How To See Emotes On Twitch Mobile

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Do you enjoy watching live streams on Twitch on your mobile phone but find yourself missing out on the fun emotes used by streamers and viewers? Well, fret no more! In this article, we will show you how to see emotes on Twitch mobile. Emotes are a unique way for streamers and viewers to express themselves, enhance the chat experience, and contribute to the overall excitement of a live stream. While emotes are readily visible on the desktop version of Twitch, they may be less apparent or accessible on mobile devices. However, with a few simple steps and tricks, you can easily view and enjoy emotes right from your smartphone or tablet. So, whether you’re a dedicated Twitch viewer or a streamer yourself, read on to discover how to make the most of emotes on Twitch mobile!

Inside This Article

  1. Overview
  2. Method 1: Enabling Twitch Emotes in Chat
  3. Method 2: Using Emote Extension
  4. Method 3: Watching Twitch Streams on Desktop Mode
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

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Method 1: Enabling Twitch Emotes in Chat

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Twitch is the ability to interact with other viewers and streamers through chat. To fully experience the fun and vibrancy of Twitch, it’s important to enable emotes in the chat. Emotes are custom emoticons that enhance the communication and add a touch of personality to Twitch chat.

To start using emotes, you’ll first need to log in to your Twitch account on your mobile device. Launch the Twitch app and enter your login credentials. Once logged in, you’ll be ready to explore the world of emotes.

Next, find a stream or join a chat where you want to see and use emotes. From the main page of the Twitch app, you can browse through various recommended streams or search for specific channels. Once you’ve found a stream that catches your interest, tap on it to open the chat window.

Now, it’s time to enable emote display in the chat. Look for the options menu within the chat interface. On many mobile devices, this menu can be found by tapping on the three dots or bars located at the top or bottom of the chat window. Open the options menu to reveal various settings.

Within the options menu, look for the setting related to emote display. It may be labeled as “Enable Emotes” or “Show Emotes.” Tap on this option to enable emote display in the chat. Once enabled, you’ll start seeing the colorful and expressive emotes alongside the messages in the chat. They add a whole new level of interaction and entertainment to your Twitch experience.

Now that you’ve successfully enabled emotes in the chat, it’s time to make the most of them during your Twitch chat sessions. Emotes can be used to express emotions, react to exciting moments, or simply have fun with the community. To use an emote, type the corresponding keyword or code in the chat, and it will automatically be converted into the emote icon. For example, typing “Kappa” will display the popular Kappa emote.

Remember, emotes are unique to Twitch and each streamer might have their own set of custom emotes. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the popular emotes in the Twitch community, as well as any emotes specific to the streamer you’re watching.

So go ahead, log in to your Twitch account, enable emote display in the chat, and join the Twitch community in expressing yourself through these delightful emotes.

Method 2: Using Emote Extension

If you’re a Twitch enthusiast who wants to take your emote game to the next level on mobile, using an emote extension is another excellent option. While the Twitch mobile app doesn’t directly support emotes, you can utilize third-party emote extensions to enhance your Twitch experience.

An emote extension is a browser add-on specifically designed to display emotes on websites, including Twitch. By installing one of these extensions on your mobile browser, you can unlock a world of emotes to use and enjoy.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and search for a popular emote extension like “BetterTTV” or “FrankerFaceZ”.
  2. Visit the official website of the chosen extension and download it for your specific browser.
  3. Install the extension by following the prompts and granting necessary permissions.
  4. Once installed, open your mobile browser and navigate to the Twitch website.
  5. Login to your Twitch account to access your favorite streams and chats.
  6. The emote extension should now be active, and you’ll be able to see emotes in all their glory within Twitch chats and streams.

With an emote extension installed, you can browse and use emotes just like you would on a desktop or laptop. It enhances the mobile Twitch experience by allowing you to fully participate in emote-filled conversations and share your favorite emotes with others.

It’s important to note that emote extensions may have different features and customization options, so feel free to explore and adjust settings according to your preferences. Some extensions may even allow you to add your own emotes or create custom emote packs for a truly personalized experience.

So, whether you’re a subscriber, a chat regular, or simply love using Twitch emotes to express yourself, using an emote extension on mobile can bring a new level of emote enjoyment and interaction to your Twitch sessions.

Method 3: Watching Twitch Streams on Desktop Mode

While the previous methods allow you to access Twitch emotes on a mobile device, they may not provide the same level of convenience or functionality as using Twitch on a desktop computer. If you want a more immersive Twitch experience with access to all of the emotes, watching Twitch streams on desktop mode is a great option.

To watch Twitch streams on desktop mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the Twitch website by entering the URL:
  3. Once on the Twitch website, you will need to switch to desktop mode. This will allow you to view and use all of the emotes available on Twitch.
  4. In Google Chrome, tap on the three-dot menu icon located at the top right corner of the browser. This will open a dropdown menu.
  5. From the dropdown menu, select the “Request Desktop Site” option. This will reload the website in desktop mode.
  6. Now, you should be able to see Twitch in desktop mode, with the same layout and functionality as if you were using a computer.
  7. Search for a Twitch streamer or navigate to the stream or chat that you want to watch.
  8. Once you’re on the stream or chat page, you can now see and use all of the emotes available on Twitch, just like you would on a desktop computer.

Note that watching Twitch streams in desktop mode on your mobile device may consume more data and battery compared to using the Twitch app or mobile site. Therefore, it’s recommended to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and keep your device charged for uninterrupted viewing.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the full Twitch experience with access to all of the emotes, even when using Twitch on your mobile device.


In conclusion, being able to see emotes on Twitch mobile is an essential feature for any avid Twitch viewer. It allows users to fully experience the interactive and engaging nature of the platform, regardless of their device. With the rise of mobile phone usage, Twitch has made tremendous efforts to optimize the viewing experience on mobile devices, including the integration of emotes. Whether you’re watching your favorite streamer, participating in chat, or showing support through emotes, the mobile app provides a seamless and immersive way to enjoy Twitch on the go. So, don’t miss out on all the emote action and make sure to update your Twitch mobile app to unlock the full potential of your Twitch viewing experience.


Q: How can I see emotes on Twitch Mobile?

A: To see emotes on Twitch Mobile, simply open the Twitch app on your mobile device and navigate to the chat section of the stream you’re watching. The emotes will be displayed alongside the chat messages. You can tap on an emote to send it in the chat or view a larger version.

Q: Can I use custom emotes on Twitch Mobile?

A: Yes, you can use custom emotes on Twitch Mobile. Custom emotes are unique emotes that are specific to certain channels or streamers. If a streamer has custom emotes enabled, you will be able to see and use them in the chat section of their stream on the Twitch Mobile app.

Q: Are emotes available for all Twitch channels on Mobile?

A: Emotes are available for most Twitch channels on Mobile. However, some channels may have restrictions or limitations on the emotes available. This can depend on the streamer’s settings or any exclusive emotes they may have. But in general, you should be able to see and use emotes in the chat section of most Twitch channels on Mobile.

Q: How do I find new emotes to use on Twitch Mobile?

A: To find new emotes to use on Twitch Mobile, you can browse the “Emotes” section of the Twitch app. This section allows you to search for emotes by name, browse popular emotes, and discover emotes specific to the channels or streamers you follow. Additionally, you can explore the “Emote Library” feature to discover new emotes that you may not be familiar with.

Q: Can I use emotes in other parts of the Twitch Mobile app?

A: Emotes are primarily used in the chat section of the Twitch Mobile app. However, some stream panels or stream overlays may also incorporate emotes. Outside of the chat and stream content, emotes are not commonly used. The focus of emotes on Twitch Mobile is primarily within the chat interface.