Freeletics Review for Stay-at-Home Fitness Enthusiasts

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Staying in shape while at home has proven to be a difficult task during the pandemic. Nonetheless, it’s important to stay fit to keep yourself both healthy and sane. That’s why some people turn to fitness apps to supplement their need for a fitness instructor and gym. One of those apps is called Freeletics. Is it a good enough app for your fitness needs? Let’s find out in this updated Freeletics review for 2021.


What Is Freeletics?

Freeletics Review
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Before we get into our Freeletics review, we first have to discuss what Freeletics is. It is a fitness app created in 2013 by Daniel Sobhani, a German fitness aficionado. Freeletics one of the best fitness apps you can find that are guaranteed to bring results. The app has grown over time and currently has more than 36 million active users across the globe. That is in large part thanks to the app’s impressive workout regimen that’s unlike any other.

Fitness apps like Freeletics usually have different areas of focus. For example, some apps, like the Polar Beat app, focus on cardiovascular health. On the other hand, apps like the Centr app focus more on your physique and external build. Still, others like Apple Fitness Plus provide the unique feature of being able to integrate well with Apple devices.

However, unlike other fitness apps, Freeletics offers mainly bodyweight exercises to help you sculpt your body without equipment. Moreover, the workouts within the app are driven by artificial intelligence. Hence, the app should adapt the workout regimen to the individual based on their fitness level. Of course, the app will also increase the difficulty as the user also increases in strength and durability.

Freeletics also provides two apps with each focusing on different aspects of health. One of the apps is devoted to creating workout routines for individuals based on AI. The other is more focused on providing a proper nutrition plan based on an individual’s demographic and personal history. We’ll be focusing on the former in this Freeletics review.


Freeletics Review: Features & How the App Works

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To do a proper Freeletics review, we first have to understand how the app operates. How does Freeletics work? Here’s what you need to know about its features and how the app works overall.


Physical Test

When you first subscribe to the app, it’ll provide a physical test that will help gauge your current fitness level. This should help the app’s algorithm determine which exercises will suit you best. However, the data won’t only help you right now but also later on. That’s because the app will also use it down the line and determine how your training program should evolve. Of course, you can also edit the program later if the workout plan is too difficult or easy.

Overall, the physical exam is pretty polished and well-made, despite the limitations of it being just an app. The questions might be basic and dependent on the user’s honest assessment of their fitness. Nonetheless, it’s accurate enough to provide just what you need. Moreover, you usually don’t need to edit your initial workout plan once you’ve finished your assessment. Therefore, the Freeletics review of its physical exam gets a pass.


Goal Setting

Afterward, Freeletics will allow users to set goals. The app has three primary goals that users can set from the very beginning. These goals are weight loss, muscle gain, and keeping yourself active. For folks looking to lose weight, Freeletics will mostly suggest fat-burning exercises like cardio, HIIT, and more.

On the other hand, if your goal is to gain muscle, Freeletics will adjust the training to suit that goal. Hence, it will suggest mostly bodyweight exercises or workouts that use weights. Lastly, if you simply seek to stay active, Freeletics will, likewise, adjust its regimen to keep you fit and healthy.

With that said, Freeletics is pretty tailored to an individual’s needs. It doesn’t arbitrarily assign random workouts and customizes them according to your goals. Moreover, you’re also allowed to dictate how you want to exercise. You can use bodyweight exercises, choose to run, or even use barbells and weights if you prefer.

Only after taking that questionnaire will Freeletics provide you with a personal “training journey.” Freeletics creates these training regimens with 6 to 12-week periods in mind. Once you get your recommended training plans, you can choose which one you think would suit you best.


Freeletics Workouts


Now, here comes the meat of our Freeletics review: the Freeletics workout routines. Workout routines are the most essential part of assessing whether a fitness app is good or not. They usually determine the success of your fitness journey (apart from your determination and commitment to the routine).

With that said, Freeletics workouts usually focus on HIIT-based routines at maximum pace. This usually helps you gain more endurance and should increase your overall stamina. Moreover, a routine’s length can change depending on how quickly you finish your reps. For the most part, this should take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

On the other hand, you can also change the duration of your training and add in your physical constraints. Moreover, you can also edit your routines to include other exercises, such as runs or sprints, depending on your preferences.

Freeletics also allows you to focus on one exercise through their single exercise interval feature. This feature simply allows you to repeatedly focus on a single exercise, such as crunches or push-ups. It’s a good way to increase your proficiency in certain areas and vary your training when things get repetitive.

Lastly, if you’re a complete beginner, we recommend checking out the bodyweight workout plan. These are usually less intensive and taxing for beginners who aren’t as physically fit. However, if your goal is to build muscle, then prepare yourself for resistance training using weights and other equipment.


AI Coach

Freeletics Training Coach App
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Of course, a Freeletics review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its famous AI-based coaching. This AI coach is the one responsible for creating a customized training regimen just for you. Moreover, it’s what assesses your fitness levels and tracks your progress, adjusting your routine as you go.

However, like most other AI-based technology, the coach won’t be 100% accurate when it comes to providing training programs. It will base everything on the data you feed it and the level the AI thinks you’re in. Hence, you might get the same routine as a friend whose body is different from yours.

Nonetheless, its artificial intelligence is decent and can substitute for a physical coach. Hence, it’s a great way to replace the gym — perfect for home workouts during the pandemic. However, the AI coach is only reserved for the premium version of the app. Therefore, you won’t experience its benefits if you simply stick to the free routines.


Meal Plan and Nutrition


The Freeletics review would stop here if the app simply focused on workout plans and routines. However, Freeletics offers a more holistic approach to fitness as it also provides meal plans for better nutrition.

Of course, this exists in a separate app, but we thought to include it to review the whole experience. Moreover, depending on the subscription you get, the meal plan could also be included as part of the service.

The meal plan Freeletics offers is based on one simple principle: eating clean. Hence, it’s all about health and eating a proper diet. Moreover, what’s great about it is that the app is also connected to the main Freeletics workout app. Thus, it should provide meals depending on your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, stay healthy, or gain muscle.

In addition, the app not only plans your meals for you but also assists you in making them. Each dish you see will be accompanied by cooking instructions along with ingredients, cooking time, and even the total calories. Moreover, there’s also detailed information about the nutrients each meal provides and how much you’re consuming per meal.


App Integration

Of course, not everyone wants to sacrifice their other apps and ecosystems just for one app. That’s why apps that conveniently integrate with third-party apps or proprietary fitness apps certainly have an edge. Thankfully, iPhone owners don’t have much to worry about syncing Freeletics with HealthKit and Apple Health.

That’s because you can freely sync all of your workouts with Apple Health. Hence, you can aggregate all of your information into one app. Moreover, Freeletics also has an experimental integration feature that allows you to train with your Apple Watch.

On the other hand, Android users also have the option to integrate Freeletics with Google Fit. This is the equivalent of syncing all your data to Apple Health but for the Android ecosystem. However, because Android doesn’t have a universal health app like Apple, it won’t necessarily benefit all Android users.

Lastly, Freeletics can also connect with apps like Spotify. However, you have to have a premium Spotify account for this to work. With this, you can sync your Spotify app with Freeletics and freely listen to music as you’re training.



Freeletics Pricing
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Of course, a Freeletics review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the pricing. After all, most people would want apps that cost very little. So, is Freeletics free? While some workout routines are free, they’re not very helpful to get the full experience. For the most part, these free routines simply help users familiarize themselves with the app and how it works.

With that said, the question now becomes: how much is Freeletics? Will it break the bank at all and is it worth the price? Thankfully, Freeletics doesn’t cost very much. You can pay for the app for three months and that will cost you $34.99. On the other hand, you can also subscribe for six months for $59.99 or 12 months for $74.99.

Once you break that down, it only amounts to about $1.44 to $3 weekly, depending on your subscription. Of course, the longer the duration, the lower the price. However, regardless of which subscription you get, it’s certainly cheaper than paying for a gym membership.

On the other hand, this Freeletics review also discussed Freeletics including the meal plan. The previous three prices don’t account for that but it doesn’t cost much to add the meal plan subscription, too. It only costs about an additional $1 weekly — and that number can also vary depending on the subscription.

Overall, we’re giving this Freeletics review a pass in terms of pricing. It’s not free but it’s certainly much cheaper than a regular gym. Moreover, it’s a great way to provide you with some sort of direction and structure for your workout routine. Hence, the cost is more than justified if you’re someone who wants to intentionally reach your fitness goals.


Freeletics Review: Pros and Cons


Now that we’re done with the Freeletics review, let’s summarize everything we’ve learned so far. What are the pros and cons of the app and should you consider subscribing to it?


The Good

One of the best things about Freeletics is that it’s extremely flexible. It’s customizable and bases its workout routines on your circumstances, physical fitness level, and information. Moreover, you don’t need to customize these yourself as the app utilizes AI to do all the thinking for you. If you want something flexible without overstretching yourself or making your routine too easy, it’s a great choice.

Additionally, Freeletics is also great because a lot of the workout plans are bodyweight-based. Hence, you don’t necessarily need to buy extra equipment and pay more money to reach your goals. Moreover, the app also has a built-in community, with a weekly blog and useful tips to help you stay focused.

In addition, Freeletics is also great at building your fitness and maintaining health as a whole. Not only are its workout instructions clear, but it also improves overall health with its integrated meal plan. With Freeletics, you don’t need to think about what food to eat or workouts to do. It can guide you every step of the way so it’s perfect for those who need some structure and direction.


The Bad

Of course, just like other fitness apps, Freeletics isn’t perfect. One of the app’s cons is that the music doesn’t play every session. Yes, you can connect to Spotify and get your playlist going in the background during workouts. However, the experience would be much better if the app had the music built in.

On the other hand, the app could also benefit from including warm-up and cool-down exercises in its routines. Unlike other fitness apps, Freeletics goes straight into the routine without some guided stretches. Hence, it can’t guide you in those areas so you’ll have to think them up on your own.

Moreover, while Freeletics might be somewhat cheaper compared to a gym, it’s still not inexpensive for an app. Hence, some people might find it too expensive, depending on their priorities and budget.


Freeletics Alternatives

Despite reading a positive Freeletics review, you might still want to look at alternatives to weigh your options. After all, Freeletics has its flaws and some people might not be able to afford a subscription. With that said, let’s take a look at some Freeletics alternatives that might interest you instead.




One of the best alternatives to Freeletics is the Fitocracy app. Its most prominent feature is the fact that it “gamifies” your exercise routine. Through the app, you can unlock achievements, gain points, tackle challenges, take on quests, and even “level up.” If you love games that reward you for completing achievements, it’s a great alternative to Freeletics.


Nike Training Club


This app is great if you’re looking for a reliable fitness app that provides hundreds of diverse workouts. Whether you’re training your strength, focusing on cardio, or mixing both categories, Nike Training Club is a great option. It’s easy to use, provides a variety of intervals, and most of all, it’s free!


Zombies, Run!


Another great Freeletics alternative that makes you feel like you’re playing instead of simply exercising is Zombies, Run! As the name implies, the app stimulates your adrenaline and forces you to run away from digital zombies. It’s perfect if you need some form of fear to keep yourself in shape.



Freeletics is a great fitness app for those who need proper guidance and direction to reach their goals. It provides accurate AI-based routines that are decently tailored to individual needs. It also provides you with a complete plan that adjusts the difficulty depending on your progress. Hence, it’s versatile and powerful enough if you’re determined to reach your fitness goals. Moreover, it adjusts your workout routines just enough to make sure you’re neither discouraged nor unchallenged.

However, it’s not exactly the cheapest fitness app out there, especially if you’re looking for something free. While it is cheaper than a personal trainer, it’s not for beginners who aren’t committed to sticking to a routine. However, if you don’t mind the price and its minor flaws, then it’s certainly worth the investment.