-ended name.


How to Generate Good Names Easily

Creating private story names on Snapchat isn’t always easy. That’s especially true if you’re keen on making yourself stand out from the crowd. Racking your brain can get you far if you have time to do the task. However, some people just don’t have that kind of time on their hands.

In addition, you don’t always want to spend that much effort trying to think of one. Most people will even settle for something not too unique or catchy as long as it’s somewhat memorable.

Fortunately, there are ways you can automatically generate private story names so you don’t have to work too hard. One is by referring to lists such as the ones we’ve provided you. Furthermore, you can even visit specialized websites that generate private story names for you. For example, you can get ideas from sites like generatorfun by typing words to filter or exclude.

Other websites, such as bloggingehow, can search currently available private story names. As a result, you can easily cross off existing private story names to make yours more unique.


How to Add a Private Story Name on Snapchat

Snapchat story
Screenshot from Snapchat’s Custom Stories YouTube video

Once you’ve selected from our list of private story names, you can easily label your private stories. You can add your choice upon creating your private story. Refer to the instructions below:

1. Tap your bitmoji (upper left).
2. Choose Custom Story.
3. Pick Private Story.
4. Add the friends who will be allowed to see your private content.
5. Press the tick icon at the lower right.
6. Input your favorite name from the list of private story names (or create your own) at the top.
7. Select the story.

You can also edit your private story names if you tap your profile button once more. Afterward, navigate to settings (three dots icon) and choose Story Settings. You should now be able to find the option to add friends, delete your story, or rename it. Hence, you’re not stuck with whatever name you initially choose.


Final Word

There are many ways you can create private story names to make your Snapchat stories stand out. Just be witty and keep your brand and the content always front and center. Hopefully, our lists helped you make the best private stories.