How To Battery Share IPhone 11


Are you tired of constantly running out of battery on your iPhone 11? Battery sharing is a handy feature that allows you to share power between devices. With the iPhone 11, you can now share battery power with your friends or family members who are running low on charge. In this article, we'll explore how to battery share on the iPhone 11, providing you with a comprehensive guide to make the most of this convenient feature. Whether you're out and about or simply want to lend a helping hand to someone in need of a battery boost, learning how to battery share on your iPhone 11 can be a game-changer. Let's dive into the details and discover how you can easily share your iPhone 11's battery with others.

Inside This Article

  1. Battery Sharing Basics
  2. Enabling Battery Sharing on iPhone 11
  3. Sharing Battery with Another iPhone 11
  4. Tips for Efficient Battery Sharing
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Battery Sharing Basics

Did you know that the iPhone 11 is equipped with a fantastic feature that allows you to share battery power with another iPhone? This innovative capability enables you to lend a helping hand to a friend or family member when their device is running low on power. Battery sharing is a convenient and practical way to ensure that no one is left stranded with a drained phone battery. With this feature, you can come to the rescue and keep the conversation going, capture precious moments, or stay connected when it matters most.

When it comes to battery sharing, it’s important to understand the process and its implications. By familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of this feature, you can make the most of your iPhone 11’s capabilities and be prepared to assist others in need. Whether you’re in a social setting, traveling, or simply spending time with loved ones, having a clear grasp of battery sharing will allow you to be a reliable source of support and ensure that everyone stays connected and powered up.

Enabling Battery Sharing on iPhone 11

If you own an iPhone 11, you have the incredible ability to share your battery with another iPhone user in need. This feature, known as “Battery Sharing,” allows you to lend some of your device’s battery power to a friend or family member with a compatible iPhone. Enabling this feature is simple and can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

To enable Battery Sharing on your iPhone 11, start by ensuring that both iPhones are running iOS 13 or later. Once confirmed, place the two devices close to each other. Next, navigate to the Control Center on your iPhone 11 by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen (or swiping up from the bottom, depending on your iPhone model).

In the Control Center, you should see an option for “Battery Sharing.” Tap on this icon to activate Battery Sharing on your iPhone 11. When enabled, your device will be ready to share its battery with another iPhone 11. This simple process ensures that you’re prepared to lend a helping hand when someone else’s iPhone is running low on power.

Sharing Battery with Another iPhone 11

When it comes to sharing battery with another iPhone 11, the process is remarkably simple. Both devices need to have the feature enabled, and once they are in close proximity, the battery sharing can commence. This feature allows for a seamless and convenient way to lend a helping hand to a friend or family member whose device is running low on power. It’s a fantastic way to showcase the iPhone 11’s impressive capabilities and enhance the overall user experience.

Once the battery sharing feature is activated, the two devices establish a connection, and power begins to transfer from one iPhone 11 to the other. This innovative capability ensures that both parties can stay connected and enjoy their devices without interruption. It’s a prime example of the thoughtful and practical design that sets the iPhone 11 apart from other smartphones on the market. The ability to share battery power effortlessly exemplifies Apple’s commitment to user convenience and satisfaction.


Tips for Efficient Battery Sharing


1. Use Low Power Mode: When sharing your iPhone 11’s battery, activate Low Power Mode to conserve energy. This setting reduces power consumption by disabling background app refresh, mail fetch, and automatic downloads, thereby extending the battery life of both devices.

2. Close Unnecessary Apps: To optimize battery sharing efficiency, ensure that unnecessary apps are closed on both devices. Running multiple apps in the background can drain the battery faster, so close any apps that are not in use to preserve power.

3. Maintain a Stable Connection: A stable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is crucial for efficient battery sharing. Ensure that both devices are within close proximity and have a strong, uninterrupted connection to facilitate seamless power transfer.

4. Monitor Battery Usage: Keep an eye on the battery usage of both devices to prevent one from draining excessively. By monitoring the battery levels and usage patterns, you can adjust the sharing settings to maintain a balanced power distribution.

5. Use a High-Quality Cable: When sharing battery between two iPhone 11 devices, use a high-quality Lightning cable for charging. A reliable cable ensures efficient power transfer and minimizes energy loss during the sharing process.

6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance. To ensure efficient battery sharing, avoid exposing the devices to extreme heat or cold, as this can impact the overall battery life and efficiency.

7. Optimize Settings for Battery Sharing: Customize the settings on both devices to optimize battery sharing. Adjust the screen brightness, disable unnecessary features, and enable optimized charging to maximize the efficiency of the shared battery.

8. Regularly Update iOS: Keeping both devices updated with the latest iOS version is essential for efficient battery sharing. Software updates often include optimizations and improvements that enhance battery performance and power management.

9. Utilize Battery Health Management: Take advantage of the Battery Health feature to monitor and manage the overall health of the batteries. This feature provides insights into battery capacity and peak performance capability, allowing you to make informed decisions for efficient battery sharing.

10. Communicate with the Other User: Effective communication with the individual sharing the battery is key to efficient power management. Coordinate and plan the battery sharing process to ensure that both devices remain adequately charged when needed.


Sharing battery power between devices is a convenient feature that can come in handy in various situations. With the iPhone 11’s ability to charge other devices, you can provide a power boost to your accessories when they need it the most. Whether it’s your AirPods, Apple Watch, or a friend’s phone, the iPhone 11’s battery sharing feature ensures that you can stay connected and powered up throughout the day. By leveraging this capability, you can make the most of your iPhone 11’s battery life and extend its usefulness beyond just powering the phone itself. As technology continues to evolve, innovations like battery sharing further enhance the functionality and versatility of our devices, offering a seamless and integrated user experience.


Q: Can I share battery between my iPhone 11 and another device?

A: No, the Battery Share feature on the iPhone 11 is designed specifically for sharing battery with another iPhone. It cannot be used to charge other types of devices such as Android phones or accessories.

Q: Does Battery Share drain my iPhone 11's battery quickly?

A: When using Battery Share, the iPhone 11's battery will deplete at a slightly faster rate than normal usage. However, the impact on battery life is minimal and should not significantly affect the overall performance of the device.

Q: Can I use Battery Share while my iPhone 11 is being charged?

A: Yes, you can use Battery Share even while your iPhone 11 is being charged. This allows you to share your device's battery with another iPhone while still maintaining the charging process of your own device.

Q: Can I control how much battery I share with another iPhone?

A: Currently, the Battery Share feature does not offer a specific setting to control the amount of battery shared with another device. It automatically shares power until the feature is turned off or the iPhone's battery is depleted to a certain level.

Q: Will using Battery Share affect the lifespan of my iPhone 11's battery?

A: Using Battery Share occasionally should not significantly impact the long-term lifespan of your iPhone 11's battery. However, frequent and prolonged use of this feature may contribute to slightly faster battery degradation over time.