Is Kixify The Best App For Buying And Selling Sneakers?

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People have all kinds of interests and businesses are hard-pressed to give all that they demand. It was a good thing that the Internet was invented because now, businesses have been allowed to grow exponentially and reach out to a broader market. Coming up with an online platform where these particular items can be found is a sure way to become successful. Just look at online platforms like Etsy, Farfetch, and Kixify.

These three platforms target different markets. Etsy is an e-commerce website that sells art and crafts, while Farfetch sells luxury and designer clothing and accessories to high-end customers. Kixify, on the other hand, is a website that sells to people who adore sneakers and are willing to buy only the best or the rarest.


What is Kixify?

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There may be many other online sneaker stores out there, but there is an appeal that Kixify has that makes it popular to sneakerheads around the world. It makes sneaker shopping more straightforward as you get to see the shoe prices upfront and buy or bid fast.

Kixify calls itself the world’s largest marketplace for sneakers. It could very well argue that it has a bigger inventory of shoes.

Kixify is an online platform that likes to see its users as one big community where they can sell sneakers, buy sneakers, and connect. Store owners or individual resellers sell hard-to-find kicks at the Kixify website and the website profits through the sales made on its online platform.

Kixify, with the mission of building a community, makes an effort to empower its entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to compare Kixify to its competitors, check out our reviews of SNKRS and the GOAT Apps.


The Sneakerhead Market

People are fashion-conscious even if they are not aware of it. They dress based on the current trends, imitate famous people’s styles, and express their individuality through what they wear. If you understand why people are willing to pay a lot for beautiful clothing, you will understand why people are willing to pay a lot for sneakers.

Sneakers have their quality and can stand out on their own. Why would you not want to dress up the body parts that work the hardest every day? Your feet deserve quality, and if that quality pair of shoes are exquisitely designed and expertly engineered, then go ahead and splurge on it.

People may have dressed more formally in the past, but these days, dressing casually is the norm. This is also what contributed to making sneakers more popular, and the demand for casual shoes increases each year. This is quite evident in the sales of Kixify, one of the largest sneaker websites around.


Why Do Some Sneakers Cost A Lot?

Sometimes the high price tag comes with the sneaker’s brand. You can expect a trendy brand to sell the expensive stuff. There is a certain prestige that comes to wearing a famous brand, which works on so many levels.

There are also times when a pair of sneakers is expensive because of its quality. Most people don’t know the fact that there is a lot of effort put into designing and manufacturing a good and solid pair of shoes.

The rising popularity of sneakers allowed popular brands like Nike and Adidas to produce high-end kicks, including rare ones. Indeed, there’s a big market for sneakers, and it did not look like the popularity of shoes would die out any time soon.

Sometimes a pair of sneakers is expensive because of the buzz it has created. An example would be Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas, which produced Adidas Yeezy. This collaboration with a popular entertainer has become a strategy that quickly found success. Just check out Kixify’s website, and you will see that a limited pair can cost almost $1800.

A sneaker’s success can also be attributed to being part of a limited edition collection. Still, the perfect example is Adidas Yeezys that come in different colors, and some are limited.


What Do Sneakerheads Look For?

Society’s interest in sneakers has increased rapidly in the last two decades. Back in the day, like the 1990s, sneakers that were sought after were those that represented a famous basketball player. These sneakers are not only made successful by a particular ballplayer but also perform well. Sneakers that could take the pounding in the ball court is something most people are looking for.

Sneakers have become an indication of your style and status. It is not about where you wear them but how you wear them. It is also about its collectability. Yes, shoes could now be a part of any man’s collection, and the process of acquiring them is exciting.

Genuine sneakerheads may be hard to please. Just look at how much they pay attention to detail at Kixify and other sneaker selling websites. This is because sneakerheads appreciate shoes in many ways. They look into the craftsmanship, details, and materials that go into making an exquisite pair.


How To Sign Up To Kixify


Signing In With PC Or Laptop

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Signing up for a Kixify account is easy. You can just go to its website, and the page will ask you to sign in either with your Facebook account or Twitter account. This process is the fastest, but you can always sign in with your e-mail address if you are not comfortable with this one.

To sign in with your email address at the Kixify website, enter your e-mail address. Register a username and then formulate a  password that will be used for your Kixify account.

Next, agree with the terms of service by checking the box next to it. Finally, you can now press the Create New Account button.


Signing Up With The Kixify App

For Android Users

For iOS Users


Like many legitimate online sneaker stores, Kixify now also has its app. You can sign up through the Kixify app, but first, you need to install it.

You can install the app by downloading it via the Google Play or App Store.

After you have installed the app, click open to access it. You will be brought to the home page, where you will be presented with pictures of shoes for sale.

Below is an area with icons for you to navigate through the website. You can click on the middle icon that looks like a file box. This is where you sign in.

You can sign in to Kixify using your Facebook or Twitter credentials. Just like signing in through the laptop, you can sign in for a new account with your email address.


Accepted Payment Methods

According to more than one Kixify review, it is best to have a Paypal account when buying from Kixify. The company is officially partnered with Paypal. Paypal provided buyers with protection and refund when the item was not delivered or not authentic.

Paypal is a great way to pay at Kixify because it is the most accepted worldwide. You can be in another country outside the United States and still be able to pay.

Kixify also accepts major credit cards.


Kixify Features and How To Use Them?

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How To Buy Sneakers?


When you want to buy sneakers through the Kixify app, you will have a better buying experience.

Sign in to your Kixify account so you can avoid the hassle of doing it later. Once in, scan the page by scrolling down to find what you may like. If you know what you want, click on the search tab at the top of the page.

Once you have found what you like, click on the picture of the product. Kixify has a detailed bio on the shoe you want and details like colorway, condition, and style code.

You can then purchase the sneakers you like by clicking on the Buy Now button.

The item comes in different sizes and prices. You can check its authenticity on its page as well.

Once you have chosen the sneaker size, you will be brought to another page of the Kixify app that will show you the item you have selected, the size, the shipping cost, and the total. Click on the Purchase button to proceed.

You will be asked to fill out the address portion. Provide your first name, last name, address, apartment number, country, phone number, city, state, zip code, and email.


How To Sell Sneakers?

If you are interested in selling at the Kixify website, you should sign in.

To sell on Kixify, you will need to have a Paypal account. This is highly advisable considering that Kixify is a partner with the company. Paypal also has an instant billing feature so that the money is received from the buyer, and Kixify takes its commission.

As a seller, remember that you will need to have your credit card ready. However, setting up a store at Kixify is free. The company profits by getting commissions from the sales you will make. That is an 8% cut for Kixify for every successful transaction.

Kixify does not charge fees for listing, store space, nor set up. You can sell as many sneakers as you want as there is no limit to what you can upload. The website does caution you in making your store more organized. It advises sellers to group similar items together.

With a store at Kixify comes tools for the seller to edit, track, and promote the store. Sellers can also write a message to welcome buyers while outlining the seller’s policies on payment, shipping returns, and the like.


How To Ship Items?

Unlike other online sneaker stores, Kixify sellers ship the items themselves. The seller ships when the seller has received notification that the item has been paid for already.

Shipping can be discussed between the buyer and seller as there are people who request fast shipping.

When an item has been shipped, a tracking number is issued by the courier service. Use this so you and the buyer can track the item/s.


How To Receive Payment?

Sellers on Kixify receive payment immediately. When a buyer pays, the money goes straight into the seller’s Paypal account minus the 8% commission of Kixify.

If you are planning to sell at Kixify, always make sure that the money is in your Paypal account before you ship to your buyer. You can avoid being scammed this way.


Other Features

The Kixify app does not yet have new features that can boast of other than the automatic site commission billing. Features, where the seller does not have to deduct the commission and the buyer manually are asked to pay immediately. The money deposited into the seller’s Paypal account makes Kixify also another option to sell sneakers at.

Kikify does make the transaction easy from start to finish. However, for this Kixify review, we can note that the website and the interface could use a better design. With well-designed online sneaker stores coming in, Kixify should start thinking about updating its website design and adding new digital features to its app.


Is Kixify Legit?


With so many negative reviews out there about Kixify, many people now wonder Kixify legit? Is Kixify safe for buyers and sellers alike?

It can be hard to admit it, but scammers are practically everywhere, and Kixify has not been spared. Yes, Kixify is a legitimate e-commerce store that serves as an online platform for entrepreneurs. It is a legitimate company and a big one too.

However, Kixify is also quite saturated with sellers. Finding legitimate ones could be tricky, but rest assured that you can still get a refund if you do get scammed.

The first step is to avoid scammers at all costs.


How To Avoid Scammers?

How would you spot a scammer online? This is tricky, and you will need to learn a lot from other people’s experiences. And in most cases, sellers are the ones who mostly scam people at Kixify.

One sure way to keep your money safe is to use Paypal because Paypal pays attention to unsuccessful transactions and refunds you.

Never give more information than necessary. When buying at Kixify, make sure that your seller responds to your queries. Silent sellers can be total scammers. A real seller will make sure that your questions are answered and let you know that it has been delivered.

If you believe you have been scammed, contact Paypal immediately.

Another possible way of avoiding getting scammed by sellers selling fake kicks is to opt for Kixify Select. This option has verified and authenticated shoes from its inventory.


Kixify VS Other Sneaker Apps



StockX is a heavyweight in the sneakerhead market with its innovative take on buying and selling sneakers. It uses live market prices and allows buyers to compare sneaker prices from sellers selling the same thing. It functions like a stock market and has eliminated bidding wars.

On the other hand, Kixify has the traditional way of approaching the buying and selling of sneakers. It has yet to come up with a way of getting rid of sellers who sell fake sneakers. StockX has a surefire way of doing this by authenticating sneakers before releasing money to the seller.



Photo from GOAT’s Twitter Profile


The GOAT is arguably the best sneaker marketplace because it makes the user experience extremely easy and smooth. It also authenticates sneakers, making sure buyers are not duped. But it takes longer for the item to be shipped because of this verification process. At Kixify, the buyer can ask for immediate shipment.



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SNKRS is a leader in the app-based retail experience, leaving Kixify in the dust. Great design, easy user navigation, and exclusive access to product launches are what is in store with the SNKRS app. But like Kixify, there is an oversaturation. For SNKRS, it is the buyers, while for Kixify it is the sellers.



When it comes down to the authenticity of products, Fightclub easily comes ahead of Kikify. Fightclub does not have fakes in its inventory, while Kikify has just too many bad reviews about selling scams. Fightclub has far more good reviews while Kixify does not.