15 Best & Effective Root Apps You Must Download Now

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Do you know that you can make your android phone a more powerful tool than a status-quo iOS phone? You shall discover the best root apps to augment your android phone.

Rooting is a process of allowing the phone owner to root access to the Android operating system code. It is equivalent to “ID jailbreaking” for Apple devices. Rooting give you the freedom to modify the software code on the device. It also allows you to install software that the manufacturer doesn’t allow.

Best Root Apps For Android
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Best Root Apps You Should Have In 2020


1. Greenify

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Price: FREE

The app is capable of managing unnecessary apps to hibernate when you are not using them. Putting the unused apps to sleep will avoid your device from lagging and leeching the battery.

This app can do wonders that it can even work well with non-rooted devices. You will love the app because it only carries lightweight (less than 5MB of RAM) and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption.


2. Apps2SD

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Price: FREE

Free to download that you can move apps to the SD card with root. It can run APK, Odex, dex, lib, internal data, and external data. The app has a Busybox installer, app remover, support for storage, and terminal emulator. It best fits devices with less internal storage that you need to maximize the SD external storage and bring the whole pack of the app.


3. Flashify

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Price: FREE

One of the best root apps that are perfect to queue stuff from recover while not necessarily rebooting your phone. It enables you to flash boot and recovery .img, zip files, mods, and kernels without necessary going to recovery. Simple and easy to use and interface the app. It is a perfect tool for root beginners.


4. Tasker

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Price: $3.49

A powerful root app that can turn your Android phone to a fully-automated device from settings to the short messaging system. It can work even without rooting permission, and your device can still get the full range of benefits and abilities.


5. Migrate

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Price: FREE

One of the best root apps that you can download for free. Migrate is a ROM migration tool that can back-up a bunch of data, apps, app data, call logs, SMS, and other information. It is still in beta (relatively new). Migrate can create a flashable zip file and can flash new ROM then the flashable zip file afterward. Although it can take several set-up procedures, it’s worth the effort. The manufacturer highly recommends running this with Magisk for better performance.


6. Servicely

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Price: FREE and for pro is $3.49

The significant role of the app to let you put any application of your device to a ‘sleep mode’. It allows the device not to waste the battery even when you turn off the screen. Most offenders are Google Play and Facebook. You would have thought that these apps were turned-off before you get to bed, and least you realize in the morning that your battery is draining.

To use the servicely, the Android device must be rooted. Select the apps or processes you wish to deactivate when your screen is down. When you use this app along with Wakelock Detector, it can quickly detect the apps that keep draining your battery.


7. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer
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Price: Free for basic and for pro is 1$.99

It is proven to be a good file manager that can work without rooting for most of the tasks. The app is capable of copy and paste, unzipping of files, support for storage, and network storage devices. It is efficiently designed that you have the option of enabling the root within the app that will allow you to do many actions. Even though there are several good file manager with root access, but solid explorer is clean, cheaper (for pro version) and no annoying ads.


8. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox
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Price: $6.90

It is a collection of different amazing apps in one vast toolbox with interfacing features for the apps to easily use. The giant toolbox has every tool you need for monitoring controlling, and fine-tuning your device. It even includes Titanium Backup, Greenify, BetterBatteryStats, App2SD, Seeder, SetCPU, System Panel, Root Explorer, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Editor, SD Booster, Buildprop Editor, ATK and others. The app can be available to both rooted and not rooted android devices.


9. Root Booster

Root Booster
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Price: FREE

When you want to the maximum performance of your android device without the annoying lags and draining of battery, the root booster is fit for you. It has present modes that can ensure speed boost, battery boost, and stabilize the boost settings. The root booster will detect the draining and performance demanding apps and the root booster can perform auto hibernation. It can empty folders, gallery thumbnail and uninstalled apps in the trash.


10. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup
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Price: FREE for basic and $5.99 for the pro version

Every year, this root app tops in the list because of its full capacity to uninstall bloatware, freeze apps (you can let the app stay in your android system, but Titanium backup can prevent them from running) and make back up for all applications and app data. If you are an amateur root user, you got to get the Titanium backup.


11. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector
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Price: FREE for basic and $1.99 for the pro version

One of the best root apps that can detect running apps that causes the battery to drain. In many cases, when you are using your smartphone, there are times that it doesn’t turn off even you did already. Sometimes you may be wondering what your phone battery also drains if you exited all the apps or turned-off the screen. It happens because of the “wakelock.” Wakelock is a mechanism of power management of the Android operating system that keeps the CPU either partially awake or holding the screen on. Some apps utilize the wakelock to maximize its function, where the user is not aware that it causes the dramatic draining of the battery.

The “wakelock detector” will show wakelock usage statistics and helps you get the awareness as to what app is contributing to the massive draining of your battery.


12. Dumpster

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Price: FREE

The Dumpster is the recycle bin app of the Android Smartphone. The app can recover your deleted files like photos, songs, SMS, documents, and videos. It’s easy; you have to touch the file you wish to recover and click confirm. Like the recycle bin of Windows, it lets you recover file formats like pdf, mp3, doc, Avi, mp4m jpg, png, and text format. However, if you deleted the file within the Dumpster, your device can no longer those files.


13. Kernel Manager

Kernel Manager
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Price: $3.49

Kernel Manager is one of the best root apps for devices that has Franco Kernel installed. It allows you to tweak features like CPU frequency, GPU frequency, and color temperature presets. Kernel Manager may not be the only compatible root app for your device, but it is the best fit because it can support like Google and OnePlus.


14. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework
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Price: FREE

It has replaced the installation of ROMs as the default root where modules are created inside the framework. It can do theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, and re-arrangement of function buttons. The functional button can take you to XDA thread where you can download, and a must-have for any root users.


15. WiFi WPS Connect

WiFi WPS Connect
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Price: FREE

The best root apps that can check any nearby Wi-Fi router that can be vulnerable to a default PIN. A WPS is a Wi-Fi protocol that allows any device to connect to a network without a password. Using the WiFi WPS  can help find those routers and retrieve the six-digit WPS pin and connect without Wi-Fi password.

Today, the mobile device is used by some as a symbol of the status quo. Better think twice, it may no longer be sensible nowadays. The status quo is no longer on what logo and branding you have in the pocket. It is by the maximum capacity phone can do with the best root apps you are using.


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