How to Cancel Your Apple Music Plans With Ease

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Music streaming has evolved in ways people have never imagined before. Media curation, sharing, and analytics have gotten smarter nowadays, for example. To get improvements going, services such as Apple Music must obtain resources by keeping users “hooked” into paid plans. The said strategy is effective, with some people paying for premium subscriptions even if they realize they do not frequently use the extra features. If you are one of them, you might be ready to cancel Apple Music and switch to less expensive or free alternatives.

Cancel Apple Music hassle-free via our guide
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Already sure that is what you want to do? Whether your answer is yes or no, this article will be useful to you. Here, we will explore a bit of what Apple Music is, then teach you how to cancel Apple Music premium plans. Additionally, we have recommended apps in this guide that are free – no commitments and all.



Apple Music Pricing and Features

Before you say goodbye to your Apple Music subscription, let’s take a quick look back at the service’s offers. This might help you finalize your decision if needed; otherwise, you’re free to move on to the tutorial section.

To start, Apple Music expanded its coverage to 167 countries since its 2015 release and even had a version dedicated to musicians and singers, Apple Music for Artists. Apple Music’s features include Apple Music 1, Apple Music Country, and Apple Music Hits. On top of those radio stations, the platform supports various playlists curated by DJs and experts. It also has automatic recommendations based on your listening history. That way, you won’t have to begin from square one when looking for the music you like.

Here is a refresher on how much you have been shelling out monthly for the service and what you are getting from it:

Individual Plan Student Plan Family Plan
Price $9.99/mo $4.99/mo $14.99/mo
Access to 75 million songs + download 100,000 songs 🟢 🟢 🟢
Online and offline streaming 🟢 🟢 🟢
Device access one device one device six devices
Free trial + ad-free streaming 🟢 🟢 🟢

If you’re new to the service and using this guide for future reference only, below are links for getting the app.

Download Apple Music for iOS

Download Apple Music for Android


Ways to Cancel Apple Music on Devices

Now let’s get to the most important topic – the process for ending your subscription. Whether you’re canceling your Apple Music membership because your free trial is expiring or you’ve found other music streaming platforms, it’s pretty straightforward. Try the method that suits the type of device you’re using via the guides below:

How to End Apple Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad

An Apple Music subscription on iOS can be ended via the app or device’s main settings menu.

Method 1

1. Access Apple Music from your gadget’s app dashboard.
2. Tap Listen Now from the bottom option band.
3. Look for your initials on the interface’s upper-right corner, then click it.
4. Next, select Manage Subscription.
5. Verify the action by selecting Cancel Subscription.

Method 2

1. Open your gadget’s Settings menu.
2. Tap your profile name.
3. From the account interface, pick Subscriptions.
4. Choose Apple Music from the list of active subscriptions.
5. Hit the Cancel Subscription option.


How to Cancel Membership for Android

Android users can also enjoy Apple Music but it does not mean they would want it forever. If you’re one of them, we also have a guide for you.

Do the following to get your Apple Music membership canceled:
1. Use the Apple Music app on your gadget.
2. Find the three-dot icon on the interface’s top right corner, then click it.
3. From the options that appeared, select Accounts.
4. Pick Manage Subscription, then Cancel Subscription.

The same action can be executed by canceling Apple Music membership on Google Play Store.


How to Stop Your Subscription Using Mac or Windows PC

Apple’s iTunes on a PC is useful for a lot of iPhone or iPad functions, and it can even be used to cancel your Apple Music membership.

Here are easy instructions to follow:
1. Access iTunes via your PC.
2. Navigate to Account, then View My Account.
3. Type in your Apple ID and Password when requested.
4. Under Account Information, head to Settings.
5. Click on Manager located beside the Subscriptions label.
6. Locate your Apple Music subscription, then click on Edit.
7. Choose Cancel Apple Music, then verify the action by clicking Confirm.

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How to Cancel Apple Subscription Via Official Website

Your Apple Music subscription can also be canceled through the service’s website. You can visit the official page via your PC or mobile device.

Here’s how to end your Apple Music plan:
1. Head to Apple Music’s website.
2. Hit the Try It Free button and sign in using your account.
3. Click on the avatar for your profile, then Settings.
4. Scroll down to the Account Settings.
5. Find the Subscriptions section, then click Manage link.
6. Hit the Cancel Subscription button.


How to Cancel Subscription Using Your Apple TV

Another way to end your subscription is through your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. The method is as easy as those on mobile devices and computers.

Here are simple steps to follow:
1. Navigate to the Settings interface of your TV.
2. Find and Select Users and Accounts, then your actual account’s name.
3. Access Subscriptions from the menu.
4. Pick the option for Apple Music Membership.
5. From here, cancel your Apple Music subscription or change your plan.


What Happens After Membership Ends?

You might be curious about what will happen to your downloaded music and playlists after you cancel your Apple Music membership. We’ll get to that here.

Let’s start with the music you purchased from the iTunes Store and the music in your library synced through iTunes Match. Those media files are paid, hence, you own them. Once your Apple Music plan has lapsed or you decided to cancel Apple Music for good, the songs will still be accessible through the Music app and will not be affected by the Apple Music account cancelation. However, the music downloaded straight from the Apple Music library will cease to play after the account has lapsed. Using Apple Music is like renting a DVD; once the rent lapsed, access is no longer possible.

What about your playlists? Essentially, playlists created when still subscribed to Apple Music will also cease to play after the account is canceled. However, there is a way to migrate these playlists to, say, Spotify before you cancel your account. While there is no direct way to transfer these playlists via Bluetooth transfer or account syncing, third-party apps like SongShift can be used to migrate Apple Music playlists to Spotify.


3 Apple Music Alternative Apps

If you are planning to switch to another service that’s why you want to cancel your Apple Music membership, the information here will be useful for you. We’ve briefly discussed some of the top alternative apps below. Check them out for they might have new offers or features Apple Music does not have.

Spotify official logo


Spotify can easily compete with Apple Music in terms of features. While its library is not as big as Apple Music, Spotify’s strength lies in music recommendations. Essentially, no one is ripped off by choosing Spotify since it streams almost the same music like Apple Music and drops an artist’s new catalog on the same day as its competitor app.

Download Spotify for iOS and Android.

Amazon Music official logo

Amazon Music

When Apple Music is not working or no longer suits you, you might want to give Amazon Music a try. You can have access to more than 75  million songs from its library and have them streamed whenever, wherever. Amazon Music is also accessible through your Amazon Prime subscription.

Download Amazon Music for iOS and Android.

Tidal Music logo


Apart from giving you access to millions of songs, Tidal’s main strength is delivering high-resolution sound quality for improved music streaming and listening. That is made possible by Tidal’s use of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology to deliver efficient hi-res data.

Download Tidal for iOS and Android.


Final Word

Apple Music has a lot to offer that will surely satisfy your music streaming needs. However, things that will hinder you from continuing to patronize the service will come into play. The beauty of the streaming platform is that Apple gives the freedom to unsubscribe. That way, you are not strapped to the plans and may switch to another platform anytime. All that’s needed on your end is to know how to cancel Apple Music plans, which is made easier through our guide. We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know what you think!