Pokémon Go Moveset: Best Picks For The Best Attackers

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Pokémon Go features a variety of Pokémon, with more and more Pokémon added regularly. As a result, determining which Pokémon to boost can be a challenging endeavor. Although stats and Combat Power are the most crucial aspects of Pokémon Go, movesets also have an important role in the game. Movesets refer to the combination of charged attack and fast attack of your Pokémon during tournaments.

The exciting yet terrible component about Pokémon Go moveset is that they’re configured randomly. Catching or hatching a Snorlax, for instance, will let you have whatever you obtain. Evolving a Tyranitar or catching one after a Raid doesn’t guarantee their usual moves since they are identified by a roll of the dice as soon as you tap the evolve button or once the Premier Ball stops bouncing. That said, the perfect IV Shelgon will likely become a less ideal Salamence.

Thanks to Technical Machines (TMs) and Elite Technical Machines, you can modify your Pokémon’s mundane and awful moves. However, how do you identify which movesets will make your Pokémon destroy Raids and Gyms and win at PvP Trainer Battles? Let’s discover every must-know regarding Pokémon Go moveset and determine the best picks for the best attackers to emerge triumphant in battle!  


What Is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a phenomenal Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game that allows players to move in different places in the hopes of catching new Pokémon. The AR-based game utilizes real-time locations. If you’re traveling, you’ll have more chances of catching new Pokémon, including rare ones. Pokémon Go’s objective is to view the world through your mobile device, with the hopes of capturing a Pokémon that appears out of the blue. When your mobile device detects a new Pokémon, it vibrates to notify you that a new Pokémon is nearby.

Given that it is an AR-based game, Pokémon Go is the first mobile game of its kind in the franchise that took the world by storm in 2016 for a good reason. With Pokémon Go, you can catch and train Pokémon in real-time. Despite a few technical glitches, Pokémon Go remains one of the most addictive mobile games on Android and iOS devices.

Pokémon Go features all-new raid battle systems, providing a more immersive gaming experience through new combat for higher-level Pokémon gamers. Developed by Niantic Labs, the mobile game utilizes the same framework of Ingress, the earlier AR game from the same game developer. Pokémon Go claims popularity from its cross-generational appeal. That said, Pokémon Go is the perfect game that caters to newbies and veteran players alike since it is a fun and nostalgic game at the same time.

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What Are Pokémon Go Moveset?

Pokémon Go moveset
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Pokémon Go features movesets that determine the available moves every monster can learn. They significantly impact how effective that specific Pokémon can be in the meta battle. The Pokémon Go moveset goal is to maximize the Pokémon’s DPS or Damage Per Second for its primary purpose, such as getting rid of the fierce Raid leaders, competing with your friends in Train Battles, defending your team’s gyms, or invading your rivals’ gyms.

Pokémon Go movesets are categorized into two major parts namely Charged Moves and Fast Moves. To know the difference between Charged Moves vs. Fast Moves in Pokémon Go, read the following:


Fast Moves

It is Pokémon’s most common move. Its objective is to apply consistent damage to a specific defender while accumulating energy quickly to provide devastating attacks with its corresponding Charged moves. To change a Pokémon’s Fast Move, use the Fast Technical Machine item. Fast Moves can be displayed within the game on Pokémon’s official info page, accessing the first move from the top.

To select a Pokémon’s Fast Move, there are two components that you should consider:

  • Energy Gain Per Second (EPS) | Formula: Energy Gain = Energy of Move/Time
  • Damage Per Second (DPS) | Formula: Floor (1/2 * Power * Attack/Defense * Effective) + 1


Charged Moves

Charged Moves are more powerful compared to Fast Moves. They are generated once a Pokémon has produced more energy from its Fast Moves. Although they are less likely used compared to Fast Moves, Charged Moves have a crucial factor in how effective your Pokémon will triumph in the tournament. To change a Pokémon’s Charged Move, use the Charged Technical Machine item. You can see Pokémon’s Charged Moves through its official info page under Fast Moves.

Since the integration of PvP Training Battles, gamers can already unlock a second Charged Move. That said, a Pokémon will be more diverse when it comes to type coverage. One of the classic examples is Blastoise, considered vulnerable to Grass-type moves. However, with the second move of Ice Beam, Blastoise can already provide super powerful damage reverted to grass-type Pokémon.

To identify a Pokémon’s Charged Move, trainers must consider the following calculations:

  • Casting Time | Formula: Animation Time * Number of Charge Uses
  • Damage Per Energy (DPE) | Formula: Damage * Number of Charge Uses/100
  • Damage Per Second (DPS) | Formula: Floor (1/2 * Power * Attack/Defense * Effective) + 1


The Best Pokémon Go Moveset For Raids

Best Pokémon Go moveset For Raids
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When it comes to Raids, the best Pokémon Go moveset belongs to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Although they are considered some of the rarest breeds of Pokémon, they’re worth powering up since they are effective in winning the battle.

Boosting Legendary Pokémon will need a lot of Rare Candy. As a result, they may require a lot of walking to gain more candies which can be time-consuming and costly to teach them new movesets. Despite that, they are the most powerful Pokémon in battle so they can be a worthy investment for you.



Best Pokémon And Their Best Movesets

Some of the best Pokémon for Raids include but are not limited to the following:



Charged Attacks: Surf, Thunder, Blizzard, Hydro Pump
Fast Attacks: Waterfall

With the capability to create rain and expand the ocean, Kyogre is essential to end droughts. Although Kyogre has the ability to fly, it is often found sleeping peacefully most of its life in the deepest trenches of the oceans. This Legendary Pokémon is often nonviolent and calm. However, it will not hesitate to face Groudon and join in a devastating battle.



Mewtwo Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Psystrike, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Flamethrower, Psychics
Fast Attacks: Confusion, Psycho Cut

Mewtwo is a humanoid-shaped Pokémon with Mew’s catlike features. Its body is mostly grey, with a massive, purple tail. Developed by one of the scientists of Giovanni, Mewtwo spent its development years mostly under painful attempts and experiments to manipulate it. Mewtwo is considered the most savage of all Pokémon, using its telekinesis, mind control, and telepathic abilities to avenge humans as payment for its agony.



Rayquaza Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Ancient Power, Aerial Ice, Outrage
Fast Attacks: Dragon Tail, Air Slash

Rayquaza is the first Pokémon of its kind capable of Mega Evolution. It is the sole Pokémon with the ability to calm Groudon and Kyogre, including in their Primal states, as soon as they are in battle. For many years, Rayquaza spent most of its life in isolation, flying around the ozone layer.



Genesect Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Gunk Shot, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Zap Cannon, Hyper Beam, Magnet Bomb, X-Scissor
Fast Attacks: Fury Cutter, Metal Claw

Genesect is capable of transforming its body into a form of a flying saucer. With its reputation as a High-Speed Flight Configuration, Genesect can fly. This Pokémon can produce a sticky thread through its claws to develop. It can also transform into many different forms depending on the object it currently holds.



Meltan Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon
Fast Attacks: Thunder Shock

Unlike the majority of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon living mostly in isolation, Meltan work, travel, and live in packs. These packs find metal objects which they can corrode and engross in their bodies. Although Meltans are often found in wild packs, a consistent supply of metals will tame them.


The Best Pokémon Go Moveset For Gym Battles

Pokémon Go moveset For Gym Battles
© Photo by The Pokemon Company / Niantic

Given the new Gym system developed in Pokémon Go, it’s more challenging to recommend Pokémon that serve as the best Gym defenders. Gamers are better off investing in Stardust and Technical Machines since any Pokémon you can position as a Gym defender will slow down opponents in seconds. However, if you require the most effective Gym defenders, here are some of the top Pokémon Go moveset:


Best Pokémon And Their Best Movesets



Tyranitar Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Stone Edge, Crunch, Fire Blast
Fast Attacks: Smack Down, Iron Tail, Bite


Tyranitar is one of the insanely powerful Pokémon, capable of bringing down a whole mountain to use as its nesting grounds. It often wanders in mountainous regions and seeks new opponents to challenge.



Snorlax Pokémon Go moveset Charged Attacks: Return, Frustration, Superpower, Body Slam, Skull Bash, Outrage, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Heavy Slam
Fast Attacks: Yawn, Lick, Zen Headbutt

Snorlax does nothing more than sleeping and eating in its daily routine. It is an extremely meek Pokémon that kids are using its expansive stomach as a place to play or sleep.



Dragonite Charged Attacks: Return, Frustration, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Hurricane
Fast Attacks: Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, Dragon Tail

Dragonite has the talent of wandering around the globe within 16 hours. With a penchant for kindness, this Pokémon rescues and leads foundering and lost ships in stormy seas to safe land.



Blissey Charged Attacks: Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam, Psychic
Fast Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Pound

Blissey can sense sadness through its fluffy furry coat. Once it can detect sad emotions, Blissey will comfort a sad person regardless of how distant they are so it can share a Lucky Egg, bringing smiles to any face.



Chansey Charged Attacks: Psybeam, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam, Psychic
Fast Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Pound

Known as Nurse Joy’s Pokémon assistant, Chansey lays nutritionally excellent eggs daily. Since its eggs are insanely delicious, they are eagerly and easily consumed by people who have already lost their appetite. Due to overharvesting, these Pokémon are rare in the wilderness and are considered a lucky charm.


How To Edit Or Improve Your Pokémon’s Movesets

As of June 2017, the all-new Pokémon Go is integrated with the Raid Battle System. With the Raid Battle System, your Pokémon can have new movesets through the Technical Machines. Two potential rewards can earn players after defeating Raid Bosses, namely Fast TM and Quick TM for changing Charged Moves and Quick Moves respectively. Regular Technical Machines are 100% Pokémon and cannot modify Legacy Moves.

How To Edit Or Improve Your Pokémon Go moveset
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As described, Pokémon Go offers two types of Technical Machines:

  • If you obtain a Charge Technical Machine, you can use it for changing the Charged Move of your chosen Pokémon.
  • If you obtain a Quick Technical Machine, you can use it for changing the Quick Move of your chosen Pokémon.

Given that you can have a second Charged Move, the Technical Machine feature is also compatible with such moves. However, you must pay the Stardust or Rare Candy in exchange to access this feature. Like regular TMs, new movesets for second Charged Moves are generated randomly. That said, if you received a terrible moveset, you can use the Charged TM until you obtain your preferred moveset.

To use either the Charge TM/Quick TM, you can access through the Item page in Pokémon Go and follow these steps:

  1. Tap Menu or the Poké Ball icon, located on the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Tap Item.
  3. Under Items, scroll down and tap either Fast TM or Charged TM.
  4. Choose a specific Pokémon that you want to change movesets.
  5. Tap Yes.


Why Should You Pick The Best Movesets?

As cliché as it goes, a Pokémon is only as good or effective as it moves. All moves in Pokémon Go have specific types. Hence, you can describe moves as the Pokémon themselves. They are categorized into the type of weaknesses and strengths as highlighted in this Pokémon Go moveset guide. Water Pokémon, for instance, will result in more damages against Fire Pokémon. Picking the best Pokémon Go moveset is crucial for winning.

Moves in Pokémon Go have a corresponding duration, measuring how long they’ll take to execute. In addition, moves have a damage window, which indicates how long the damage will take effect. The advantage of the duration is that longer moves indicate you have to wait more before making the next moves. Hence, longer ones are better and more effective since they’re more challenging to dodge or avoid.

In Pokémon Go, players must consider the two important stats – move power and Charge Moves. Move power determines how strong or effective the move is at the base, while Charge Moves signifies what chance it has to withstand a critical hit and inflict more damage to the opponent.