Bumble App: How to Find Dates, Friends and Business Partners

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Today we’ll be talking about the Bumble app and its many features. We’ll start by saying that life is really about experiencing new things and meeting interesting people. Our daily routines get boring after a while. Sometimes, we just want to chill and hang out with other people. Old friends are always the best and constant, but when they’re too far or living their own lives as well, you want to connect with those who are more accessible. In the age of the internet and gadgets, you’d be surprised as to how you’re easily able to find different people. With just a few swipes and taps, you might find the right person to spend your night-outs, weekends, or share your business ideas with.

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Sometimes, it’s also good to just have someone to talk to over the web. You don’t necessarily have to meet anyone personally, but it’s always nice to have someone to share your day with. But who knows, in time, you might just want to meet them, too. You will be able to make new connections and expand your circle of friends. It’s good to have more friends that can help you unwind after a long and tiring week, who can also maybe help you in your career. And in return, you can also help them have fun or progress in their career. It’s a give and takes the thing, so it’s all fair.

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In this topic, we’ll be talking about the Bumble app which is a social app that can facilitate communication between matched users. You should know upfront that Bumble lets female members make the first move when matched. We’ll get more into this later on. This app is super easy to use and create an account with! New users can sign up easily via a phone number or an existing Facebook account. You can be sure that even if you use your Facebook to create an account, your Facebook profile won’t be directly linked to your Facebook profile. You can also choose to have your Instagram photos and Spotify likes linked to your Bumble profile. The purpose of this is for other users to know more about you and find similar interests.


What is Bumble?


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Bumble debuted in December of 2014 and was founded by the former co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd. In September of the same year, Wolfe Herd sued Tinder for sexual discrimination and was able to settle the lawsuit for only over $1 million. By March of 2016, Bumble created a mode called “BFF” which was a way for users to find platonic friendships with other users. When switched to BFF mode, users can find potential matches of the same sex. In June 2016, the company partnered with Spotify so that users may be able to find other users who have the same interest in music.

The company later released another new mode called “Bizz” in October of 2017. Bizz mode makes it easier for entrepreneurs to find like-minded people who can help with their business. The same model would also be helpful for anyone who wanted more connections for their career.


Bumble App’s Best Features

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Many are familiar with the dating app called “Tinder” which is popular among people who are looking for dates. But Bumble is slightly different. It has 3 modes which are meant to help meet specific kinds of people. It’s not just for dating, but for getting acquainted with those that can be just your friend or business partner. The best part about the Bumble app is that it has a “Verified User” feature which allows you to see who are the verified users. Besides the user’s name, you will find a blue circle with a checkmark. This ensures that the person isn’t using someone else’s photos. Cat-fishing is very common nowadays, so you’ll find the Verified User feature very helpful!

Bumble also exercises Anti-Defamation which means that users should not display any form of hate or negativity in their profiles. The app suggests for its users to treat each other with kindness which enables its users to find quality potential matches as compared to other dating apps available today. There is also a feature where you can talk to your match via voice or video call which is a great way to get to know them. To learn more about this kind of apps, here is our article that talks about the best dating apps.


Bumble Modes

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You will find 3 modes on the Bumble app: Date, BFF, and Business. The 3 modes will help you find specific people that you’re looking for. So, you’re sure that there’s a mode for you! You will get much higher quality matches on Bumble as compared to other dating or social apps. The users on Bumble are undeniably more carefully curated and most likely have attained a high degree of education as well as career.


Bumble Date

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In Bumble Date mode, you can find people who are also looking for dates. This mode is quite similar to Tinder but also has its differences. Let’s be honest, we all want a thrill in our lives every once in a while. Having someone to make you feel a romantic excitement can fuel you for the day. Some users of the Date mode have already found their one true love here. Others just have casual flings. Then some are just into hook-ups. But let’s not judge anyone here.

Bumble Date is a great way to find a date easily without having to go out and be awkward. You will be able to know if someone is worth meeting or not. It saves a lot of time and effort as compared to buying someone a drink and later on just getting rejected. (Ha-ha-ha!) As with everything else in life and not just on Bumble Date, see how things go and decide from there what you’ll want to do next with your partners. Who knows, that person might just be the one you’ll be walking down the aisle with!


Bumble BFF

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The BFF mode is a great way for users to find platonic friends nearby. In this mode, users will usually find people of the same gender. This is really where the difference between Bumble and other dating apps start to become prominent. On other dating apps, you will only get to find people who either want a relationship or hook-up. But on the Bumble app, one of the modes like BFF will help you find people nearly that aren’t really in it for a relationship or hook-up. You might just be able to find a new best friend through this mode that you can have drinks with during the weekends! As the saying goes, “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” you may find a lifetime friend here.


Bumble Bizz

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The Bizz mode allows users to find entrepreneurs with the same business ideas. Not only this, but anyone who wants to expand their connections for their career can benefit from Bizz mode. You will find people here who are taking the same career path as you. With this mode, you may be able to find someone with the same ideas and goals and help each other out in upping your game in your field of work. We all want to excel in our career and a great way to help us out is to have people in the same field that can give us tips. In return, we can also help them by giving a few words of advice. It can be a good give and take relationship and you and your match (or matches) have a relationship that is worthwhile since it’s for each other’s career and development.


Bumble App Features

Virtual Meetups (Video Chat/Voice Call)

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What if you want to be completely sure of your match before actually meeting them? If you ever have any doubts about your match and you want to make sure that he or she is the person in his or her profile, then you can set up a voice call or video chat. But other than this, especially in circumstances that meeting someone is just not possible, (like right now, when this article is posted, on lockdown) then it’s just nice to have a sort of virtual date with your match. It’s a great way to get to know your match more.


Bumble Boost

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The Bumble app is free, but there are some perks that you get by paying to get Bumble Boost. You can get it for only $24.99 a month which is a reasonable price if you want to make the most use of the Bumble app. You’ll find that there’s more to the app than just waiting for a match and continuously swiping right or left. In this section, we’ll be talking about what you get when you pay for Bumble Boost.


Bumble Boost Features


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The Bumble Beeline shows you the people who like you. So you can either swipe right to like them back or swipe left to politely pass. This is an easy way for you to choose which users you want to match with. It saves a lot of time rather than swiping through dozens to hundreds of profiles just to get matches. However, this feature is only available for users that have Bumble Boost.



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With so many profiles on Bumble, users may not be able to see your profile upfront. It’s not because you’re not likable, it’s just that there are so many people already. So, you might wonder, how are you going to make your profile stand out so you can get more likes? Well, on the Bumble app, there is a Spotlight feature that enables your profile to be seen by users for 30 minutes! That’s right, your profile will be seen by all nearby users for 30 minutes and you’ll be sure that you can garner more likes with this.


Expanded Distance Filter

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Bumble uses your location to find other users nearby. Of course, it’s best to match with someone that’s just a walking distance away from you. This is so that the two of you will be accessible to each other. And this is the point of Bumble basing matches on your location. Finding a date, friend, or network. To grant you and your match the luxury of being able to meet easily and constantly, (if you choose to) it curates your choices to nearby users. However, if you are going somewhere for some time and you want to meet people from that place. With Bumble Boost, you have the Expander Distance feature which allows you to reach users that are more than just 100 miles away from you. For whatever reason you want to match with people that are farther from you, you can do that with this feature.


Extending Matches

Women are the ones who can start a conversation when matched. This was done by Bumble to give women the control to make the first move. However, when matched with someone, if the woman does not make the first move, the match will expire after 24 hours. You can extend your expiring matches with Bumble Boost to give you female matches more time to start a conversation with you. This feature is more helpful for men since they’re the ones waiting for the women to message them first.


Reconnect with Expired Matches

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Matches expire within 24 hours if a conversation is not started by a woman. If you like someone and you want another chance to have a conversation with them, then you can reconnect with them with Bumble Boost. With the many users of the Bumble app, you will see that a few of them you’ll find very interesting. So, not wasting a chance and reconnecting with them is helpful.



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SuperSwipe on Bumble is considered to be a big compliment! Users only get to SuperSwipe at a cost. Users need to use their coins to use this feature and will cost $1.99 per swipe. What this does is that it lets someone know that you like them by sending them a notification. Unlike with the usual swipe right, you’re making yourself stand out to a user you like and want to connect with. Since you’re spending coins to makes yourself noticeable, this is giving your profile a much-needed boost.

Travel Mode

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Bumble allows you to find new people that you can meet with even days before your trip! Bumble Boost allows you to use Travel Mode, which is a feature that lets users find potential matches in another city or country days before they can there. When using travel, you can let others know how many days you’ll be staying in the city so that you can plan meet-ups with them. This is a great and unique feature for you to get a bit of a tour in a new place by its locals.


How Does Bumble Work?

How To Upload Photos

Once you have created your Bumble profile, you will be prompted to upload a display image. There will be a person icon on your “Edit Profile” page which will allow you to choose the photos from your phone’s gallery that you want to be displayed on your profile. The maximum number of photos that you can add to your profile is six. You can choose to make use of the maximum number of images or just upload one. We do recommend that you have at least two images on your profile for potential matches to get a better idea of what you look like.


Photo Tips

Aside from having at least two images on your profile, we also recommend that you choose photos that don’t cover your face. Seriously, big sunglasses or face masks that cover more than one-half of your face will not get you more matches. People want to see how you look. Hiding your face won’t make you look cool. Choose photos that show your face. You can also make your profile more interesting by choosing photos that depict you as a person, your profession, and your interests. You’ll get more likes when your display images look interesting.


Bumble Profile Bio

Your Bumble profile will allow you to have a short bio with 300 worlds. We recommend that you make your bio short yet catchy. Add tag lines or your favorite quotes, but give it your flair, too! Make it as interesting as you possibly can so that you have something to talk about with your potential matches. Having a good bio will garner you more likes!


Add A Question…

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A great way to start a conversation is with an ice breaker. A short yet cool bio about yourself will make your potential matches know more about you. But at the same time, it would also be good to have a few fun facts about you that can help your potential match respond to you accordingly. To add profile prompts, all you need to do is go to your profile and tap your profile photo. Then tap “Edit Profile.” From there, you will then see a section there that says “Add a question…” You can add three questions from there which can help make you more interesting and help your matches get the conversation going.


How to Link Instagram or Spotify to Your Bumble Profile

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Did you know that you can also link your Instagram and Spotify to your Bumble profile? All you need to do is go to “Edit Profile” and sign in to your Instagram and/or Spotify accounts. No worries, though, your profiles won’t be seen by Bumble users. The purpose of having your Instagram linked there is for people to view more of your photos and see more of your interests. As for Spotify, users will be able to see which artists you love listening to. You’ll be able to find potential matches with the same interests and music tastes.


How to Match with Another User

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For you to match with someone you like, all you need to do is swipe right on their photo or profile. If the person has already liked you earlier, you will see a message that says “Boom!” which means that the two of you are already matched with one another. But for example, you were the first one to swipe right or like them, when they do finally swipe right on you as well, you will see a notification saying “You’ve got a new bee in the hive!” Then you will finally see the person in your recent matches. Once again, if you’re the woman, you’ll be able to make the first move and start the conversation.


Pros and Cons

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Every social or dating app has its fair share of good and bad. The Bumble app is no exception. In this section, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of Bumble. Although, we have to say upfront that there is more good than bad on the Bumble app. It’s one of the best social apps out there today! But we don’t want to sugarcoat here, so let’s give you a rundown on the good and bad of the Bumble app.



  • The Bumble is women-friendly because it doesn’t allow men to make the first move and bombard them with messages which can lead to harassment
  • It’s been proven by one of Bumble’s founders that almost 60% of matches end up in a conversation
  • The users of the app are 45% female and 55% male, so it’s almost equal
  • Creating a Bumble account is fast and easy, all you need is a phone number or Facebook account



  • For males, there is a bit of a waiting game since only females can start a conversation
  • There is only 24 allotted for the female to make the first move, after 24 hours, the match will expire (unless you extend it!)
  • The profiles will only show photos and a few facts about the person so you can’t look for specifics from its many users


Is Bumble Worth It?

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Bumble app is indeed a unique social app for anyone who wants to expand their connections. It’s not just your regular dating app that can help you “get your freak on,” but it’s a way for you to meet new and interesting people with the same interests. You will get to have more connections that are nearby and accessible for you and your matches, so meeting them will be much easier. If you compare Bumble to other social apps, you will see a difference in the quality of your matches. It’s worth the try and you’ll get to talk and know more interesting people that are probably your type. Go on, give it a go!

If you want to connect with your matches, why not try talking to them using chat apps. Lastly, to see how Bumble stacks up to its competitors, you can read our Bumble VS Tinder and OkCupid guide articles.