HER: The LGBTQ+ Dating App That Rocks

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When it comes to dating, using an app to find your partner is the modern way to do it. Dating apps let you refine the people you will meet. They save you the trouble of meeting people one by one only to find out that you don’t match. When you sign up for a dating app, you can just type in your preferences and browse for your potential match right in the comfort of your own home. The app simply matches you with people with the same interests. You can message each other for a while and arrange a meetup.

While the original dating apps let you swipe left and right, newer apps have thrown in more innovative ways to help bring deeper connections among each other. Dating apps are not limited to matching men and women. Now, members of the LGBTQ+ community have their own special platform in the form of the HER app.

Whether you are into friendships, serious relationships, or merely a hookup; if you choose to use an app to meet somebody, set expectations and boundaries. Get to know the app first, know its security, and community support capability. Here’s our review of HER, a dating app for lesbians, bisexual, and queer women.


What Is HER

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HER is the premier dating app for women who identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community. HER started in 2013 and was then named DATTCH, meaning Date Catch. In 2015, DATTCH rebranded into HER.

Its unique selling proposition is to not tire your thumbs from scrolling left and right. They built a community where it is safe to have a date. They even host events, parties, and socials in 15 cities across the world (from London to LA to New York) to get to know more people on the platform.

HER is also active on its social media accounts, making its users feel they are being looked after.


Summary of Features

  • VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. HER is a safe space for its community. You know you’re talking to real people. No men are allowed and no fake accounts.
  • EASY SIGN-UP. Forget lame forms; use private one-click sign-up with Facebook or Instagram to get started.
  • LIKES. Send one to let her know you want to talk. Quick and no unwelcomed messages.
  • FRIENDS. Add your friends to stay in touch with them and always be able to message each other.
  • LOCAL MEMBERS. Use Meet to swipe through other users nearby.
  • POSTS. Ask a question to the community or tell everyone worldwide what you’re up to.
  • LINKS. Post, read, watch, listen, and comment on the most refreshing queer links and videos you’ve seen today.
  • QUEER EVENTS. Shared by the community in your area. Parties, meetups, festivals, and more.
  • NOTIFICATIONS. Reply to every like, comment, match you’ve received.
  • RELATIONSHIP MODE. In a relationship? No problem. Let everyone know you’re only looking for friends and not dating.


How to Install HER

  1. Go to the App Store for an iOS device or Google Play Store for Android
  2. Search for “HER”
  3. Install to your device as you usually would


How to Sign Up

The sign-up only takes a minute. You will need an Instagram and Facebook account to join. They only accept signing up from social media to verify the identity of the profile.

Once the account is connected, it will grab your current photo, name, and birthday.

Men are not allowed to create a profile on the app, so there is a protest if the app identifies your photo as masculine looking.


HER App interface

The app is known to have a sleek design and easy to navigate. On your homepage, you will see five main buttons: Meet, Chats, Community, Feed, Notifications, and your Profile.

Meet is the section where you can swipe left and right on users near you. Chats have all the open messages from your friends and matches. Feed is where you see the happenings from the community. Meanwhile, Notifications have all alerts, and your Profile displays your personal information.


Profile Info

HER Profile
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Your HER profile will include your name, age, and height. But, your gender and sexual identity will be showcased as well.

Here are some of the genders that you can choose from.

  • Female
  • Non-Binary
  • Agender
  • Gender Fluid
  • Intersex
  • Female to Male
  • Two-spirit


HER encourages you to upload eight photos to get to know you and see you in different perspectives. Aside from photos, you have the option to add items with the use of text.

Users can only see your first name, and the app also shows your distance from the other user.


How to Contact Members

Once another user likes you, you can see their picture and name. You won’t be able to view their entire profile unless you are a premium member. Although the messaging is free and unlimited, you can only message your friends within the app.



Special Features


The main feature of HER is Meet. You will be presented with different people that suit your age and preferences. Just swipe on the screen to accept or reject the suggestion, just like most dating apps. You can then message them if they liked you back.



Interact with the members in real-time without having to be matches of friends using its Feed feature. You can like, comment, add images, or text posts. If used frequently, there is a higher chance to increase your profile visibility.



As mentioned, HER does host events and other socials across 15 countries. You can view these events on Feed. You can see the best lesbian events in your area, from music festivals and cookouts to comedy shows and even concerts. These events allow you to mingle and get to know more people from the community.



HER Pros and Cons

HER Photos
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  • Since it is female-oriented and female-powered, this dating app is a good niche for LGBTQ women who are looking for a safe dating app. They also do not have overwhelmingly many users, so you will get a match from where you live.
  • Unlimited free messaging is also a plus if you want to talk to more people until you find your match. Some apps restrict messages, but with HER, you do not have to worry about it.
  • The free version can do pretty much everything to spark connections and score some dates. Premium features will add so much more for a price.



  • The app will never stop promoting and convincing you to sign up for HER Premium.
  • The filter can’t also do justice to finding someone that fits your preference since the free version can only let you filter the age and distance.


Membership Subscription & Benefits

HER User
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HER offers more cool features at the cost of charging you a fee. This service is called HER Premium. Premium allows you to choose from three options: one month, semi-annual, and annual.

HER Premium for one month is $14.99, while six months is $11.99. If you choose the one-year subscription, it costs $7.49 per month. The HER Premium price is competitive enough compared to other dating apps that charge more for annual fees.



One of the premium features is called Mix HER, a more advanced filter tool. Mix HER allows you to find people that specifically suit your preferences. You can use a filter to look for the ideal person you’re looking for. In the free version, you can only filter by age and distance.


Online Now 

The other premium feature you can enjoy is seeing who is online so that you can chat right away after you hit like on their profiles.


Who Liked Me

Aside from online users, you can also see people who liked you. At some point, the free version notifies you whenever someone likes you, but if you want a full list, the Premium comes in handy.


Change Location

Also, with Premium, you can change your location. This will let you meet other women on the go and see who is in your area whenever you travel.


Read Receipt

Premium users can also enjoy read receipts to know if the other person already read your message or completely ignored it.


Infinite Swipes

You’ll also get an infinite number of swipes and recall profiles that you might have accidentally rejected.



HER vs. Competitors

Pink Cupid

Pink Cupid
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Pink Cupid takes five to ten minutes to create an account. Its questions are lengthy compared to HER. You even need to upload a government identification card to verify your birthday. In contrast, the HER app only requires you to connect using your Facebook and Instagram. Other dating apps require email verification upon signing up.

Pink Cupid allows male users to sign up in their app. They are not as strict as HER that strictly allows women only in its community.

Pink Cupid has unique features where you can add CupidTags to tag your hobbies and interests. It also has a built-in translator and a chatroom to meet more people. Moreover, you can upload glam photos to join their glam photo competition where winners get a three-month subscription.

Lastly, Pink Cupid has a web version where some features are not available on their app yet. The app is currently available only for Android users.



Scissr works similarly to HER when it comes to the GPS function. They have fun features where you can tag a person as a “crush” or add them to your “wish list.” You can also set preferences for “hookup,” “love and relationship,” “networking,” and “friendship.”



If you are into Tiktok, then you will find this app better as it focuses more on videos. Fem has group chats if you are into chatting with groups. If videos are not your thing, you can still use photos on your profile.



Lesly is similar to HER when it comes to setting preferences and finding a match. It also has a swipe feature like Grindr and other OG apps.



Hinge matches users within your circle. The app caters to people who are looking for hookups rather than long term romances. Its tagline is even “the app designed to be deleted.”


Other Dating Apps

The rest of the apps we know in the market are not focused on lesbians. You can sign up and browse for partners but do not guarantee that your match is someone who has the same preferences as you.


Safety Reminders When Using a Dating App

Safety First
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Although apps have security features, any person with wrong intentions can pass those restrictions and still harm you. It’s always best to practice safety as these matches come from simple algorithms.

Here are some safety reminders when using dating apps.


1. Research

Before you meet with someone, go on other social media sites and check if their profile exists. Check if the profile belongs to a real person, not some poser. Get all the information you can get from the person aside from his/her dating profile.


2. Use Google Voice Number

You do not want to use your real number for your first date. If it didn’t go well on your end, chances are you may not want to speak with them again. The Google Voice app lets you check everything, from calls to messages, without giving away your phone number. You can also block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Always keep your phone number secure and only give them to people you trust.


3. Video Chat with Them Before Meeting Up

Before you jump into meeting in person, you can deepen your relationship through video chats. This is a big tool for you to avoid fake profiles. When you do video chats before a date, you will hear their voice and see facial expressions. It will also avoid being catfished by someone. Also, you will feel less anxious at the first meeting when you had a few video calls prior.


4. Chat by Phone

Like video calls, if you are shy to turn on your camera, you can first settle with voice. The goal is to find out if the other person exists. You will be able to pick up verbal cues and learn the personality of the person you are talking to.


5. Drive Yourself or Take Public Transportation

Always take your car or use public transport when going on a date. Bringing your vehicle will give you a clear mind to steer away from alcohol or joining the other person in his/her car.


6. Meet in a Public Place

If you’re meeting with a match for the first time, avoid situations when it’s only the two of you. Meet at places where there are a lot of people. If you feel uncomfortable, you can ask others for help or escape. If you are visiting a bar, you can talk to the employees and give them a possible signal to save you if things go bad. Some bars already have a secret code where you will order a particular drink, and they’ll know you need help.


7. Let Someone Else Know the Details

Tell your friends about your first date, who you are meeting and where, and from which app. In case something happens, the people close to you will have leads on where to find you. If you want to be sure, you can send your location via GPS so they can track you if you need help.


8. Don’t Give out Too Much Personal Information

Reserve everything else after the first date. Do not give out essential bits of information if you’re not comfortable with the person you’re on a date with. Such data can tempt wrongdoings from the mind of the wrong person.


9. A Pepper Spray Is a Good Investment

SABRE RED Pepper Spray
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You don’t know if a date would be great or bad, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you are not going on a date, always carry a pepper spray with you. Check out the SABRE RED pepper spray and protect yourself from people with bad intentions.


10. Don’t drink too much

In tip safety #5, we suggest bringing your vehicle as to the reason to stay sober. It will help you think straight and make sound decisions.


Keep your safety a priority. As romantic as it sounds to find your one true love from a dating app, not everyone has the best intentions. Stay vigilant.


Be Loud and Proud With HER

HER is still one of the more fun dating apps ever launched. Meet and feed features will make you feel safe when interacting with other users.

You may not get a lifetime partner, but you will not get bored with the app as you will gain friends. It did a great job of connecting women and giving them a platform for dating, friendship, travel, and fun.

If you’re looking for alternatives, you can check out our list of the best dating apps and the best hookup apps today. You can also check our Facebook Dating article.