Next Sony Xperia Smartphone To Rival Other Flagships


Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S series are the two most famous flagship phones in the world today. Consumers are tracking every news or release regarding these products. People line-up in droves just to be one of the few owners of the newest models.

However, before these two battled it out, one of the top flagships in the world was the Sony Xperia. Back then, there were numerous competitors in the market, producing quality phones with innovative features.

During the last decade, it was Sony Ericsson and Nokia fighting it out before the rise of smartphones. As the popularity of the iPhone rose, Sony launched its own flagship smartphone. The Sony Xperia was the company’s answer to the emerging market for smartphones. However, Samsung was the company that matched Apple’s dominance.

With the recent launch of the Apple iPhone 11 and speculated Samsung Galaxy S11, Sony looks to challenge the top two flagships in the market.

According to the Japanese website AndroPlus, the next Sony Xperia is rumored to use one of the most powerful processors for mobile devices. The Snapdragon 865 SM2850 chipset is set to be behind the next Sony Xperia phone. AndroPlus did talk about the Xperia 5 and J8010 were part of the 5G capability testing.

No phone in today’s market has the Snapdragon 865 chipset and only the 855 is present in most top of the line smartphones. However, Samsung’s S11 is rumored to be the first phone to do so.



What to Expect With The Next Sony Xperia?


Will the next Sony Xperia be able to challenge the two giants
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 Aside from the 865 chipset, the next Sony Xperia will feature a lot more innovations. Since the recently released Xperia 1 already had great features, we could see many more improvements in the future.

Expect the next Sony Xperia to support native 5G compatibility since the company is doing testing rounds with other models. Native 5G support will allow users to have faster mobile internet connectivity. This means that Ultra HD and 4K videos will soon be the norm for phones with this capability. However, without the proper processor behind the phone then problems would arise due to processing issues.

Another big feature that Xperia phones have boasted in the past is its water-resistant features. This would most likely be present in the next Xperia flagship. This feature allows Sony’s Xperia phones to have that added protection against jets of water.

Compatibility with Playstation remote play should also be a sure thing as Sony’s flagship console has to have the best compatibility with its signature phone, right?

To see all the capabilities of the current flagship–the Xperia 1, you can click here. This would be a great starting point on what we can see with the next Xperia flagship.

As of this moment, we only have small glimpses and rumors surrounding the next generation of Sony Xperia phones. We can only base what we know on reports and the past models from Sony. We will, however, keep you up to date with any major news regarding the next Sony Xperia phone.