Google Project Fi Launches An Unlimited Plan In 2019

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Google Project Fi launched a new payment plan system on September 17, 2019. The Google Fi Unlimited plan is made for those who want to pay a fixed monthly rate rather than a usage-based bill.


What Is Google Fi And How Does It Work?

Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company released the Project Fi in 2015 as an exclusive and invite-only service to Motorola Nexus 6 users. Google offered Google Fi to the public in 2016 and supported more smartphones in 2018.

Open line phones can use the Google Fi special subscriber identity module (SIM) card. Google Fi is, according to Google, not a network provider. It is an operator.

Google made deals with some leading network providers in and outside the US. These network providers include Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Three. Google Fi smartly switches between these networks when in use to get the best coverage.

This MVNO relies heavily on WiFi. So while in use, the Google Fi constantly searches and connects to open WiFi networks. Google Fi uses a virtual private network (VPN) to protect its user.

What is Google Fi and how does it work
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

So Google Fi uses a SIM card, switches from a network provider to the other for data, and heavily relies on WiFi for connection.


The New Google Fi Unlimited Plan

The Google Fi Unlimited plan provides consumers of unlimited data, calls, and texts. All these “at a low cost for multiple members of your family,” Dhwani Shah, Google Fi Product Manager, said in a blog post.

Google Fi’s new plan is made for those who like the certainty and predictability of having a fixed bill per month. Users paid only for what they consumed in a month in the old Google Fi Flexible plan. For some, though, this unpredictability in the monthly bill is a hassle.

In the new Google Fi Unlimited plan, subscribers will send and receive unlimited data and texts in the US and over 200 destinations abroad. Subscribers will also be able to make free local and international calls to over 50 countries and territories. All this will be available with no extra charge and no additional set-ups.

There are also additional features to the Google Fi Unlimited plan like a Google One membership including 100GB of storage and support and discounts on Google. Android subscribers can automatically back up their files through the Google One membership.

One catch with the Google Fi Unlimited plan is the slowing down of data speed and lowering of video quality to 480p after using 22GB of data. But this only applies to the very heavy data users that compose only 1% of the current Google Fi users.

Google Fi Unlimited is priced at $45/line for 4-6 lines, $50/line for 3 lines, $60/line for 2 lines, and $70/line for 1 line. Google Fi Flexible is still available to those who still prefer the pay-per-MB plan.