Street Fighter 6 Is Coming! Capcom Announces

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It’s just a matter of time before we see a new Street Fighter game hitting the digital stores. In a countdown website accompanied by a teaser video, Japanese game developer Capcom has announced that the development for Street Fighter 6 is officially underway. The exciting news comes at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final that celebrates the 35 successful years of one of the best fighting games series.


Street Fighter 6 Teaser

The teaser video shows Ryu preparing to face off against Luke, a character that first came out in the fifth edition of the game. Capcom has ever since noted that Luke will subsequently be added to future editions of Street Fighter. However, Ryu will remain the face of the game; and as the most popular character, many are quick to notice the drastic changes in his appearance in the upcoming  Street Fighter 6.

Based on the teaser trailer, players are likely to get a more matured Ryu; a logical move for the developers since it’s been years after the last franchise. For Street Fighter 6, Ryu will appear bearded with quite a muscle build-up — or as others would put it, a hot Ryu. To many’s surprise, Ryu will also be appearing in a pair of slippers. Although the original Ryu wore red shoes in the first edition, many players are used to seeing him in bare feet.

We also expect the new Street Fighter to have a more realistic tone in terms of graphics. The teaser trailer has already given us a glimpse of that, although it may not be exactly the same as the final output. The character appearances have more definition and highlight even sweats and muscle contraction. Albeit animated, their movements are also fluid.


Platforms and Release Date

Capcom did not specify the exact release date and the available platforms for Street Fighter 6. It did, however, say that it will be releasing more details of its development in summer 2022. But going back to the trend of its last three installments, Street Fighter 6 might arrive on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. We are also hoping that it will arrive on new platforms like the Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

On the other hand, we are not expecting that Street Fighter 6 will be readily available on Android and iOS devices. So far, only the Street Fighter IV from the main series has a mobile version.

While the development of the latest Street Fighter is underway, Capcom will be releasing a fighting compilation of 10 classic head-to-head arcade games on June 24. Street Fighter 5 will also get a Battle Balance update on March 2022.