The Ultimate Guide to Using Video Editor for YouTube


Using a video editor for YouTube is the simplest and the easiest thing that generates outstanding results. Whether you have advanced video editing skills or are just a beginner, using a YouTube video editor is the most enjoyable thing. Due to the introduction of artificial intelligence in technology, using editing tools and tricks has become easiest. After the advent of AI-based video editors for YouTube, a great number of people use them instead of manual ones. The reason for switching from the manual tools to the AI-based editor is its greater performance with easy/quick results. When using video editing editors for YouTube, the most commonly used tool is the video stabilizer. This article will help you understand how you can improve your videos using this fantastic editing tool. So, let’s begin!

Why Use Video Editor for YouTube?

The use of video editors for YouTube is growing rapidly among people due to the following reasons.


1. Stabilizes videos unbelievably

The top reason for using a video editor for YouTube such that video stabilization helps in stabilizing your videos impressively. It doesn’t make only minimal difference in the before and after videos but dramatically transforms them. The AI technology behind this editor generates and implements the most effective insights to fix your videos’ shakiness. As a result, it creates videos with better stability and smoothness in its complete footage.

2. Improves graphics and visuals

Similarly, you must use a video editor e.g. video stabilization for editing your videos for improved graphics and visuals. The reformed version of the original video looks more appealing to the eyes and is better in graphics. Thus, your videos win better engagement and catch more people’s interest due to their enhanced look and appealing visuals.

3. Fix blurs or distortions

Similarly, a YouTube video editor does the best job of fixing your video’s blurs and other distortions. Especially, it targets those blurs and distorted graphics that badly affect the visibility of the footage. As a result, the video looks clearer and produces better results on YouTube due to better engagement.

4. Refines overall video aesthetics in seconds

At the same time, it plays a crucial role in refining the overall aesthetics through adjusting the necessary parameters of a video. You don’t need to perform anything yourself and water hours of doing so. Instead, the AI technology on which video stabilization works automatically generates all the results in just a few seconds.

5. Brings in quality and professionalism

Even though the transformations to your videos using video stabilizer are fast and quick, the quality is never affected. Instead, the reality is that while generating quick results of transformations, this tool adds greater quality and clarity. Thus, the resulting videos look more professional with their polished footage. No one can even guess that these are transformed by an ordinary person using a video stabilization tool.

6. Saves money and time

Another compelling reason to use a video editor for YouTube is that it saves money and time. Through generating quick results with AI and gyroscope sensors, it assures that results come within seconds. Secondly, video stabilization which on online available and free for everyone saves you money. It won’t require you to buy any premium features or pay any account subscription annual or monthly fee.

7. Available online

Finally, you shouldn’t bother about deleting some already installed apps to make room for this new editor’s installation. Instead, it doesn’t take up any space on your device memory, and neither does it heated. As it’s available online, all you need is to visit the website to use this editor for transforming your videos.

How to Use Capcut’s Video Stabilizer?

Here are the simple and brief steps to help you use this video editor for your YouTube video transformations. Follow these steps to create artistic masterpieces and surprise others through your creativity and professional-level skills.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step is to sign up for free. Yes, you hear it right! This amazing editor comes up with no fee and offers all of its features for free to everyone around the globe. To use it for editing your videos and stabilizing them, visit the CapCut website and click “Signup for Free”. Then, fill in your information in the signup fields and click submit. Next, you will have to verify your account to log in and start enjoying this incredible editor.

Step 2: Upload

After you log in, the first page that will appear on your screen is the homepage with lots of other tools. To stabilize your videos, choose “Video Stabilization” from the magic tools section on the left side of the homepage. Then, upload any of your shaky or distorted videos to this editor by clicking on the upload button.


Step 3: Preview

After uploading, the stabilization process will start on your videos which will take only a few seconds. Then, your screen will show you the transformed video with a more polished look. There is a preview button on the right side of the editor to review the changes.

Step 4: Export

Hit the export button and then click on download. Your video will be saved on your device now. You can take this video to share it with others through any platform or social media.


By reading this simplest guide to using the video editor for YouTube, you can start using this video stabilizer instantly. Using this not only offers a cherishable experience but also delights you with the most impressive stabilization results.