Is the GOAT App the Best Sneaker Shopping App Today?

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Nothing is as exciting as finding that rare pair of sneakers and owning it. Those types of sneakers are challenging to find, and they’re not what you can ask your neighbor about. It’s also improbable that you’ll find them at the local mall because they’ve probably sold out, or a local store wouldn’t carry them at all. Where else can sneakerheads conduct their search? Your best bet is online and through the best sneaker app contenders like the GOAT app.


Inside This Article

  1. What Is the GOAT App?
  2. Background of the GOAT
  3. How Does the GOAT App Work?
  4. How Does the GOAT Authenticate Items?
  5. Signing Up
    1. App Download
    2. Signing Up Basics
    3. Exploring the App
    4. Accepted Payment Methods
  6. App Features
    1. Looking for Things You Want
    2. Selecting Details
    3. ‘Try On’ Feature
  7. Buying Sneakers from the GOAT App
  8. Selling Sneakers Using the GOAT App
    1. How Do You Get Payments?
    2. How Do You Send Out Items?
  9. GOAT App vs Other Sneaker Apps
    1. StockX
    2. SNKRS
  10. Conclusion


What Is the GOAT App?

How could you not buy a pair of luxury kicks at a company with a name that is an abbreviation of the phrase “Greatest Of All Time”? That’s exactly what GOAT in the GOAT app stands for and what it brands itself in the world of awesome sneaker buyers and sellers.

Companies that put up websites that target particular consumers make a profit by listing the goods for buyers to peruse. When a sale is made, the website-owning company collects fees for facilitating the transaction.

Most of the time, these online websites like the GOAT app function as online platforms where high-end sneaker sellers can hawk their wares for a fee. What makes everything convenient is that the company that owns the website acts as a middleman for everyone’s security.

The GOAT website is an online platform just like StockX, BUMP, and SNKRS. In other words, it’s a shopping website that caters to a niche market of people who are willing to spend an arm and a leg on sneakers that are either limited edition or simply highly-prized.


Background of the GOAT

For those hearing about the GOAT for the first time, it comes as no surprise that they ask, “Is the GOAT app legit?”

Well, the GOAT started as another shot at fortune with a $1.5 million fund after a failed business idea by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. The co-founders decided on the sneaker business because Sugano was a sneakerhead himself. He had been collecting unopened boxes of old Nikes and this is one hobby that even the younger generation nowadays still practice. The GOAT was subsequently founded in 2015.

According to Lu, there were a few setbacks when the GOAT app first launched. When it got swapped by eager sneakerheads, the app naturally crashed a few times and resulted in negative GOAT app reviews.

More favorable GOAT app reviews and continuous patronage have led to the GOAT app being hailed as one of the world’s best premium sneaker sellers.

After a few years and with venture investor Greg Bettinelli’s backing and knowledge, the business startup has become one of iPhone’s Top 100 shopping apps and boasts of a cult following.

If you’re looking for other fashion apps, we have a list that can help you out. We also have a review of the Depop that you can check out.


How Does the GOAT App Work?

Goat App
Screenshot from GOAT App

The GOAT’s website is an online market that targets sneakerheads and makes money from the sales conducted there. But, it does its part by performing specific functions.

The GOAT is open to sellers, boutiques, and retailers. They list their items on the GOAT for the buyers to look at.

For sneakers to be resold through the GOAT app, they have to be shipped to the GOAT’s headquarters for verification. Back in 2016, Lu said that the company has employees that carefully and meticulously inspect the sneakers and use a catalog of fake sneakers to compare to. Once the sneakers have been authenticated, they are sent out to the one who buys them online.

The GOAT website guarantees that if the goods sold to the buyers are not authentic, they will give a full refund.

GOAT has come a long way and now the online store has expanded the goods being sold to include apparel and accessories. You can now shop for clothes and bags, but many sought-after sneakers are still the online store’s main thing.

Apparel and accessories are pre-verified and the company ships directly to its retail partners.


How Does the GOAT Authenticate Items?

The GOAT sources from premium partner boutiques and retailers. It also sources from its resellers that have proven their worth and are highly trusted. These are all done to sell only authentic products and be the most trusted online market and best sneaker app worldwide.

That trust can only be achieved by meticulously verifying the authenticity of the products being sold on the app. This is done by verifying products being sold through the combination of a personal inspection of the product and what the company calls “machine learning technology.”


How to Sign Up for the GOAT App

Here’s how to sign up and begin using the GOAT, one of the apps vying to be your best sneaker app.

App Download

It’s not hard to get the GOAT app and start using it. Like any online app, you can download the GOAT app on your phone via the Apple app store (for iPhone users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).

Alternatively, reach the GOAT’s website app page. You will see a sign that will inquire if you would like to change or localize your currency. After you have chosen what to do, you will be brought to the web page that contains an advertisement (with video) about the app. You can click on the upper right-hand tab that says “Get it on Google Play”.

Click on install and wait for it to do so. Once the GOAT app has been installed, you can then click on open and begin the process.

Download GOAT for Android

Download GOAT for iOS


Signing Up Basics

The app conveniently detects your country location and will ask you to sign up. Once you have clicked on the Sign-Up tab, you will then be directed to a page that will ask for your first name and last name. It will also require your email address and a password to use the app.


Exploring the GOAT App

Once you have filled in all necessary information, you will receive a notice asking you if you would like to update your currency, that is if you are going to transact outside of the United States. You can choose to update it or not.

You will now enter the Discover page where you can view high-resolution pictures of newly dropped items. If you swipe up, you will find the bottom navigation panel that will show the Home, Styles, Search, Sell, and Profile icons.


Accepted Payment Methods

The GOAT app accepts different payment modes, making it such a convenient app to use, unlike the other best sneaker app contenders. If you live in the United States, you can use American Express, JCB, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

Other accepted payment methods are Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Alipay. Different modes of payment for the US are Affirm and Afterpay.


GOAT App Features

The GOAT app boasts many features and is relatively easy to navigate. Under the Discover page, you will find categories with images first and if you like what you see, just click on it. To browse more, there is the Shop All button beside every category. You can shop by brand, color tones, and styles.

It’s quite easy to explore this best sneaker app option and all that it has to offer. You will even find dynamic pictures of the products, much like seeing sneakers on display on a rotating counter.

Looking for Things You Want

Screenshot from GOAT App

When you find the brand you like on the GOAT app, click on it. There will be pictures of sneakers on display with a Want button in each box’s upper right-hand corner.

You can find the price below the sneaker’s photo and model. You can also filter your search.

Once you click the Want button, you will then be directed to a page that contains the available sizes. Beside each size is a button you can slide. Once you have picked the size you desire, click on the Save button and return. This is in case you want to continue your shopping for more sneakers.

Afterward, you will then be directed to a page of the GOAT app that contains the following list: Wants, Offers, Owns, Storage, Inspiration, Orders.


Selecting Details

When you have selected the shoe size and return to the last page, you will see that the sneaker box’s Want button is in black. Click on the picture of the sneaker, and a new page will show you the sneaker’s picture, along with product details and descriptions. Keep scrolling down, and you will come across three buttons that say Sell, Own, and Share.


“Try On” Feature

The Goat app now also has a new feature called “Try On”. Powered by Wannabe, you’ll not only view the selected sneaker up close to appreciate its finer points, but you can also try it on virtually. With exquisite purchases, you will want to know how it looks on you before you shell out your precious cash. The sneakers on this feature are the most elusive, like the Wu-Tang Dunks. Other sneaker pairs featured are Iron Maiden Dunks, Air Force 1s, and FLOM.


How to Buy Sneakers from the GOAT App

Screenshot from GOAT App

On the GOAT app’s home page, you will already find the different categories of items being sold, as well as the photos of each product. You can browse through the images of GOAT sneakers and when you come across what you’ve been looking for, simply click on the picture.

The page you’ll be sent to contains the product information of the shoes and a black panel that includes the shoe size and price. You can swipe this panel up and then click on the Select button under Offer.

The GOAT app will then direct you to a new page that will ask for your payment method, shipping details, and the total of the transaction, including the shipping fee.


How to Sell Sneakers Using the GOAT App

Request To Sell
Screenshot from GOAT App

What’s great about selling sneakers on the GOAT app is that you can also sell pre-loved sneakers and new ones.

When you enter the app and land on the Home, you will find several icons beside the Home one. Here, you can click on Sell and begin the process.

The Goat app will ask you to request to sell. There will be a form that you have to fill out. This form will ask for your personal information namely your legal name, phone number, and birthdate.

Once you have filled out the personal information section, click on Continue.

Other information the Goat app will require from you is your return address. Another section is Seller 101 that you’ll have to read.

After filling out all the necessary information asked, click on Submit. GOAT will notify you when your request has been approved and you can have your sneakers listed on the website.


How Do You Get Payments?

After your item has gone through authentication and everything checks out, GOAT will deposit the money into your GOAT account. You can either use this money for your purchases on the GOAT app or cash it out.

GOAT will then deduct fees from the sale which is how they make money. The costs vary for every country, but the company also gets a 9.5% commission from the sale.


How Do You Send Out items?

Now that you’re an approved seller, you can wait for your sneakers to be picked. If someone decides to buy what you offer on the GOAT app, you will immediately get notified.

As mentioned before, your sneakers will have to be authenticated first. You’ll have to ship the pair to GOAT’s shipping address and not to the buyer.


GOAT App vs Other Sneaker Apps

Here’s how the GOAT app fares versus other best sneaker app options.

GOAT App vs StockX

The Goat app is pretty straightforward to use and has a visual appeal with more dynamic pictures and web pages than StockX. Moreover, they differ more in the items that they sell.

Even if the Goat app has expanded by selling accessories like bags and apparel, StockX sells more items like luxury watches, streetwear, and handbags.

When it comes to selling sneakers, you have more hope of selling your used pair through the Goat app because StockX only allows the sale of brand-new deadstock items.

Both companies verify the products of resellers and authenticate the items before shipping. Both also releases the money to the seller only when the item has been authenticated.

The Goat app has a neat approach for buyers and even has the Try On feature that makes it a lot more high-tech than StockX. On the other hand, StockX allows buyers to see the sneakers’ live market prices and conveniently do away with bidding wars. The app matches buyers and sellers at StockX.

Moreover, the Goat app has an Instant Ship feature that allows the buyer to receive their product faster than StockX. It may take longer for StockX to ship to its buyer.

StockX keeps its buyers updated on their purchases; however, many reviews say that the GOAT app works better at keeping its buyers informed with its Order Progress feature. It’s more detailed and goes so far as to tell you that your purchase is currently being packed.



The selling, paying, and buying process in the GOAT app is one of the easiest around. However, if you are looking for the best sneaker brand app, you don’t have to look far with Nike SNKRS. The app gives sneakerheads an advantage by giving them the chance to reserve their kicks that they can pick up at the nearest store.

The app also has a great collection of Air Force 1 and Air Jordans.

However, some shoes prove to be extremely hard to get by. You might have a better chance of finding them with the other best sneaker app options just like the GOAT. There are just too many users of the SNKRS app and you’ll have a tough time beating many to the punch whenever there are new releases.



Buying and selling sneakers has never been as easy as it is these days. There may be some excellent sneaker retail apps around, but the GOAT app has just outdone most of its competitors. If you want any indication, you can look at Footlocker’s $100 million investment in the company. Tried, tested, and trusted, the GOAT company is certainly hard to beat.