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Over the last two decades, technology has changed how people build relationships. Meeting new people to be a potential partner is now easier. Thanks to a variety of online dating apps and site options available today and one of them is The League Dating App.

In the US, three out of 10 adults said they have used a dating app or site. The majority of them are aged 18 to 29. These dating apps also cater to all genders. Data from the Pew Research Institute show about 55 percent of gays, lesbians, or bisexuals are likely to use these apps compared to 28 percent of straight adults.

Many online dating apps are available today. But searching for the right person can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have a high standard. Nothing is wrong with that. Amanda Bradford, the founder of The League, had the same problem. That’s why she launched her own dating app in 2014.


What Is The League Dating App?

The League Dating App
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The League is an exclusive, members-only dating app designed for individuals who want to date someone with passion and drive. It maintains a balanced community through an advanced screening and monitoring system. The site is also full of high-powered and empowered people who are looking for a long-term relationship.

According to Bradford, 98 percent of League users have college degrees, 39 percent make six-figure salaries, 30 percent have advanced degrees, 21 percent are managers, 14 percent are director-level, 13 percent are CEOs, and eight percent are PhDs.

The founder aims to give ambitious women space where they can meet men with that same ambition and are not afraid to date a successful woman. The League Dating App users will only see people that meet their preferences and vice versa.


Where Is The League Available?

One advantage of online dating is it allows you to meet people from different places without leaving your home. The League is currently available in over 90 cities in the US, including

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • DC
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • Tampa
  • Albany
  • El Paso
  • Jacksonville
  • Anchorage
  • Sacramento
  • Cincinnati


The League Dating App is not only available in the US. It also has users in select cities in Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latam, and the Middle East. The app continues to expand its reach and aims to reach more users in more cities worldwide.

Ready to experience high-quality dating and be part of a selective social network community? The League offers exciting perks to its members.


The League’s Subscription Tiers

The League Membership
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The app caters to users of all ages, genders, nationalities, and educational backgrounds, bringing them together with a common thread, which is “ambition and drive to succeed.” The League believes that staking people’s odds of meeting their special someone is the best investment they can make for themselves.

You can use the app for free as a “Guest” but the features you can use will be limited. To make the most of the dating app, you can upgrade your subscription. Membership has three different categories: Member, Owner, and Investor. Each category provides users with different features to improve their dating experience.



Becoming a Member will cost you $29 per month which you pay annually. It allows you to see a boost in quantity, quality, and speed of matches. The League Dating App also provides Members expedited review off its waitlist.

The key benefits of Members include

  • Receiving five prospects every daily batch
  • Getting three dates per League Live party
  • Enabling read receipts to see if your Matches read your messages
  • Customizing bio to stand out or keeping things private
  • Viewing your League Profile Stats
  • Setting default openers to make your first move smooth
  • Getting two tickets to buy a Batch of Prospects or a Boost
  • Creating Groups and inviting users in your city to events you list
  • Making five friend requests daily



Joining The League as an Owner costs $83 per month (paid annually).As an Owner, your daily Batch of Prospects will be bigger. The people you “heart” will also see you immediately. You will always know who liked you in your daily Batch.

The key benefits of Owners include

  • Receiving six prospects every daily Batch
  • Getting 3 dates per League Live party
  • Receiving “Unlimited Power Moves” (these ensure the people you like see you right away)
  • Getting “Unlimited Rematches” to make sure you don’t miss a connection
  • Allowing you to know if someone has already liked you
  • Being able to undo someone you accidentally X’d
  • Making six “Friend Request” a day



Joining as an Investor costs $999 per month, which you should pay monthly. League Investors can get the max daily Prospects. You can also send a message before being Matched. The app lets Investors see the full list of who has liked their profile, as well.

The key benefits of Investors include

  • Receiving daily batches with seven prospects
  • Getting up to three dates per League Live party
  • Seeing people who like you each day
  • Sending openers to users in your daily Batch
  • Allowing you to choose who can see your profile and block specific users
  • Getting Concierge support from an intelligent human
  • Making seven “Friend Request” a day


League Members, Owners, or Investors can skip the waitlist, get a free profile boost, and customize their profiles. You can also participate in League Live every Sunday at 9 PM, where you can go on three dates in nine minutes. The site will match you face to face with other users who meet your preferences.


How The League Dating App Works

Dating intelligently sounds exciting. But it’s essential to understand how the app works first. This helps set your expectations and prepare yourself for an exciting dating experience.

League Profile
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Setting Up A Profile

When you sign-up at The League, you will be on the waitlist. A real person will screen each applicant. Think of it as a college application. You may have to wait for days or weeks before getting accepted. Bradford says the acceptance rate ranges between 20 to 30 percent.

The League allows free member profiles to upload six photos and one video, together with a 25-word written bio. Make your profile as appealing as possible to increase your chances of getting accepted. Here are some tips

  • Make sure to fill out everything in your profile
  • Log in a few time to check your application
  • Avoid using default Facebook photos


Like in other dating apps, your profile picture can help attract more likes from other users. Pictures, however, can be deceiving at times. That’s why The League has a video profile feature. This allows you to see if your Matches look like their profile photo. Videos are harder to airbrush compared to pictures.

You also have to select your height, ethnicity, location, religion, interests, and family situation (you should indicate if you have kids or want kids). For your interests, it’s ideal to list down at least 10 so other users can know more about you. You can customize your bio if you purchase one of its memberships, whether you become a Member, Owner, or Investor.

If you’re afraid that the person you meet is too good to be true, worry not. The League Dating App requires users to authenticate their accounts with Facebook and LinkedIn.


Profile Verification Process

Social Media
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The League requires users to sync their profile to their LinkedIn and Facebook. When you authenticate your profile with LinkedIn, the site will protect your privacy by blocking your business connections and colleagues who are also authenticated. The app also only stores your contacts’ names and unique IDs to know who to block in your matching algorithm.

If you’re worried about your LinkedIn username and password, LinkedIn doesn’t give the app access to them. The League integrates a portal from LinkedIn to allow you to link your profile without exposing your credentials.

Authenticating with Facebook, meanwhile, will block you from friends and family. The app also won’t notify your friends or post on your timeline to respect your privacy. The League Dating App asks Facebook permissions to access your photos to create your profile. It also gathers other essential information, such as your current city, likes, and education, to match you more effectively.


Getting Profile Endorsement

Profile Endorsement
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The League members can endorse people they know are League worthy. They can do it by sending an Endorsement link through the app’s Settings. Receiving an Endorsement from an existing member can shorten your time on the waitlist.

If you send an Endorsement link to your friends and they use it to sign-up and create their profiles, you’ll receive one complimentary League Ticket per friend. You can use these tickets to get premium app features.


Matching and Talking to Other Users

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The point of using a dating app is to find and chat with potential partners. Matching with other users on The League is similar to other dating apps. You tap the “heart” if you’re interested in that person.

The League has a thing called “Happy Hour,” which happens at five in the evening. This is the time where you will receive your “Batch” with one to nine Prospects, depending on your membership level and the people who meet your preferences in your area and vice versa. A standard profile is visible to three to five users every day.

You can set your preferences to filter your potential matches. The League allows you to choose your preferred age, location, gender, race, religion, and education. These options sparked controversies because they seem elitist. The founder, however, argues that they don’t want users to spend more time searching through people that don’t match their preferences.

You can boost your profile to reach more users by using the app’s “Profile Boost,” which costs five League Tickets. You can also get it for $24.99 through an in-app purchase. Profile Boost will make your profile visible to an additional 50 users.

If you’re matched with someone, make sure to initiate conversations. Inactive matches will expire after 14 days. The messaging platform is also available for only 21 days. In case your match disappears, it could mean that person decided to expire it (you’ve been unmatched.)

Sometimes you would accidentally pass on a user you like. If it happens, tap the undo button. Remember that you can only do this on that evening’s Batch and it costs one Ticket.


The League Dating App Features

Photo from the League


One thing that makes The League an interesting and intriguing dating app is its features. The app’s goal is to cater to intelligent and career-driven individuals who are looking for partners with the same characteristics who are hard to find in other dating apps. The League contains features you wouldn’t normally find in dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble.


Verification Process

This feature ensures that all members of the community are qualified. It uses the details on your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to complete your League profile. The app has servers hosted by a top database provider trusted by Fortune-100 companies to make sure users’ data is safe.



  • Ensures the authenticity of the user
  • Prevents catfishing or scams
  • Helps you find people that meet your preferences and vice versa
  • Filters out your Facebook and LinkedIn connections



  • You might not get accepted
  • Makes the app look elitist
  • Being rejected because of your school or job can be disheartening
  • Makes it hard to find many potential matches


League Live

This feature allows users to join in two-minute video dates. League Live happens twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) at 9 PM in select cities. During a two-minute video date, you can have a conversation with three potential matches that the app selects based on your preferences and location. This is available to paid and free users.



  • Helps you get to know other users face to face
  • Gives you a chance to make a good first impression
  • Blocks users who act inappropriately
  • Allows you to verify if your potential matches look like their profile picture



  • The video chat is too short
  • Judgment will be based on a two-minute interaction
  • Speed dating doesn’t work for others


Personalized Matches

This feature is ideal for busy people because The League will send you the best Prospects that meet your preferences. You can set ultra-specific preferences to save your time and energy from swiping among unlimited options.



  • Minimizes your time and effort to find the right one
  • You only people that meet your preferences
  • Ensures that you’re matched with quality people



  • Limited options
  • It might take to find people to match, depending on your preference or location


Smart Blocking

This feature helps protect your privacy and block you from your connections at work or business. The League uses your LinkedIn or Facebook verification for this.



  • Protects users privacy
  • Avoid awkwardness between you and the people you know who also use the app
  • Gives users peace of mind when using the app



  • Requires you to provide LinkedIn or Facebook details


The League Dating App vs. Bumble

Photo from Bumble


Bumble is one of the popular dating apps available for singles looking for potential partners. Like The League, Bumble aims to empower users to connect with confidence when dating or meeting friends online. This app also allows women to make the first move to break gender norms. To know more about the best apps for Android users, here is our article to help you out.



The League and Bumble have similar features. For example, users of both apps can verify their accounts. But unlike The League, Bumble users don’t need to sync their LinkedIn accounts for verification.

Additionally, Bumble lets users boost their profiles and put them in the spotlight. These features, however, are limited to paid users. You can pay for a monthly or lifetime subscription to enjoy its premium features. For example, paid users can see those who have already liked them.

The two apps also allow you to undo when you accidentally passed on someone. Bumble, however, only gives you three chances to do it per day.

When it comes to matching, Bumble users will have to choose from unlimited but random users. But you can filter it whether you’re interested in dating women, men, or both. The League, meanwhile, curates and limits your options based on your preferences.

Bumble is only for dating. The app has three categories, depending on what kind of relationship you’re looking for. These categories are

  • Date – this is ideal for individuals looking for potential partners.
  • BFF – if you’re only looking for new friends, this is for you.
  • Bizz – this is for professionals who want to connect.



The League and Bumble have a fair share of benefits for people who want to be in a romantic relationship. If you want to experience intelligent dating, The League helps you meet successful and career-driven people. But if you prefer to have more options, Bumble can be your choice.

Your security, of course, should be your priority. The League’s verification process ensures that you only meet high-quality people. It’s video chat feature also breaks the ice before meeting your match in person.

Bumble, on the other hand, doesn’t make you wait to use the app. You just need to sign-up and fill out your profile to get started. You can also sort the people you meet, whether you want to date them, be friends, and build a network of like-minded people.


Success Rates

Finding potential partners on dating apps is not always successful. But other users are lucky enough to find someone they want to spend their life with forever. Since dating apps have different features, success rates differ from another.

The League claims that the app is 1,082 times more efficient compared to other leading apps. This number comes from the New York Times database, where the app divides the yearly wedding announcements by the matches it creates in the US.

Many Bumble users also have successfully found their special someone on the app. The dating app’s official website shows several stories of the people who found their partners and best friends through Bumble. If you are looking to compare both apps by trying it out, here is our guide on how to use Bumble.


Is The League Worth It?

Dating apps are a convenient way of meeting new people, especially during a time where we can’t go out often to socialize. It’s acceptable to be picky because many of us want to spend the rest of their lives with someone with a similar background to them.

The League surely has good intentions when it comes to how it works. From its verification process to filtering potential matches, there’s no surprise the app is branded as elitist. Such a system also may not be enough to determine if a certain user is a good match for you. Despite that, this dating app offers features that other apps lack to make dating more interesting.

Remember that dating app success stories still depend on how you and your match connect in real life. IF you are searching for possible alternatives, here is our article that talks about the best hookup apps. Also, you can check out our article on how to find a date using Coffee Meets Bagel.