How To Update Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

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Welcome to our guide on how to update the software on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray! The Xperia Ray was a popular mobile phone released by Sony Ericsson back in 2011. While it may not be the latest device on the market, many Xperia Ray users are still enjoying its compact design and impressive features. One way to ensure that your Xperia Ray continues to perform optimally is to regularly update its software. Software updates often bring bug fixes, security patches, and new features that enhance the overall user experience. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of updating the software on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, ensuring that you can keep your device running smoothly and stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

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  1. Preparing for the Update
  2. Updating the Software
  3. Troubleshooting the Update Process
  4. Conclusion
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Preparing for the Update

Before you begin the update process for your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, it’s important to make sure you’re well-prepared. This will help ensure a smooth and successful update without any hiccups along the way. Here are some crucial steps to take before diving into the update:

1. Backup your data: It’s always recommended to back up all your important data before performing any software update. This includes contacts, photos, videos, documents, and any other personal files you don’t want to lose. You can back up your data to an external storage device or use cloud-based services for added convenience.

2. Charge your phone: A software update can take a significant amount of time, so it’s important to have your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray adequately charged. Connect it to a power source and make sure the battery level is above 50% to avoid any interruptions during the update process.

3. Check your storage space: Before starting the update, ensure that your device has enough free storage space. Updates often require a significant amount of space to download and install the necessary files. Delete unnecessary apps or files to create more space if needed.

4. Stable internet connection: It’s crucial to have a stable and reliable internet connection for a successful software update. Connect your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray to a Wi-Fi network or ensure that you have a strong cellular network signal. This will prevent any interruptions during the download and installation process.

5. Disable security software: Some antivirus or firewall software may interfere with the update process. Temporarily disable such security software before starting the update, and enable it again afterward for continued protection.

By following these preparatory steps, you’ll be ready to embark on the update journey for your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. Ensuring data backup, sufficient battery life, available storage space, a stable internet connection, and disabling security software will help make the process smoother and minimize any potential issues that may arise during the update.

Updating the Software

Updating the software on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is essential to keep your device running smoothly and benefit from the latest features and security patches. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to update the software on your Xperia Ray:

1. Connect to a Stable Internet Connection: Before you begin the update process, ensure that your Xperia Ray is connected to a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network. Downloading software updates over a cellular network may result in additional charges and slower download speeds.

2. Check for Software Updates: Go to the settings menu on your Xperia Ray and scroll down to find the “About phone” or “System updates” option. Tap on it to check for available updates. If there is a newer version of the software available, your device will prompt you to download and install it.

3. Install the Update: Once you have downloaded the software update, tap on the “Install” button to begin the installation process. Your Xperia Ray will restart during the update process, so make sure you have enough battery life or keep it connected to a power source.

4. Follow the On-Screen Instructions: During the installation process, your Xperia Ray will display on-screen instructions that you need to follow. These instructions may include accepting terms and conditions, selecting update preferences, and confirming the installation.

5. Wait for the Update to Complete: The software update process may take some time, depending on the size of the update and your internet connection speed. It is important not to interrupt the update process and wait for it to complete. Your Xperia Ray will automatically restart once the update is finished.

6. Verify the Update: After the update is complete and your Xperia Ray has restarted, go back to the settings menu and check the “About phone” or “Software information” section to confirm that the software has been updated to the latest version.

That’s it! You have successfully updated the software on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. Enjoy the improved performance, new features, and enhanced security that come with the latest software update.

Troubleshooting the Update Process

Updating the software on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray can sometimes encounter issues. If you face any problems during the update process, don’t worry! Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you overcome them:

1. Check your internet connection: A stable internet connection is crucial for a successful update. Ensure that you are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network or have a strong cellular data signal. Slow or intermittent internet can cause the update process to stall or fail.

2. Restart your device: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches. Turn off your Xperia Ray and then turn it back on after a few seconds. This can help eliminate any temporary issues that might be hindering the update.

3. Free up storage space: Insufficient storage on your device can prevent the update from being installed. Delete unnecessary files, such as old photos, videos, or apps, to create more room for the update. You can also transfer files to an external storage device or cloud storage to free up space.

4. Check battery level: Make sure your Xperia Ray has enough battery power to complete the update process. It is recommended to have at least 50% battery charge or connect your device to a power source during the update to avoid any interruptions or power-related issues.

5. Clear cache and data: Cached data from previous updates or app installations can interfere with the update process. Go to Settings > Apps > select the app causing trouble > Storage > Clear cache or Clear storage. Clearing cache and data can help resolve any compatibility issues that might be affecting the update.

6. Update using PC Companion: If you are still facing difficulties, you can try updating your Xperia Ray using Sony’s PC Companion software. Connect your device to the computer, launch PC Companion, and follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update. This method can sometimes overcome any software-related issues on your device.

7. Factory reset: As a last resort, you can perform a factory reset on your Xperia Ray. This will erase all data on your device, so ensure that you have taken a backup. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset. Keep in mind that a factory reset should only be done if all other troubleshooting steps have failed to resolve the update problem.

If you are still unable to update your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray after trying these troubleshooting steps, it is recommended to contact Sony’s customer support for further assistance. They will be able to guide you through the process and provide any additional troubleshooting solutions specific to your device.


Updating your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is a crucial step in ensuring that you have the latest features, bug fixes, and security updates for your device. With the simple steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly update your Xperia Ray and stay up-to-date with the latest software.

Remember, before you begin the update process, back up your important data to avoid any potential loss. Additionally, make sure your device has sufficient battery life and a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth update experience.

By keeping your Xperia Ray updated, you not only enhance its performance and functionality but also safeguard it against potential vulnerabilities. So, take the time to regularly check for updates and keep your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray running at its best.


1. How often should I update my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray?
It is recommended to update your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray whenever a new software update is available. These updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features that can improve the performance and functionality of your device. It is a good practice to check for updates regularly to ensure that your Xperia Ray is running on the latest software version.

2. How do I check for software updates on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray?
To check for software updates on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, you can follow these steps:
– Go to the Settings menu on your device.
– Scroll down and tap on “About phone” or “System update.”
– Tap on “Software update” or “Check for updates.”
– Your device will now check for any available updates. If an update is found, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

3. Will updating my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray delete my data?
Generally, updating your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray should not delete any of your data. However, it is always wise to create a backup of your important files, photos, and videos before proceeding with any software update. In rare cases, unexpected issues during the update process can result in data loss or corruption. Having a backup ensures that you can restore your data if such a situation arises.

4. Can I update my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray using mobile data?
Yes, you can update your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray using mobile data, but it is recommended to use a stable Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. Software updates can be large in size, and using mobile data to download them might incur additional charges from your mobile service provider. To conserve your mobile data and avoid any potential interruptions during the update process, connecting to a Wi-Fi network is recommended.

5. What should I do if my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray encounters an error during the update process?
If your Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray encounters an error during the update process, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:
– Ensure that your device has enough storage space available.
– Restart your device and try the update process again.
– If the issue persists, you can try clearing the cache partition on your device by booting into the recovery mode and selecting the “Wipe cache partition” option.
– If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you might need to contact Sony Ericsson support or visit a service center for further assistance.

Remember, it’s always a good practice to read the instructions provided by Sony Ericsson and follow their recommendations when updating your Xperia Ray.