10 Best Fitbit Replacement Bands Available Today

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It’s the season of resolutions! And what better to keep you on track than your Fitbit? These wristbands are a convenient way to record your health. But the bands don’t often survive the wear and tear of everyday life. You will need to replace them sooner or later. Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fitbit replacement bands on the market.

These fashionable bands will motivate you to stay on top of your resolutions this year. Because this resolution is going to last the entire year, right?


Best Fitbit Replacement Bands in the Market


Tobfit Sports Band

Tobfit Sports Fitbit replacement bands
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Fitbit Alta/HR

Tobfit’s sports bands are perfect for your next workout. With its elegant design, you’ll want to flaunt it at the gym. The material is also sweat and water-resistant, so it will remain intact no matter how hard the workout. The elastic band is soft, so it won’t bite at your skin and distract you.

Get the Tobfit Sports Band to keep you company during an intense workout session.


TreasureMax Fitbit Replacement Band

TreasureMax Fitbit replacement band
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Fitbit Alta/HR

The Treasuremax has a fun design that comes in a myriad of colors. The material is soft and eco-friendly! The band is light on the wrist, so you don’t even notice it’s there. It’s one of the more affordable replacement bands you can get. So if you know someone with a Fitbit, this could be the perfect gift.

If you’re looking for a band perfect for everyday wear, get the TreasureMax Fitbit replacement band.


Akale Metal Band

Akale metal band
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Fitbit Blaze

Made of woven stainless steel, the Akale Metal Band looks cool and sleek. It has a magnetic clasp, so it’s easy to take on and off. But the magnet is strong and ensures a secure grip on your wrist. The bands come in different sizes and colors. The metallic colors will match your Fitbit Blaze with ease.

For a sleek, professional-looking band, check out the Akale Metal Band on Amazon.


KUTOP Fitbit Replacement Band

The KUTOP replacement bands
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Charge 2

The KUTOP band is sweat, rain, and water-resistant. It’s perfect for jogging or track and field activities. The soft material’s design can keep up with your intense workouts and training. It also comes in classic colors and textures. You can customize it based on your mood and preference.

Get the KUTOP Fitbit replacement bands on Amazon before your next morning run.


WITHit Replacement Band

WITHit replacement straps
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Alta/Alta HR

The WITHit replacement bands come in a pack of 3. These interchangeable bands come in different colors, so it’s easy to customize. This would be great if you have work after the gym. The elegant style will amp up your Fitbit and complement your outfit well. The silicone band is light on the wrist and will feel like nothing is there. It also comes with a secure clasp that you can adjust.

For an adaptable and elegant choice, get the WITHit Designer Replacement band.


Watbro Fitbit Ace 2 Bands

The Watbro bands in multiple colors
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Ace 2 Kids

Watbro bands are durable and wear-proof. Made for the Fitbit Ace 2 Kids, it’s adaptable to your child’s extracurricular activities. The buckle is secure and soft, so it won’t hurt your kid’s wrist. With the secure buckle to keep it in place, it won’t fall off easily. You have one less thing to worry about when your kid is outdoors. And they will enjoy the fun colors that these kids smartwatch bands come in.

To motivate your kids to be more active, get the Watbro Fitbit Ace 2 replacement bands.


WePro Replacement Bands

The WePro straps in classic gray, white, and black
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Versa/Versa 2

The WePro bands are easy to assemble and resize. It’s made of a durable and flexible elastic material, so it can take any exercise. The sweat-resistant elastomer reduces the chance of skin irritation, too. It also has a secure double buckle to secure the band in place. This fits many wrist sizes and even comes in different designs.

Check out the WePro replacement bands for a hassle-free workout.


AK Fitbit Replacement Bands

AK Fitbit replacement bands
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Alta/HR/Ace

These slim bands are the best choice for your Fitbit Alta. It comes in curated packs with color schemes you can choose from. Depending on the colors you prefer, they have options for bright colors and more muted tones. The material is made of a soft compound that is anti-allergy. This is a good choice if you’re prone to skin irritation.

Get the AK Replacement Bands for a fun accent to your fitness tracker.


Bayite Fitbit Replacement Bands

Bayite FitBit replacement band
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Versa/Versa 2

If you’re going for a more fashionable look, then the Bayite stainless steel band might be a good choice. It has a sleek and elegant design that’s on par with luxury watches. The lightweight band is great for slim wrists. It’s also easy to adjust by snapping off the chain links.

Flex your Fitbit with this bling from bayite Bands, available on Amazon. 



CreateGreat replacement bands & kit
Photo taken from Amazon.com


  • Fitbit compatibility: Fitbit Surge

The CreateGreat bands are the most customizable out of this list. There is a multitude of colors, textures, and designs to choose from. It even comes with a toolkit that will help you replace the device’s band with ease. The material is also sturdy and designed to last long.

For a fashionable and durable choice, get the CreateGreate replacement bands. 


Things to consider when buying Any Fitbit replacement bands

Allergic reaction to the material

Before buying a replacement band, be sure to know what material it’s made out of. Your skin might react to it, causing irritation. This is common among watches, fitness trackers, and bracelets. If you do find yourself having an allergic reaction, consult your doctor immediately.


Since you’re most likely going to use a Fitbit during strenuous activities, it needs to be durable. It’s best to opt for Fitbit bands that are tearproof. Thankfully, a good majority of the bands come with this feature. For kids, it’s helpful to have strong material that won’t give away once they engage in outdoor activities.


FAQs about Fitbit replacement bands

How do I replace Fitbit bands? 

Each Fitbit has easy to remove bands that you can replace. For each model, there are different ways to remove and replace the bands. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common models.


Fitbit Ace/Alta/Alta HR

To replace your Fitbit Ace, Alta or Alta HR, follow this guide:

A handy diagram of the Ace and Alta from Fitbit.
Photo taken from Fitbit Official Site


  • Flip over your Fitbit and find the metal button attaching the strap to the device.
  • Press down the button and slide the strap up. Do this for the other side as well.
  • Slide your new band on the latches until it snaps in place.


Fitbit Charge

A handy diagram of the Charge from Fitbit.
Photo taken from Fitbit Official Site


 Replacing the Fitbit Charge is the same as the previous method.

  • On the back of your Fitbit, you’ll find a button on each strap.
  • Press down the button and pull the band away. Do this for the other side as well.
  • Latch your new band into the tracker in the same way you pulled it.


Fitbit Versa/Inspire

These two models have different designs, but the same replacement method.

A handy diagram of the Versa from Fitbit
Photo taken from Fitbit Official Site


  • Once you flip over your device, you’ll find a small lever.
  • Press this lever inward and slide the band away.
  • Place the corner of your new band in the opposite hatch from the lever.
  • Connect the top end into its respective notch. Do this for the other side as well.


Will Fitbit replace my band?

Fitbit has a 1-year warranty and will repair any physical damage. Be sure that the damage isn’t a result of anything you may have done, like dropping it. You can file a claim on Fitbit’s website to do so. If you prefer, you can also buy any of their name brand replacement bands sold separately.