Netflix Adds Premium Game Hextech Mayhem and More

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Netflix is on the roll as it moves to release a few more games at the start of 2022 with premium League of Legends spinoff, Hextech Mayhem, being the notable release. The streaming service is also including Dungeon Dwarves in its list of growing in-app games to make itself more indispensable.

Hextech Mayhem is playable on mobile exclusively thru Netflix. Paid versions of the game are already available for Switch, Steam, and PC previously. The game takes LoL champions Ziggs and Heimerdinger to the neighborhood of Piltover where they light bomb fuses, disarm enemies, and dodge obstacles along with the beat.

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Hextech Mayhem Debut on Netflix

Hextech Mayhem Banner Photo
Photo by Netflix, Inc.

The inclusion of Hextech in Netflix Gaming comes at the heel of the release of Arcane on the streaming service. Of course, it’s worth mentioning Arcane is a feature, mini-series while Hextech Mayhem is a video game. Both Arcane and Hextech Mayhem are spin-offs from the League of Legends universe. The game is developed by Riot Forge, Riot Games’ arm responsible for releasing smaller, self-contained games based on LoL.

Furthermore, in the months leading to the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Riot is on the move releasing spin-offs and even gaming crossover of LoL characters into PUBG and Fornite.

On the other hand, Dungeon Dwarves is a dungeon crawler game where players get to explore areas teeming with monsters with loads of chances of upgrading champion abilities while playing the game.


Get Hextech Mayhem and Dungeon Dwarves

Both Netflix games are available exclusively to Netflix premium subscribers. That means no extra charge and is ad-free. Essentially, the games are free to download and free to play on both Android and iOS devices.

Hextech Mayhem is a multiplatform game available on Switch, Steam, and PC. Fans are going gaga and having a hugely good time over this game that has over 30 levels and three boss fights. Dungeon Dwarves, on the other hand, has 5 stages; each dungeon stage consists of 5 depths (6 depths for Dwarven City).

However, in the case of Hextech, it does seem a strategic move for both Riot Games and Netflix. From the marketing point of view, Netflix subscribers would eventually give LoL a try, or LoL fans would eventually be drawn to subscribe to Netflix to give these offerings a try. However, there’s a question of whether the benefit is mutually exclusive for both companies — something that we all can only speculate until further updates.