What Does iOS 14.6 Do

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With the ever-evolving world of technology, software updates play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and user experience of our devices. One such update that has caught the attention of iOS users is iOS 14.6. Released by Apple, this update brings a range of exciting features and improvements to compatible devices.

But what exactly does iOS 14.6 do? In this article, we will dive into the details and explore the key enhancements brought about by this update. From new features to bug fixes and security enhancements, iOS 14.6 aims to provide a smoother and more secure user experience for iPhone and iPad users. So, whether you’re a long-time iOS enthusiast or just curious about the latest updates, let’s unpack what iOS 14.6 has in store for you.

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  1. Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions
  2. AirTag Lost Mode Improvements
  3. Apple Card Family Features
  4. Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions
  5. AirTag Lost Mode Improvements
  6. Apple Card Family Features
  7. Apple Music Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio Support
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Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple has recently introduced enhanced subscriptions to its popular Apple Podcasts platform with the release of iOS 14.6. This new feature allows podcast creators to offer premium content to their listeners, providing a whole new level of engagement and value.

Prior to the update, podcasts were primarily free to listen to, supported by advertising or donations. While many creators were able to monetize their podcasts through sponsorships, this limited the revenue potential for the majority. However, with the introduction of enhanced subscriptions, creators now have the opportunity to generate income directly from their content.

So, what exactly does enhanced Apple Podcasts subscriptions entail? Here are some key features and benefits:

  1. Exclusive Content: Subscribers gain access to bonus episodes, extended interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and other exclusive material that is not available to free listeners. This premium content allows creators to showcase their expertise or provide in-depth discussions on specific topics, giving subscribers a unique and valuable experience.
  2. Ad-Free Listening: Subscribers no longer have to endure interruptive advertisements during their podcast listening experience. With an enhanced subscription, they can enjoy their favorite shows without any commercial breaks. This not only enhances the overall listening experience but also allows creators to deliver their message uninterrupted.
  3. Early Access: Subscribers often get early access to episodes, allowing them to be the first to listen to new content before it is released to the general audience. This sense of exclusivity can foster a stronger connection between creators and their audience, rewarding subscribers’ loyalty and commitment.
  4. Extra Benefits: Beyond exclusive content and ad-free listening, some creators may offer additional perks to their subscribers. This could include access to community forums, live Q&A sessions, special merchandise, or even discounts on related products or services.

The introduction of enhanced subscriptions in Apple Podcasts not only benefits creators but also listeners. It allows creators to monetize their efforts, invest more time and resources into producing high-quality content, and expand their reach. At the same time, listeners gain access to premium content, an improved listening experience, and the satisfaction of supporting their favorite podcasts.

To subscribe to an enhanced Apple Podcasts subscription, users can simply go to the show’s page in the Apple Podcasts app, where they will find the option to join the subscription and enjoy the additional benefits. Creators can set their own subscription prices, ranging from a few dollars to a monthly or annual fee, depending on the content and value they provide.

Overall, the introduction of enhanced Apple Podcasts subscriptions is a significant development in the podcasting world. It allows creators to monetize their passion, deliver more value to their audience, and take podcasting to new heights. So, whether you’re a loyal listener or a podcast creator, make sure to explore the world of enhanced subscriptions and discover a whole new level of podcasting experience.

AirTag Lost Mode Improvements

Apple’s AirTag has quickly become a popular accessory for users who want to keep track of their belongings. With the release of iOS 14.6, AirTag gets even better with the introduction of new Lost Mode improvements, making it even easier to locate lost items.

Lost Mode is a feature that helps users find lost AirTags by leveraging the vast network of Apple devices around the world. When an AirTag is marked as lost, it can send a secure Bluetooth signal to nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs, allowing them to relay the location data back to the owner. With iOS 14.6, Lost Mode becomes more effective and efficient.

One of the notable improvements in Lost Mode is the inclusion of an enhanced notification system. When someone finds a lost AirTag, they can now tap on it using their iPhone or NFC-capable device to view a custom message from the owner. This message can include contact information or instructions on how to return the item. It provides an additional layer of communication and makes getting lost items back even simpler.

Another valuable addition to Lost Mode is the ability to specify an email address rather than just a phone number. This gives users more flexibility in how they can be contacted if their AirTag is found. Having the option to provide an email address means that even if the user’s phone number changes, they can still be reached via email, ensuring that they can retrieve their lost item.

iOS 14.6 also introduces improved accuracy in determining the location of a lost AirTag. The increased precision means that when someone finds a lost AirTag and taps on it to view the owner’s message, they can trust that the location information is up to date. This reduces the chances of false or outdated location data and allows for a more efficient recovery process.

Overall, the improvements to Lost Mode in iOS 14.6 make AirTag an even more reliable and effective tracking device. With enhanced notifications, the ability to specify an email address, and improved location accuracy, users can have peace of mind knowing that if they lose an item with an AirTag attached, they have a better chance of getting it back.

Apple Card Family Features

Apple Card Family is a new feature introduced in iOS 14.6 that allows you to share your Apple Card with family members. This feature is perfect for families who want to manage their finances collectively and share expenses. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Apple Card Family:

  1. Shared Credit Limit: With Apple Card Family, you can invite up to five family members to share your credit limit. This means that everyone in your family can use the shared credit limit to make purchases, whether it’s for groceries, shopping, or paying bills.
  2. Purchase Tracking: Monitoring and tracking expenses can be a cumbersome task, especially when multiple family members are using the same credit card. However, with Apple Card Family, each family member can view their individual transactions and spending habits conveniently through the Wallet app. This feature provides transparency and helps in managing expenses more efficiently.
  3. Individual Spending Limits: Apple Card Family allows the primary cardholder to set individual spending limits for each family member. This feature comes in handy when you want to ensure responsible spending and stay within a specific budget. It gives you control over how much each family member can spend on the shared credit limit.
  4. Build Credit Together: Another significant advantage of Apple Card Family is that it helps family members, especially young adults, build their credit history. When you add a family member as an authorized user, their credit behavior and payment history are reported to credit bureaus, contributing positively to their credit score.
  5. Privacy and Security: Apple takes privacy and security seriously, and Apple Card Family is no exception. Each family member has their unique passcode and biometrics authentication to access their individual transactions, ensuring that personal financial data remains protected and private.

Apple Card Family is a fantastic addition to iOS 14.6, providing a seamless and convenient way for families to manage their finances together. Whether it’s setting individual spending limits, tracking expenses, or building credit, this feature offers flexibility and control over your family’s financial wellness. So, if you have an Apple Card and want to streamline your family’s spending, be sure to take advantage of the Apple Card Family features in iOS 14.6.

Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Starting with iOS 14.6, Apple has introduced an exciting feature for podcast enthusiasts – Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. This new functionality allows podcast creators to offer subscription-based content to their listeners, offering them exclusive access to additional episodes, bonus content, early releases, and much more.

With Enhanced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, users can choose to support their favorite podcast creators directly by subscribing to their premium content. This subscription model is designed to provide a sustainable revenue stream for podcasters, encouraging them to produce more high-quality and engaging content for their audience.

To access these subscription-based podcasts, users simply need to navigate to the Apple Podcasts app on their iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.6. They can explore the range of shows that offer subscriptions and choose the ones that interest them the most. Once subscribed, listeners can enjoy the exclusive content and additional perks provided by the podcast creators.

AirTag Lost Mode Improvements

In iOS 14.6, Apple has introduced significant enhancements to the Lost Mode feature for AirTags. Lost Mode is a valuable tool that allows users to track and locate their lost or misplaced items that are attached to an AirTag. With the improvements in iOS 14.6, finding a lost item has become even easier and more convenient.

When an AirTag is in Lost Mode, users will receive a notification on their iPhone if someone else’s device detects their AirTag. This notification will display the contact information of the owner, making it easier for the person who found the lost item to return it. This feature adds an additional layer of security and peace of mind for AirTag users.

Furthermore, Apple has also introduced an option to enter an email address instead of a phone number as the contact information for Lost Mode. This allows users to maintain their privacy while still providing a means of communication if their AirTag is found by someone else.

Apple Card Family Features

With iOS 14.6, Apple has introduced exciting new features for Apple Card users who are part of a family. The Apple Card Family allows individuals to share their Apple Card with up to five family members, providing a seamless and convenient way to manage their collective finances.

As part of the Apple Card Family features, users can invite family members to join their Apple Card account. Once added, family members can access and use the shared Apple Card for purchases, track expenses, and manage payments through their own devices. This feature is especially useful for parents and guardians who want to teach responsible financial habits to their children.

Additionally, Apple Card Family allows users to set spending limits and controls for each family member. This gives the primary account holder the ability to manage and monitor the spending habits of their family members, promoting financial responsibility and accountability.

Apple Music Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio Support

One of the most exciting additions to iOS 14.6 is the support for Apple Music’s new audio technologies – Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio. These features enhance the music listening experience by providing a more immersive soundstage and higher-quality audio.

Spatial Audio, powered by Dolby Atmos, brings a three-dimensional audio experience to Apple Music. By utilizing advanced audio algorithms, Spatial Audio creates a virtual surround sound environment, making listeners feel as if they are in the midst of the music. It adds depth, dimension, and clarity to the audio, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in their favorite songs.

Additionally, iOS 14.6 introduces support for Lossless Audio on Apple Music. Lossless Audio preserves the original quality of the music recording, providing higher fidelity and a more detailed sound. With Lossless Audio, music enthusiasts can experience their favorite tracks exactly as the artists intended, with every nuance and subtlety reproduced faithfully.

To take advantage of Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio, Apple Music subscribers can simply update to iOS 14.6 and enable these features in the Apple Music settings. Users can select their preferred audio quality setting, from Standard Quality to Lossless Audio, based on their preferences and available internet bandwidth.


In conclusion, iOS 14.6 brings a host of new features and enhancements to Apple’s mobile operating system. With improvements in performance, privacy, and functionality, it offers a seamless and secure user experience.

The update introduces exciting additions like Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and Apple Card Family, providing users with more options for entertainment and managing finances. The enhanced AirTag support ensures a better tracking experience, while the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask is a welcomed feature in today’s mask-wearing world.

Furthermore, iOS 14.6 addresses several security vulnerabilities, making it essential for users to update their devices to protect against potential risks. Whether it’s optimizing battery performance or introducing new emoji characters, this update aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of iPhone users.

Overall, iOS 14.6 is a significant update that enhances the functionality, security, and user experience of iPhones. By staying up-to-date with the latest software, users can take full advantage of the features and improvements brought about by iOS 14.6.


1. What are the new features of iOS 14.6?
iOS 14.6 brings several new features and improvements. One notable feature is the addition of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, allowing users to subscribe to their favorite podcasts and access exclusive content. Additionally, iOS 14.6 includes AirTag support, allowing users to locate their lost items using Apple’s AirTag trackers. There are also performance enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates in this update.

2. Can I install iOS 14.6 on my older iPhone?
iOS 14.6 is compatible with a range of iPhone models, including iPhone 6s and later. If your iPhone is among the supported devices, you can install iOS 14.6 and enjoy the new features and improvements it offers.

3. How can I update to iOS 14.6?
To update to iOS 14.6, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap on “General” followed by “Software Update.” If the update is available, you will see an option to download and install iOS 14.6. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and sufficient battery life before initiating the update.

4. Is it necessary to back up my data before updating to iOS 14.6?
While updating to a new iOS version is generally a smooth process, it is always recommended to back up your data beforehand. This ensures that in case something goes wrong during the update, you won’t lose any important information or files. You can back up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes before proceeding with the update.

5. Can I revert to the previous iOS version after updating to iOS 14.6?
Once you have updated to iOS 14.6, it is not possible to revert to the previous iOS version. Apple does not support downgrading to earlier iOS versions, so make sure to proceed with the update only when you are certain about it. It is always a good idea to research and read user feedback before updating to a new iOS version to ensure compatibility with your device and apps.