Minecraft + Disney World Launches Magic Kingdom DLC Pack

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Minecraft brings in a new magical experience for its players as it drops a new DLC pack inspired by Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Starting November 16, 2021, players will be able to download the map, which brings the exact replica of the Orlando-based theme park inside the game.

The news first came out in a closed-door meeting during the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) 2021 Expo. A press release from Disney Word quickly followed and confirmed the news. The Minecraft X Disney World fusion means players will virtually be able to explore iconic attractions and famous characters from the happiest place on Earth.

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What’s in the Minecraft Magic Kingdom Pack?

pixel art images of disney character
Photo by Disney

According to the press release, the new Minecraft pack will include all themed lands and rideable attractions from the Magic Kingdom. In a preview, Minecraft touts its map as the most real pixel version of the theme park. It starts from the castle as the front and center of the Kingdom. Players can also hop on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain for a thrilling coaster ride, or compete with other players while aboard the Space Ranger Spin. Other attractions to explore are Haunted Mansion, Adventureland, and the prominent Main Street U.S.A.

Aside from attractions, the map is also brimming with familiar Disney and Pixar characters. Players can encounter them as NPCs, like Buzz Lightyear and Dapper Dans. There are also character skins available such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse for a complete Disney experience. As if in a real theme park, players can also collect souvenirs and wearables, and get Disney Parks food and drinks. Players can end their journey with a fireworks show at Cinderella Castle.


Where to Get the Pack?

The Minecraft Magic Kingdom Pack is available through the Minecraft Marketplace starting November 16. It requires Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which you can buy separately if you don’t have it yet. Console players who want a joint exploration of the Magic Kingdom also need to purchase a multiplayer subscription separately.


Other DLC Packs for Minecraft

This is not the first time that Minecraft collaborated with other brands to bring in new maps from fictional locations. In 2020, Mojang Studios partnered with Universal for a Jurassic World​ DLC. It then eventually ushered in scenes and deadly dinosaurs from the movie franchise. More recently, Sonic the Hedgehog has also graced the popular sandbox game. This brought rings to collect, along with the iconic maps to dash through.

On the flip side, we’ve also seen Minecraft crossing over other video games in the past such as Steve and Alex’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playable fighters.