Genshin Impact – Jean Build: The Best Weapons and Artifacts to Use

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Genshin Impact has released many playable characters. Many of these characters have since become fan favorites and staples among players. Jean, in particular, is one of the first few 5* characters of the game. She is well-loved and sought after because of her flexibility and adaptability as a character. Jean in Genshin Impact has a variety of builds that players can try out. She is also playable as different character types which makes her a great addition to any team.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can build a formidable  Jean for a solo or multiplayer session in Genshin Impact.

Who Is Jean Gunnhildr?

Jean Gunnhildr hails from the prestigious Gunnhildr Clan of Mondstadt. Known as the Dandelion Knight, she tirelessly works as the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius to maintain order in the City of Freedom. While many admire Jean for her resilience and hard work, she also becomes a subject of concern by her peers as she often exhausts herself in the process. Regardless, her work ethic makes her well-known and liked by the citizens of Mondstadt, her peers, and other organizations.

Jean is a 5* Anemo character of Genshin Impact. She is also one of the first playable characters of the game. Additionally, Jean is one of the first characters to be featured in the game’s Standard Banner alongside Diluc.

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How to Get Jean on Genshin Impact?

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Fortunately for players, Jean is a “standard” 5* character that you can get at any given time. Players have the chance to wish for Jean on any of the available banners in the game. It may seem easy to get Jean through wishes, but that isn’t always the case in reality.

Much like other “standard” 5* Genshin impact characters Diluc, Qiqi, and Keqing, you will have no choice but to rely on sheer luck to get Jean. Since she is available on every banner, the chances of getting Jean is slim as you can get another 5* character or worse, a 5* weapon. In the long run, you might spend more Primogems, Starglitter, or Stardust for wishes to no avail.

The best way to get Jean is to wait for her rate-up, although this might take a while as her last rate-up was during the 1.0 Standard Banner where she was featured alongside Diluc. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t lose too much hope because you can always try your luck in any of the banners. That said, don’t forget that Genshin Impact is also a gacha game so it’s best to manage your expectations when you roll in the banners.


How to Use Jean on Genshin Impact?

The tricky thing with Jean is that all of her Talents or skills are helpful. Unlike other Genshin Impact characters, you can usually forego the Normal Attack in favor of the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. However, Jean’s Normal Attack also helps with restoring health. When you’re collecting Talent Level-Up materials for Jean, it’s best to consider that you will need a lot of them. Jean shares her Talent Level-Up Materials with six other characters namely: Bennett, Diluc, Eula, Mona, Noelle, and Razor. That said, you might want to prioritize her over other characters as it will be hard to gather materials if you’re building multiple characters with the same resources at once.

With that, here is a quick rundown of Jean’s Combat and Passive Talents that you should take note of:

Jean Talents
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Combat Talents

When it comes to Talent priority, the general order for Jean in Genshin Impact would be Normal Attack > Skill > Burst. This works well if you’re building a DPS or Sub-DPS Jean. However, many players prefer using Jean as a healer, so it would be best to follow the Burst > Skill or Skill > Burst order with the Normal Attack being your last priority. Generally, if you want to prioritize DMG before healing, you can prioritize her Elemental Skill over the Elemental Burst and vice versa if you want to prioritize Healing.

You also shouldn’t leave the Normal Attack behind because you get a fraction of your health back whenever Jean lands a hit on an enemy.

Favonius Bladework (Normal Attack)
  • Normal Attack: Attack with 5 consecutive strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Launches an opponent using wind. Affected opponents will slowly fall to the ground. This consumes a certain amount of stamina.
  • Plunging Attack: A mid-air plunge to strike at the ground below. This damages enemy in its path. It also deals AoE DMG upon impact.
Gale Blade (Elemental Skill)
  • Jean creates and releases a small storm that launches opponents into their desired direction. Gale Blade deals massive Anemo DMG.
  • Hold: Jean can create and command a whirlwind that’ll pull nearby opponents and objects towards her. This, however, will continuously consume stamina until it is released.
Dandelion Breeze (Elemental Burst)
  • Jean creates a Dandelion Field that deals a massive amount of Anemo DMG. It also regenerates HP for all party members.
  • Dandelion Field: It deals Anemo DMG to opponents who enter and exit the field. It continuously regenerates HP and imbues characters with Anemo.


Passive Talents

While Passive Talents can’t be enhanced or ascended with materials, you can always rely on Character Ascension to help you unlock more Passives that’ll help you in the long run. You might want to take note of Jean’s Passive Talents as well because these will help you assess your build in the long run.

Wind Companion (1st Ascension Passive) Jean’s Normal Attacks can regenerate up to 15% of Jean’s AK for all party members.
Let the Wind Lead (4th Ascension Passive) Whenever you use Dandelion Breeze, 20% of its Energy will regenerate.
Guiding Breeze (Utility Passive) Whenever you cook a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance of obtaining double the product when Perfect Cooking is achieved.


What Are Jean’s Constellations?

As with other Genshin Impact characters, you can get upgrades whenever you get constellations. You can get constellations by getting duplicates of a certain character whenever you wish. While all playable characters (except the Traveller) require a Stella Fortuna to activate a constellation, keep in mind that you can’t use the constellations of others. Each Stella Fortuna is unique to the character so you can’t use Diluc’s Stella Fortuna to upgrade Jean and vice versa.

Still, getting constellations for characters is extremely helpful because they upgrade skills. But do remember that constellations aren’t always necessary because you can make up for them with your build.

Here’s a quick rundown of Jean’s constellations in Genshin Impact:

Jean Constellations
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  1. Spiraling Tempest – The pulling speed of Gale Blade increases if you hold it for more than 1 second. It also increases the DMG dealt by 40%.
  2. People’s Aegis – All party members will have a 15% increase in Movement and ATK SPD for 15 seconds every time Jean picks up an Elemental Orb.
  3. When the West Wind Arises – Level cap of Dandelion Breeze increases by 3. The maximum upgrade level now caps at 15.
  4. Lands of Dandelion – All opponents within the field made by Dandelion Breeze will have an Anemo RES decreased by 40%.
  5. Outbursting Gust – Level cap of Gale Blade increases by 3. The maximum level upgrade caps at 15.
  6. Lion’s Fang, Fair Protector of Mondstadt – As long as you are within the field created by Dandelion Breeze, incoming DMG is decreased by 35%. When you leave the Dandelion Field, you can carry the effect for 3 attacks or 10 seconds.


Best Genshin Impact Jean Build

Jean is one of the most flexible characters in Genshin Impact. You can explore a variety of builds with her. While many players build her as a DPS, some think that she is better off as a Support because of her skill set. Regardless, we have a couple of builds that can accommodate different types in case you want to explore builds.

Without further ado, here are a couple of Jean builds to keep in mind.

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Recommended Jean Build

jean reccomended build
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Weapon Artifacts
  • The Flute (4*)
  • Festering Desire (4*)
  • Lion’s Roar (4*)
  • Skyward Blade (5*)
  • Favonius Sword (4*)
  • Aquila Favonia (5*)
  • Two-piece Maiden Beloved and two-piece Gladiator’s Finale with a focus on any of the following: Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, ATK%, Anemo Damage, and Crit Rate/DMG.
  • A two-piece Maiden Beloved will increase the character’s Healing Effectiveness by 15%. The two-piece Gladiator’s Finale, on the other hand, will boost the character’s ATK by 18%.


Using this build maximizes Jean’s healing ability while still allowing her to deal ample amounts of damage. Depending on the weapon that you choose, you’ll get a variety of different boosts. However, you might want to consider using or wishing for the Skyward Blade and the Favonius Sword as they are the ones that offer bonuses in Energy Recharge which is essential to this build. However, if you have none of those, you can still make up for it with the artifacts that you choose. Using weapons with an ATK bonus is okay too. Remember that you can always make up for whatever you lack in the artifacts that you equip.

Again, you might need to take into consideration your priorities for this one. If you want to prioritize Jean’s healing abilities, use a weapon that buffs Energy Recharge. But if you want to focus on her damage, choose one that boosts attack.


Support / Burst Support Jean Build

Jean Support Build
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Weapon Artifacts
  • Amenoma Kageuchi (4*)
  • Freedom-Sworn (5*)
  • The Flute (4*)
  • Aquila Favonia (5*)
  • Primordial Jade Cutter (5*)
  • Four-piece Viridescent Venerer with a focus on any of the following stats: ATK%, Energy Recharge, Anemo Damage, Crit Rate/DMG.
  • A complete Viridescent Venerer set grants an additional 60% Swirl DMG. It also decreases the enemy’s Elemental RES to whatever element is infused with Swirl.

For a Support or Burst Support build, you want to focus heavily on Jean’s Elemental Skill and Burst particularly on her skill. Assuming that you have a DPS or Sub-DPS in the party that isn’t an Anemo character, her Elemental Skill will be very useful because it can apply the effects of that element to the opponents. She’ll also be able to help the Main DPS with her Energy Recharge and healing. Jean in Genshin Impact makes for a great crowd control character as well because of her Elemental Skill. It’ll help make way for the Main DPS to deal the finishing blow.


DPS Jean Build

Jean DPS Build
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Weapon Artifacts
  • Aquila Favonia (5*)
  • Skyward Blade (5*)
  • The Black Sword (4*; Battle Pass Weapon)
  • Prototype Rancour (4*)
  • Two-piece Bloodstained Chivalry and two-piece Pale Flame with a focus on ATK%, Physical Damage, and Crit Rate/DMG.
  • A two-piece Bloodstained Chivalry grants a 25% increase in Physical Damage. A two-piece Pale Flame also grants an additional 25% in Physical Damage.


While Jean in Genshin Impact is better off as a Support or Burst Support character, there are still those who prefer to use her as a Main DPS. There is no harm there, it just depends on the player’s preference. But for this build, you’ll be putting a lot of focus on her Physical Damage and ATK. Since Jean is the primary damage dealer of the team, make sure that the other members of the team can support her with shields and with buffs. You won’t be relying much on her Elemental Burst and Skill here so you better have another crowd control character in the team. Keep in mind that using a DPS build for Jean isn’t necessarily the best choice because the bulk of her damage relies on her Elemental Skill which isn’t a priority in this build.

Ultimately, you might want to check the substats of each artifact before you equip them as you might need an extra Energy Recharge or Elemental Mastery somewhere down the line.


What Is the Best Team Composition For Jean?

Since Jean can be both a DPS and a Support, there are a couple of ways that you can build a team to best complement her skills. Ideally, you can fit Jean in almost any team composition. That said, you might want to still consider that the bulk of her damage and usefulness comes from her Elemental Burst.

With that, here are some team compositions to consider if you want to include Jean in your team:


DPS Jean Team Composition

Jean DPS Team
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  • Main DPS: Jean
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Reaction: Xingqiu
  • Support: Bennett

For this Team Composition, you’d want Jean as your Main DPS, which means that you will need to have a great Sub-DPS and formidable support to help her out. Kaeya and Xingqiu are great to have in this composition because they can create a Frozen combo. Accompanied by the Swirl that Jean can create with her Elemental Skill, you can have a Permafreeze combo. While Jean doesn’t have the best Swirl compared to Kazuha and Venti, it still works for crowd control. Lastly, Bennett will play the part of the main support because of the ATK buff that his Elemental Burst can give. Moreover, Bennett’s Elemental Skill can also regenerate HP which is good if you don’t have enough energy for Jean’s Burst yet.


Support Jean Team Composition

Jean Support Team
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  • Main DPS: Xiao
  • Sub DPS: Bennett
  • Reaction: Kaeya
  • Support: Jean

For this Support build, Xiao is the best DPS to consider because he and Jean have great Elemental Resonance. You’ll be able to use Xiao’s Elemental Burst more often with Jean in the team because of her low cooldown skill. Jean serves as your primary crowd control for this composition because you will need to keep opponents in one place for Xiao’s Burst to be effective. Moreover, with Kaeya and Bennett in the team, you can afflict Melt on opponents that can cause a bit more damage. In all, this build is great for DPS characters like Xiao because you will technically have two healers in the team and one of them can provide ATK buffs.


How to Ascend Jean

As Jean is a character from Mondstadt, her Ascension Materials are easy to find and get a hold of. The only material that you might have to grind for is the Hurricane Seed which you can only get after defeating the Anemo Hypostasis. Otherwise, you can easily collect the Vayuda Turquoise gems through other bosses. You can farm for Dandelion Seeds across Mondstadt; just make sure that you have an Anemo character with you to collect them. Lastly, you can get the masks from defeating a variety of  Hilichurl enemies.

1 20 – 40 20,000 x1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x3 Dandelion Seed x3 Damaged Mask
2 40 – 50 40,000 x3 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment | x2 Hurricane Seed x10 Dandelion Seed x15 Damaged Mask
3 50 – 60 60,000 x6 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment | x4 Hurricane Seed x20 Dandelion Seed x12 Stained Mask
4 60 – 70 80,000 x3 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk | x8 Hurricane Seed x30 Dandelion Seed x18 Stained Mask
5 70 – 80 100,000 x6 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk | x12 Hurricane Seed x45 Dandelion Seed x12 Ominous Mask
6 80 – 90 120,000 x6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone | x20 Hurricane Seed x60 Dandelion Seed x24 Ominous Mask


Jean Genshin Impact: An Adaptable Anemo Character

In all, Jean is one of the most flexible characters from Genshin Impact. Not only can she be a strong DPS but she can also become a great Support and Burst Support character. You can also play with different artifacts and weapons to build her because many sets can suit her skill set. Whether you’re just starting the game with Jean or if you’re a seasoned player who just got her, it won’t be hard to formulate a build for Jean because of her adaptability as a character. If you’re looking for a character that you can easily squeeze into a team, Jean is one of those characters and she’ll be able to make your team more formidable than ever.