Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 5 Reveals Kicks Off


Blue Mammoth Games have kicked off the Battle Pass reveals for the fifth season of the free-to-play game Brawlhalla. The developer is giving players a pocket full of rewards as it opens access to Brawlhalla Battle Pass this week.

Brawlhalla Battle Pass is an 85 tier exclusive rewards players can unlock after completing missions while playing Brawlhalla. Additionally, players can start earning rewards by playing free track and progressing throughout the game. The developer says players “can unlock the incredible Gold track rewards, plus bonus weekly missions, by buying the gold Battle Pass.”

As of this writing, players are counting down the time before they can get their hands on those Brawlhalla Battle Pass rewards.

Brawlhalla Battle Pass Banner Photo
Photo from Brawlhalla Website

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Brawlhalla Battle Pass Missions

Veteran players know one can earn Battle Gems in three different ways by playing Brawlhalla: Daily, Weekly, and BPXP missions. With the exception of the  Brawl of the Week, players can complete missions essentially in all match games. Additionally, players get new missions every day. The game allows re-rolling a mission to replace it with a new one.

Bonus Gems, on the other hand, are easily earned by completing four missions of the week. Weekly missions become available to players every Wednesday and will remain available for completion until the end of the Battle Pass. Meanwhile, players can complete BPXP missions in all matchmade games.

Every player will have access to Free Track of the Battle Pass. That means players can complete missions on the free track. On its FAQ page, Blue Mammoth Games reveals “you can unlock 4 Avatars, 2 Emotes, a sidekick, 14 color rolls, a weapon skin, and a title.”

Furthermore, players can later access Battle Pass through the main Brawlhalla menu. This will lead players to the Battle Pass tab where they can check all available missions and rewards earned after missions are completed.


Battle Pass Season 5 Theme and Other Updates

Battle Pass season 5’s theme is Space. It can be inferred that each mission would either take place in space and all its elements with it are incorporated in the gameplay. This season’s Battle Pass runs for 12 weeks tops with each week revealing new missions for players to complete. Moreover, while details are scarce, it seems the new season will bring in new features like the Progression Podium and Progression Skin. These new features are accessible after unlocking the Gold Track.

Additionally, new characters will grace the game this season. Again, details are scarce as of this writing but we know galactic characters, Orion, and Artemis are some of the characters who will enter the Brawlhalla universe in season 5.

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