Akali Build Guide, Items, and Runes for LoL Wild Rift

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Finding a good Akali build for your play style may take a while, but learning how to use it takes even more time. As one of the characters with high burst damage in League of Legends: Wild Rift, it is no wonder that a lot of players want to use Akali for themselves. But no matter how strong she is, you should know which item to use for her to be more effective.

Whether you plan to go toe to toe against enemy champions in the Baron lane or to take out bots in the Dragon lane, you have to find your pace and rhythm with your build first. As a maneuverable S-rank champion, mastering the “Rogue Assassin” takes more than just a moderate amount of skill. While we cannot make up for actual playtime and practice, we can give you some of the best Akali builds that you can use!

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Inside This Article

  1. Getting to Know Akali
  2. Skills and Attacks
  3. Best Items For An Akali Build
  4. Best Runes For A Akali Build
  5. Summoner Spells For A Akali Build
  6. Takeaway


Getting to Know Akali

A local of Ionia and one of the many acolytes of the famed Kinkou Order, Akali started her life as one of the many who helped keep the sacred balance of the world. She was born with the title “The Fist of Shadow” and was raised under the tutorship of the renowned Great Master Kusho, the Eye of Twilight.

Learning and mastering the ways of speed, agility, and the shuriken, Akali was meant to succeed her mother’s title. That was until the order tore itself apart between two factions driven by the traitor Zed’s Order of Shadows and Shen’s ideals for the Kinkou Order. At this time, Akali had found neither side adhering to their values of keeping the sacred balance by cutting off its enemies. Fully trained and prepared to fight for her own ideals, she left her fellow students behind and decided to be an assassin.

Taking the spot as one of the MOBA genre’s best assassins, Akali is one of League of Legends: Wild Rift’s most popular champions. Quite different from most champions who play best on single lanes, Akali is versatile and can be effective in both the Baron (top) and middle lanes. Compared to other champions, Akali’s play style and abilities are also one of the harder ones to master. This level of difficulty is mostly dependent on players being able to properly use Akali’s maneuverability in the heat of battle and use her abilities effectively.

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LoL Wild Rift Akali Skills and Attacks

Skills Effects
Five Point Strike Akali throws five kunai in a small arc that damages and slows enemies (when hit at maximum range).
Twilight Shroud Akali uses a smoke bomb that turns her invisible and increases her movement speed when inside it. While inside the cloud, her energy also slowly restores.
Shuriken Flip A two-part attack, Akali throws a shuriken at her enemy then does a backflip. The moment the shuriken hits, you have the option to click the ability again to dash forward and attack the targeted enemy champion (so long as they are within range).
Perfect Execution (Ultimate) Akali’s Perfect Execution has her dash through an enemy champion to damage them. The ability can then quickly be used to dash either back through the enemy champion to deal damage or someplace else.
Assassin’s Mark (Passive) Assassin’s Mark activates whenever Akali does damage to enemy champions using her skills. The attacked champion has a ring around them for 4 seconds that provides a 30% bonus to Akali’s movement speed. Leaving the ring gives Akali’s next basic attack bonuses to range and attack damage.


Ability Overview

For a good LOL Akali build, players should first focus on leveling up and getting used to Five Point Strike. This ability allows Akali to have a more than decent crowd control ability to get her out of tough spots. The second ability to focus on is Shuriken Flip, as it gives Akali a more versatile offensive or defensive ability.

Shuriken Flip is one of her key abilities that can determine Akali’s effectiveness in battle. It can be used both offensively and defensively, depending on your priorities. The third ability to focus on is Twilight Shroud. This is due to Akali’s additional mobility and invisibility when inside the effect range. Perfect Execution, meanwhile, should be taken and used as they are available.

Compared to other champions, Akali is a heavy hitter with her abilities but still fully relies on her mobility when fighting. Finding the right timing between using her abilities and maneuvering around the battlefield is the key to a good Akali-main player.


Five Point Strike > Shuriken Flip > Twilight Shroud

Akali’s usual offensive attack combo is to first charge into enemies with a Five Point Strike to control the mob group. This move is followed up with a Shuriken Flip to target and kill enemy champions. Depending on circumstances, Akali can maintain position and perform basic attacks until overwhelmed or immediately use Twilight Shroud to do a few potshots until retreating.


Shuriken Flip > Twilight Shroud > Five Point Strike

Shuriken Flip, Twilight Shroud, and Five Point Strike is a more defensive attack combo that works well for Akali as a holding action. This combo is perfect when helping allied champions retreat or when waiting for allies to come to the rescue. Starting with a solid Shuriken Flip to heavily damage an enemy champion, Akali can immediately follow it up with Twilight Shroud for the invisibility bonus. After a basic attack or two, she can then run away after using Five Point Strike to slow pursuers down.


Perfect Execution

When comparing Akali’s ultimate ability with heroes, Perfect Execution is unique. While it does not force her to be stationary like Jhin’s Curtain Call, Perfect Execution does need player input to properly use. After striking enemy champions once, this ability’s second stage can then be used to either dash away or to deal a second strike on enemies.


Best Item Build for Akali

akali league of legend champion
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Akali is versatile when fighting and is one of the more mobile Wild Rift champions. Due to her role as an Assassin, Akali has a skillset aimed at moving fast and dealing strong blows on enemy champions. This focus on speed, however, leaves her defenses a bit vulnerable and weak to enemies who have slowing effects. Rather than fully counter this problem, most Akali builds focus on giving her abilities additional bonuses and beefing up her health to let her last longer in a fight.

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Akali Build – Core Items

Items: Hextech Gunblade, Gluttonous Greaves (with Stasis Enchant), and Rabadon’s Deathcap

There are three main core items for a good Akali build. These three are the Hextech Gunblade, Gluttinous Greaves (with the Stasis Enchantment), and Rabadon’s Deathcap. All three of these items, alongside the Stasis Enchantment, give specific bonuses to Akali’s basic stats. The order to get these items should always have Hextech Gunblade first since it gives a nice edge in the early game.

Both Hextech Gunblade and Rabadon’s Deathcap give Akali a significant boost to her Ability Power (AP), namely a +60 from Hextech and +130 from Rabadon’s. Aside from that, the Hextech Gunblade also gives +30 Attack Damage to further beef up Akali’s attacks. These two items will make Akali a significant presence on the battlefield when combined with proper use of her abilities.

Gluttonous Greaves, meanwhile, gives a passive +40 movement speed alongside an active 15% speed boost for three seconds. This additional active boost is really helpful, in the dire situations where Akali has to retreat and fall back. In addition to the Greaves, the Stasis Enchantment also gives Akali an active 2.5 seconds of invulnerability, and untargetability when running away is not an option.


Akali Build – Ability Power

Items: Lich Bane, Void Staff, and Morellonomicon

This Akali build focuses on increasing her AP. This build is best used in the Baron lane and can let Akali stand toe to toe with other champions. The AP-focused build lets her dish out hard-hitting abilities onto enemy champions.

Lich Bane is the first item on this focus build and gives Akali an additional +80 AP and +10 Ability Haste (AH). This item works really well when paired with Akali’s passive skill because it adds damage bonus when using normal basic attacks while her abilities are in cooldown. The Void Staff, meanwhile, gives another solid +70 AP to help with Akali’s abilities after the cooldown.

The Morellonomicon closes off this build and adds more than just health and AP to Akali’s stats. While this item does give +300 Max Health and +70 AP, its main use is to multiple Akali’s magic-based attacks and abilities using its unique Death Touch effect that gives +15 magic penetration. This multiplier adds to any of Akali’s magic-based attacks.


Health-Focused – Akali Build

Items: Liandry’s Torment, Infinity Orb, Guardian Angel

Akali’s slightly more defense-focused health build has Liandry’s Torment, Infinity Orb, and Guardian Angel. This is a more moderate lineup perfect for Akali mid builds. While this part of her build does give her a bit more max health, it also boosts her abilities with additional AP.

Liandry’s Torment and Infinity Orb have similar boosts to give to Akali. The items add +250 and +200 max health, and +70 and +60 AP, respectively. These two items are perfect for letting Akali stand up to enemy guardians and tank-focused champions.

The last item on this Akali build is the Guardian Angel. This item gives +40 attack damage but is more important for the +40 armor it gives. While it may just be a drop in the bucket, this additional armor is helpful, especially when facing physical attacks.


Best Rune Build for Akali

Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Similar to how we split the item builds, we will also split the supporting rune builds into one for the Baron lane and another that best suits mid-lane Akali players. While there are a lot of runes available in-game, we found these combinations to be the most worthwhile when combined with their respective item builds.

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Baron Build

Spells: Conqueror, Triumph, Bone Plating, and Hunter-Genius

To help dominate the Baron lane, this rune build focuses on dealing and stacking damage on enemy champions. When combined with an experienced Akali player, this build will shine with every additional champion killed or routed.

The first rune in this build is the Conqueror rune. This rune adds a passive stack of multipliers on enemy champions every time Akali’s basic attacks or abilities hit them. A fully stacked Conqueror rune on an enemy champion gives a maximum 10-30 bonus attack damage or 15-45 AP. This lets Akali take control of the lane even early on in the game.

The second rune we chose is Triumph which pairs well with the Conqueror rune. With each enemy champion felled, Akali recovers 10% of her missing health. This rune also adds 5% increased damage when the enemy champion’s health is below 35%.

Bone Plating, meanwhile, addresses some of Akali’s weaknesses when going one on one against enemy champions. This rune reduces the damage that she receives by 30 to 60 points 1.5 seconds after an enemy champion hits her. Hunter-Genius also adds on to the bonuses given by the Conqueror rune by giving +3 additional Ability Haste whenever an enemy champion is killed. This is until a maximum stack of 18 additional points.


Mid Build

Spells: Electrocute, Brutal, Hunter-Titan, Sweet Tooth

This rune set for mid-lane players is more health-focused while still boosting Akali’s attack abilities. This build has two runes with bonus damage dealing and two health focus ones. This build is meant to keep Akali on the field longer. It is also perfect for those struggling to fully master Akali’s abilities.

Enemy champions hit while having the Electrocute rune will add one point. After stacking three points within three seconds, the target enemy gets hit by lighting that deals 35 – 189 adaptive damage on them. This is rune a good boost for Akali’s Perfect Execution ultimate or Shuriken Flip ability. Brutal, meanwhile, gives a passive bonus of 7 attack damage or 14 AP with each hit on enemies. This bonus applies even to mobs and Akali’s basic attacks.

The next two runes, Hunter-Titan and Sweet Tooth focus on giving Akali additional health. Hunter-Titan gives a passive 20 bonus health but also adds another 20 health and 3% tenacity for each unique enemy champion taken down. This bonus maxes out with 120 bonus health and 15% tenacity with five stacks. Sweet Tooth gives a simple 20% bonus to any health healed by honeyfruit.


Summoner Spells for Akali: Flash and Ignite

Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

There are several summoner spells available for all heroes in Wild Rift. However, only two of them actually fit either of the Akali builds we presented here. These two are the combination of Flash and Ignite. Both spells serve to heighten either Akali’s attacks or to help increase her mobility.

Commonly used to run away from bad fights and predicaments, Akali can also use Flash to move out from ambushes. Used tactically with her abilities, Flash can also be used to ambush and surprise enemy champions, as well.

Ignite, meanwhile, is a good way to securely fell enemy champions in the game. When Akali’s varied abilities are used up, and the enemy champion looks like they can still limp away, a good cast of Ignite should stop them dead in their tracks.



There you have it — the things you can do with a good Akali build in Wild Rift. While a bit harder to master than other champions like Vayne, we do hope you get used to playing Akali in-game!