Arcane Villain Silco to Join TFT as Mid-Set Champion

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Developer Riot Games announces that Arcane character Silco is joining the Teamfight Tactics roster as a playable unit in February 2022. This makes Silco the first non-League of Legends character to join the TFT roster.

Riot Games confirms they are building Silco from scratch stating, “[Riot Games is] ensuring he was the object of love and hatred that we all know.” Silco is known as the ruthless leader in Arcane Universe and might not be the last non-League character to be transported into the League-based auto-battler game. Riot Games, however, states that Silco is not coming to League of Legends altogether.

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Silco: Character Overview

Photo of Arcane character, Silco
Photo from TFT Twitter Page

Silco is a character from the Netflix Original, Arcane. He was introduced as the ruthless, power-hungry, and evil crime lord in the first season of the series. The developers are introducing this Arcane villain as a Runeterra champion and Riot is working on building him from the ground up as opposed to being based on a pre-existing League champion.

With this context, we can assume that this Arcane villain will take on a bad guy role in the TFT roster 6.5. He is a cunning schemer that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. This is evident by his fervent desire for Zaun to gain independence from Pitover as shown in the Netflix adaptation.

According to the press release, the Arcane villain’s unit will be the first-ever strategic teamfight-only unit in TFT. This basically means Silco is, for now, exclusive as a playable unit in TFT and not on other Riot titles.

Riot did not include what skill set Silco will bring in yet. But we can assume that he’ll be equipped with high intelligence, fighting skills, and charisma as seen in the Netflix series. Riot did say that Silco’s unit is still in the development stages so we’ll surely get meatier details about his skills soon.

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Future Features on TFT

We have been seeing a lot of crossovers happening lately, the most recent is Arcane characters being playable units in PUBG Mobile. Crossovers are good tactics to have players enjoy characters that they rarely enjoy. Moreover, this also allows players to get a feel of characters from other titles and maybe have them try the game for themselves.

The Silco crossover announcement is making fans excited, and it gets even better. Riot Games certainly haven’t closed their doors for more Arcane characters making their way into TFT. To add, Riot did say that building characters from scratch does come with many challenges, but it is not entirely impossible. It just takes a lot of time. So, we all should definitely be patient and be on the watch for more exciting crossover news.

As of this writing, we can only wait to see what Riot Games has in store for the fans of its titles.