Is the Shein App Legit and Safe for Clothes Shopping? (Review)

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With everything going digital, many apps and websites in the online delivery market are dedicated solely to providing products in the fastest time possible. One such online app is the Shein app. It is an online clothes store application that sells a wide variety of clothes, mainly clothes for women but also catering to kids and men. However, others may think that Shein is too good to be true. Or, they may now just be familiar with it. Is the Shein app legit? What does it offer? Learn more about the Shein app here.


What Is Shein?

Shein Apple
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If you want an app that offers the latest and most significant trends when it comes to fashion and accessories, then the Shein clothing app is definitely for you! It was first established back in October 2008. Because of Shein’s stellar and quality performance when it comes to offering and delivering the most fabulous fashion trends to women, it has branched out internationally!

The Shein app is now an international brand with presence in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East. Currently, the Shein app business is well-established and well-known in over 200 countries across the globe. The fast expansion of the business is truly a testament to the quality products and service that it offers to its loyal customers.

Shein’s philosophy revolves around providing affordable and cost-efficient but trendy and on-demand products to women worldwide. To quote, “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion” is a line they are famous for, and their business philosophy revolves around this simple yet powerful statement.

So if you are looking for fashion and trendy clothes and accessories such as a maxi skirt or a bodycon dress, or those ankle-high boots you love, then open the Shein app because it would indeed have all of these styles for you! Simply put, the Shein app aims to promptly offer stylish quality products at attractive prices to every user in the world.

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What’s Special About Shein?


The Shein app specializes in the latest trendy clothes and accessories for women. However, they also offer a wide portfolio of products for men and kids, including clothes and shoes, bags, and belts! To learn more about this enjoyable shopping app, come and meet Shein and see what they do!


Product Design

The design team of Shein has invested most of their lives in fashion by attending both fashion and business schools. The massive success of Shein fashion trends can be attributed to the team of fashion design professionals who have put concepts and ideas into paper, which is then manufactured and sold. Shein designers have an intuitive understanding of what makes women tick and use that knowledge to design clothes for modern women of all shapes and sizes.

One aspect of product design also includes choosing the right fabric for the design. Shein’s team of professionals have perfected the art of balancing between selecting the suitable material at the most efficient cost without compromising quality.

Another aspect that Shein focuses on is modifying the clothes to look good on the modern woman! Have you ever experienced the time when you found a great top on a mannequin, and when you tried it on, it looked horrible on you? Do not fret because Shein is doing everything in its power to modify their clothes so that you wear the clothes and not the clothes do not wear you.



Not only does the Shein design their clothes, but they also have manufacturing sites across the globe to produce only the best quality fashion trends there are! Here, a team of trained manufacturing experts with only the best equipment and professional handiwork. Some high-end clothes are handmade and hand sewn with only the most senior and expert professionals on the team. Shein pays special attention to details like fastening and ironing to present a flawless design to their clients.


Quality Assurance

With the Shein app, you can be assured of the best quality clothes (with the most updated fashion) there is! The quality experts of Shein make sure that they check the style, color, sizing, workmanship, and quality of every single garment they produce.

After doing the quality inspection, each garment is sent to a different warehouse, while another set of eyes will do another round of inspection once again before packaging and shipping the product. If clients are dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, they are always encouraged to return the product so Shein can deliver another garment to your liking.


Product Presentation


In online shopping, marketing and making sure that the garments are at their best is key to drive up sales. This is why Shein also collaborates with world-renowned photographers and models to showcase the garments. After which, each photograph will go through post-production before going live in the Shein app.


Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and transportation are some of the key elements why any online shopping app is successful. Of course, clients demand that they get their purchased product at the fastest possible time. This is also why Shein invests a lot in studying how to make logistics and transportation more quickly, more comfortable, and at the same cost. In the past ten years, their warehouse system has grown from a humble and straightforward warehouse to what it is today, a 10,000 square feet of a massive warehouse that stores all the Shein products to be shipped internationally.


Customer Service

Who is Shein without their loyal customers? Here at Shein, their mindset revolves around customer satisfaction. With this, they have established various customer service locations across the globe that even cater to different nationalities and languages for better and more transparent communication. Shein customers’ language options include English, Italian, Arabic, French, German, and Russian, among others.


How to Get the Shein App

Shein Google
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Now that you know all about the Shein app and you’re revving just to see how this beauty works and start purchasing the latest and most significant fashion trends, where do you start? First is you have to download the app. For Apple users, you can download the app from the App Store. Android users, on the other hand, can download it via the Play store.

Play Store 

App Store



  1. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, the Shein app will ask you to register using your email address, and then you would need to create a password.
  2. You can also log-in via different sites, such as linking it with your Gmail or Yahoo account or link it with social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
  3. After you have successfully registered and verified your Shain account, Shain gives you several coupons that you can use while you shop. Some coupons offer free shipping or big discount coupons you can use upon check-out of your items!



There are very minimal requirements for you to register and verify your account with the Shein app. All you have to have is a verified Gmail account, and you can start shopping! You can also choose to link your debit or credit cards with the Shein app to purchase your fashionable clothes, and the garments will automatically be charged to your credit card. Rest assured that Shein upholds confidentiality and has a reasonably comprehensive security feature to guard all your assets.


Accepted Payment Methods

Payment Methods
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For customer ease and efficiency, there are many ways where clients can pay for their garment of choice. Let us take a look at the different accepted payment methods for the Shein app:

  • PayPal
  • Debit or credit card
  • E-wallet
  • Cash on delivery (select countries)
  • Online bank transfer (select countries)
  • Coupons and bonus points


How to Use the Shein App

Shein App Features
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Like many shopping apps, there are also many exciting features that the Shein app has to make sure that their clients get to maximize the “Shein experience.” Let us take a look at some of the Shein app features and how to use them.


Must Include

One of the essential features of the Shein App is its “Must Include” section. This section involves the hottest and latest fashion trends for the modern woman. This section also includes hot items that have significant discounts or those which are on sale! This makes it easier for individuals to browse through the items that others heavily purchased. Hence they are considered hot items. Usually, the Must Include section is located at the top portion of the app. It even has its banner, which people can scroll through horizontally!


How to Browse Items

There are plenty of ways for users to browse items. The Shein app has designed the app so that users can intuitively and easily search for the clothes they are looking for. Let us look at all the ways where you can start browsing items.


Search Bar

The first and most famous way for people to search their garments is by using the search bar at the top portion of the app. Here, users can input whatever they fancy in a garment. From boho-chic dresses, ankle boots, to graphic shirts, you name it; the Shein shopping app has it!


By Category

Shop By Category
Screenshot from Shein


Another cool way for users to search for items is by category. There are several categories in the app: clothing, beachwear, lingerie, shoes, bags, jewelry, stationery, beauty, home and pets, and sale items. Whatever you are looking for, you can effortlessly search by the category name.


Banner Toggles (Women, Plus Size, Men, and Kids)

If you are shopping for a particular person, the top banner also directs you to the different items that the Shein app offers. For example, for all the curvy ladies out there, you can simply go to the plus-size section in the banner toggles, and it will automatically direct you to all the curvy fashion that the Shein app offers.


By Variety

The Shein app also features clothes by type or by variety. For example, in the Shein app’s middle section are categories such as dresses, bottoms, swimwear, denim, tops, lingerie, and outerwear. In this manner, you can narrow down your shopping list on the item you want to shop for!


By Special Occasion Or Season

The Shein fashion app also features garments or items for each season! For example, during the Holiday season, they started having sales on winter clothes and accessories such as coats and boots. For Valentine’s day, they featured lingerie.


By Size or Body Type

Don’t you just hate it when you find the perfect top for you, but you have to search through racks and racks of clothes just to look if you have it on your size? Well, the Shein app has solved that problem for you! You can simply enter your body type size, and it will give you all the items in your size without the hassle!


By Style or Trend

If you have a particular design aesthetic and do not want to waste time looking at other fashion trends that do not scream “you”, the Shein app features another category where you can browse items by style or trend. You can choose from simple chic, elegant vogue, street cool, countryside melody, gothic trend, and hot girl categories, among many others!


How to Pay for Items

There are many ways for you to pay for your purchases. You can pay via your PayMaya account, link your credit or debit card, through your e-wallet, or you can even opt for cash on delivery!


How to Receive Items

The transport and logistics aspect of Shein makes sure that you receive your purchased garments in the shortest amount of time possible. With your contact details in your account, you will receive notifications, emails, and even calls to keep you up to date where your purchases are. A delivery person will personally deliver your product to your doorstep.


What Makes Shein App Stand Out vs Other Fashion Apps

Shein Icon
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You might think that the Shein app is just like any other fashion app in the market. Here are the reasons why the Shein app is very successful as compared to others:


User Log-in Experience

This is because the Shein app has invested time and effort to make the user interface of the app seamless and intuitive, this feature has paid off when it comes to market advantage. Because there are no requirements (apart from a verified email address), users can easily create their accounts without any hassle.


Customer Support

The Shein app has a broad customer support program located in different parts of the globe. What’s more is that its customer support is fluent in many different languages such as English, Arabic, French, Russian and Italian so there is more precise communication in whatever language you understand!


Payment Methods

This is because the Shein App offers a wide array of payment methods. Users can easily choose whatever payment method they prefer to purchase their garments.


Should You Download the Shein App?

If you want all the latest, most fantastic, and hottest trends at a relatively cost-efficient price with the fastest delivery time, then you should download the Shein App today. With their top of the line quality clothes, you will be the fashionista of the town in no time!