How to Change Netflix Region and Watch Restricted Content

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Netflix and chill — a phrase we associate with both naughty and nice time and again. But how can you chill if you find out that the Netflix title you’ve been dying to watch is not available in your country? In case you didn’t know, Netflix restricts access to some movies or TV series depending on which part of the globe you are in. Thus, many people want to know how to change their Netflix region.

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Some people use VPNs for Netflix to mask their real locations and adopt host servers from different countries to be able to access geo-restricted content. But Netflix is quite good at blocking VPNs, so instead of getting the content, you’ll get an error message.

In this article, we will go over how to change the Netflix region with or without a VPN. We’ll also give you other information you need in regard to this matter.

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Inside This Article

  1. Why Do Netflix Content Vary by Country?
  2. How to Change Netflix Region When Moving to Another Country?
  3. How to  Change Netflix Region to Watch Geo-Restricted Content?
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone
  4. Why Do You Need a VPN to Change Netflix Region?
  5. Is Using Netflix VPNs Legal?
  6. What Could Go Wrong When Changing Netflix Region With a VPN?
  7. Will There Be Changes to Billing When Changing Netflix Region?
  8. The Bottomline


Why Do Netflix Content Vary by Country?

Streaming service Netflix is available to 190 countries across the world. And the probable reason why Netflix is not keen on just having one pool for all its content is that we are talking about too much data and traffic. Imagine a world where everything and everyone is connected without restrictions. It spells chaos both ways. Besides, an English-speaking country would highly appreciate English content over those in different languages that can only be understood with subtitles.

Another reason why some content is not available in other countries or regions is copyright. Netflix enters deals with studios by country to obtain the right to stream a movie or series. Going back to demand, Netflix may choose not to pay studios to stream content that are not very popular in your country in the first place. Too high demand for a title is not always good either. Studios often have a very high asking price for popular content that can derail the licensing agreement with Netflix. So, if you’re pondering about how to change Netflix region if you’re not travelling to a new country, there’s no native way for that. There are third-party workarounds, though, which we will get to later.


How to Change Netflix Region When Moving to Another Country?

When moving to other countries with Netflix, in-app region change is possible and there’s nothing much you need to do. The app will automatically make the necessary changes to your region or location, including your access to its service. For one, you might lose access to your My List and Continue Watching lists because of geo-restrictions. Additionally, your Downloaded content might not be accessible to your country of destination as well as audio and subtitle options might also change.

These are signs that Netflix has changed the location of your access automatically. This is true especially if you have your GPS enabled and the app has privilege access to your device’s location.


Using a VPN is still possible to access the geo-restricted content on Netflix. However, if you can’t access content that you believe should be available in your region, you might want to reach out to your VPN provider. It would also help to turn off the VPN and restart Netflix to access region-specific content.


How to Change Netflix Region to Watch Geo-Restricted Content?

So, how do you change your Netflix region? Use VPNs, of course. VPNs are tools that can help mask or change your IP address of origin and use a proxy server. Below are ways to use VPNs on an Android phone and iPhone so you can gain access to geo-restricted content on Netflix.


On Android

For this, we will be using ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN offers a fast and secure proxy server and can unblock Netflix easily. Additionally, it gives you unlimited bandwidth and data. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and sign up for an account.
  3. Choose the plan you are amendable with. You can also choose the free version or take advantage of the seven-day free trial.
  4. Once installed and signed up, the app will ask you to choose a server to connect to. The best servers to connect and the ones with great Netflix content are USA, Japan, and Korea.
  5. Open Netflix and chill.

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On iPhone

Here, we are going to use NordVPN. Nord claims any user using their services will feel safe while connected anywhere, anytime. It also offers no limits on bandwidth. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Go through the signup process once the app is installed.
  3. Nord is a little different from other VPNs. From the get-go, it will ask you to get a subscription. Meaning, there is no free trial.
  4. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, you will have access to servers from the seven continents of the globe.

Nord subscriptions are as follows:

Two-Year Plan One-Year Plan One-Month Plan
$4.13/month $4.92/month $11.95

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Change Netflix Region?

VPN is a tool that helps in creating a secure connection between your device and another network on the internet. It also uses encryption to ensure your network is safe from any form of cyberattack while using public WiFi.

In a nutshell, if you know how to change your Netflix region via VPN, that is an effective way to unblock geo-restricted content. When you connect to a VPN-provided server, your device goes under a VPN tunnel where a technology encrypts and decrypts traffic that comes from your device. Meanwhile, amidst this exchange, your IP address is being masked and your device adopts a new server and IP address — hiding your original IP address from the rest of the world.

This is how you get access to content that is geo-restricted by Netflix.


Is Using Netflix VPNs Legal?

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It’s a myth-buster that you cannot have access to every content on Netflix because a VPN would allow you to do so. However, is it legal to use a VPN to change your Netflix region and access hidden movies and series?

Here’s the straight answer: it is not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix. It’s not as if it will sue you if you’re caught using one. However, it is a big headache for Netflix regulators when someone is using a VPN. This is because of licensing issues that Netflix answers to.

Moreover, if the Netflix legal team notices you constantly use a VPN to gain access to geo-restricted content, you are deemed in breach of Netflix’s terms and conditions. As a result, they can move to ban your account. The good news is that this has not happened yet.

If you are curious about what VPNs work well with Netflix, you might want to get ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Surfshark, and PrivateVPN. We also advise getting a premium VPN account that constantly changes IP addresses. That way, it would be hard for Netflix regulators to block your proxy server.


What Could Go Wrong When Changing Netflix Region With a VPN?

We all know by this point that Netflix uses your IP address to know where you are. It’s not so much for surveillance and data mining purposes. Rather, it allows Netflix to offer you a catalog tailored specifically for a region where you are at. This is the case for most who are traveling constantly.

However, if you are a mainstay in the US, it is more than likely you are left at a disadvantage when it comes to access to Korean drama or the latest anime episodes. So, you opt to use a VPN to change your Netflix region. Again, this is perfectly legal as discussed. But you might ask, what could possibly go wrong?

Straight up, the worst thing that could go wrong when attempting the VPN method for how to change your Netflix region is you will get an error message. That prompt will state that the content you are trying to access is not available. That is because Netflix has become so good at blocking proxy servers provided by VPN apps. We do not recommend using a free VPN account because this has low bandwidth and access is very scarce. As we mentioned, the notable VPNs that still work with Netflix are ExpressVPN and Nord VPN premium accounts.


Will There Be Changes to Billing When Changing Netflix Region?

Essentially, Netflix charges you based on the currency of the region or country your account has been registered at. According to Netflix, change in the region as a result of travel or immigration may result in a change in billing as well. Moreover, monthly billing will depend on the currency and available payment method of the region or country.

The same may not be true for anyone using a VPN. VPNs are temporary fixes for anyone who wants to get access to geo-restricted content. This is something you can turn off when you are no longer using Netflix. Hence, the IP address would revert back to the one used during registration. That means no changes to the monthly billing price, currency, and available payment method.

Now, if you wish to be billed using the currency and available payment method of the region or country you moved to, here are things to remember:

  1. Request to cancel your account before your subscription renewal date.
  2. Wait until the subscription expires.
  3. Register your account again in the new country of origin.


The Bottomline

It is not a crime to want to access movies and TV series on Netflix and seek third-party solutions for how to change your Netflix region. More so, we have to give it to Netflix because its hands are tied with licensing agreements with the region or country to stream content. VPNs are legal and safe to use especially if the goal is to change the Netflix region for the sole purpose of enjoying more of Netflix’s content. As mentioned, there are a small but good number of VPNs that work with Netflix. Nonetheless, if you are content with the suggestions and available content in your region, it’s a win-win for you and Netflix.

So, go ahead! Get a VPN or don’t get one. But just remember the old adage: stream on Netflix and chill.