10 Best iOS Emulators You Didn’t Know About


Why use an iOS emulator, you asked? Well, if you are among the people who are curious about the operating system of the latest apple device or you’re among those who haven’t had the chance to use an iOS powered device, then this one’s for you. You can run iOS applications without using an actual apple device, thanks to iOS emulators available now. But what exactly is this?

An emulator is a hardware or software that allows one computer system(host system) to behave like another computer system(guest system). It typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. Emulation refers to the process of where a computer program emulates or imitates another program or device.

IOS emulator allows a windows system to run and install iOS applications or games and users can easily access these apps and games in their PC just like how it will run on an apple mobile device. With iOS emulators, you can simply test run apps to easily debug them while developing. So basically, what it does is it mimics the operating of an apple device (iOS) and let you run any application or games in your PC instead of having a separate device for testing any applications.

Top 10 iOS Emulators
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Reasons Why Should You Use an iOS Emulator

It’s no surprise that emulator is widely associated with gaming as most gamers use it as a way to play games that is not supported by their current device’s operating system. But aside from this use, there are a lot of ways you can use an iOS emulator:


Use for application testing and development

If you are developing an app or website specifically made for an iOS device, then using an iOS emulator is a must. This will eliminate the need for a secondary device and will save you a huge amount of time. Simply install it, load up you application and check if it works or not.


Casual use

As mentioned above, emulators are more popular in the world of gaming. If you are interested in playing a game that is exclusive to iOS, having an iOS emulator for PC would be that cheapest solution compared to buying an apple device.


iOS emulator for Windows and Mac

iOS Emulator -
Photo by is one the best iOS emulator available mainly because of it offers a freemium service to its users. Aside from this, it is available on both windows and mac since it is browser-based. This emulator will ask you to just upload you app on the website and then you’re good to go. Some dvelopers have termed this tool as an excellent iOS emulator for windows

This iOS emulator for PC targets developers where you can easily do your testing and other phases of your application development. Regarding its pricing, they offer free 100 minutes of streaming time for your apps and can be easily monitored on your dashboard and will allow you set up alerts once you’ve reached your limit. Once you have reached. 



iOS Emulator - Smartface
Photo by Smartface

This iOS emulator is an exclusive app for developers. Smartface has one of the most powerful features to help you test your applications. It is mostly used by professional developers where they can easily develop anything for iOS. This works best when you need to test cross-platform iOS apps.

While some iOS emulators are just merely simulators, Smartface vows to be a real emulator allowing its user to test any application not just on an iOS environment but also through different screen resolutions as apple devices have different screen sizes. The program also includes a module to debug your apps and real time code changes.



This chrome extension emulator allows you to test custom-tailored to mobile HTML5 application. It’s an easy to use iOS emulator for PC and is targeted towards WebWorks, PhoneGap and mobile web development testing. It also gives you full visibility on what your application can do.

Ripple also allows you to use their existing tools to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection and automated testing.  The best thing about this is it is a chrome extension so no need to go through complicated process to get it up and running.


Xamarin TestFlight

iOS Emulator - Xamarin Test Flight
Photo by G2

This is the official emulator to test applications on windows owned by Apple. Xamarin TestFlight is Apple’s beta testing platform with both internal and external users which ensures a much easier process in your final review when publishing to the App Store. As compare to other iOS emulators available in the market, Xamarin TestFlight is more complicated to run.

Although this iOS emulator is best suited for professional developers, conventional developers are also welcome to try this software. Only applications that are iOS 8.0 or above can be tested on Xamarin TestFlight.



iOS Emulator - iPandian
Photo by iPadian

Do you want to simulate the interface of an iPad on your windows desktop? IPAdian is the nifty tool that answers to your question. This iOS emulator on windows allows you to take on the appearance of an iPad. It also has a customizable interface and includes a lot of interesting web applications.

IPAdian also includes popular applications on iPad such as Youtube and Instagram as well as popular iOS games like Angry Birds. It is very simple to understand and very easy to use. No need for advanced technical knowledge ans is very user-friendly.



iOS Emulator - iMame
Photo by Rice Purity Test

Unlike most iOS emulator that focus mainly on testing apps, iMame allows it’s user to be able to play iOS games on your computer. If you don’t own an apple device and the game you would like to play is exclusive only on the app store, this iOS emulator is for you.

It has a simple and sleek user interface that is easy to navigate. Imame uses low resource and power consumption. This software would work without any clutter. Any average computer would be able to run and load games on the emulator without facing further issue.



iOS Emulator - Xcode
Photo by Apple

Apple’s very own Xcode software development for Mac comes with a simulator for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iMessage. If you are using Xcode as the primary application development suite, then it’s suffiecient to emulate different types of interactions like taps, device rotation, scrolling and other actions performed by the user.

This is an iOS emulator for mac where it allows user to directly launch their app from the Xcode project. What sets this apart from other iphone simulator for windows is the ability to test web apps by accessing Safari within Xcode.


Electric Mobile Studio

iOS Emulator - Electric Mobile Studio
Photo by ElectricPlum

Electric mobile studios is a paid software that allows you run iOS apps on windows but it offers users a full product trial for 7 days. One of its best feature is it includes full-fledged emulation of iPads, iPhones and responsive apps.

This iOS emulator for PC has the ability to use the same product on two machines for common work setups at home and in the office. Most developers prefer using this emulator for Windows 10  because of the integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging tools that make their job easier.


Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

iOS Emulator - Remote iOS
Photo by Microsoft

The Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows is automatically installed as part of Xamarin in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017. 

It has a useful toolbar at the top that has useful option available like home, lock, settings, and screenshot. From its settings, you can enable the Touch-ID functionality, simulate static and moving conditions, shakes gestures, rotation, etc. This tool also provides users iPhone-like touch gestures and stylus input.


MobiOne Studio

iOS Emulator - Mobione
Photo by Gihosoft

MobiOne Studios allows its users to test out various iOS apps or games on their PC easily. This iOS emulator is does not require a lot of resources, giving you the ability to run it easily on different devices without the worry of hardware limitations. You can also develop iOS apps and includes unique features.

One of its unique features allows a personalized user interface templates, which has the ability to use the drag and drop function for both portrait and landscape orientations. It also provides support for reviewing and testing large-sized application with the help of App Sync technology. 

Emulators, iOS or android has been an essential part of today’s technology. Mainly because most developers prefers to test their applications in whatever operating system they’re using before publishing it to the public. Also, it is much cheaper to use an emulator that to buy an apple device especially when you don’t really need it.

Also, most emulators let you test the cross-platform apps making it sure it will function properly on both operating system. Although iOS emulators are not as abundant as the Android ones, it is still available.

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