6 Best Phone Tracker Apps for Accurate Geolocation in 2024

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Whether you have children, want to spy on a cheating spouse, or need to keep track of your employees’ work phones, a cell phone tracker app can help. These apps allow a person’s GPS access, letting you see their location in real-time. This means that you know their current location at all times.

We’ve looked into several tracking apps, and we’ve found several that can help you easily track your target. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the best tracking app in the market – uMobix and then proceed to the following competitive tools.



  1. uMobix – optimum parental control application with the most accurate tracking results.
  2. Spyic.app – high-tech monitoring software with an intuitive website interface.
  3. Cocospy – powerful remote mobile tracker app with a great balance of price and quality.
  4. XNSPY.app – cutting-edge tracking app with the best usability and affordable pricing.
  5. GEOfinder – robust mobile tracker that identifies precise GPS locations within minutes.
  6. Location Tracker Mobi – reliable service with a basic set of features and a new approach to the tracking process.


1. uMobix – Top-Tier Phone Tracker Jampacked with Features

uMobix phone tracker app has taken the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. After purchasing your plan, you obtain a link to install the app on your target’s phone. If you have access to the device, you can install it, which will run invisibly in the background. Alternatively, it is possible to install it via iCloud if you know their credentials.

Once completed with the installation, log in to your uMobix account and see what the person of interest is doing. This app enables you to reveal their location in accurate detail. In addition, it is possible to spy on their texts and social media activities and control what apps they use. Utilize it as a discrete spying tool or a parental control app.

In our view, uMobix is the best solution for surveilling iPhone devices since you get full access to everything happening on the monitored phone after connecting to it. By far, not every software can boast of a similar set of features on the phone tracking apps market.

What we love about uMobix is its ease of use. You don’t need to jailbreak, root, or have much computer knowledge to get a handle on how the app operates. In addition, whenever your target does something, you’ll also receive a notification, meaning you won’t miss anything they’re up to. This phone tracker app without permission runs stealthily on Android and iOS devices.

In conclusion, uMobix is one of the finest tracking apps out there, let alone it comes with a $1 trial. When you want to know location of a target device, uMobix will not let you down.


2. Spyic – Your Go-To Option for Thorough Monitoring

Photo by Spyic

The next phone monitoring app on our list is Spyic. This versatile spy app is also targeted toward parents but can be used for other reasons as well such as spying on your cheating spouse, monitoring your employees, etc.

It has location, message, and Internet usage monitoring. We all don’t want our children to be exposed to something they’re not supposed to or worry about where they are. With this service, you don’t have to worry much about that since the tracking software is accurate.

Spyic does have some customer service features that make it stand out. For one thing, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if required to trace someone’s phone and you’re worried about spending too much money, you have two months to try it out before deciding if it’s a good fit. Some apps have a free trial, but it’s usually not long enough to give you an idea of whether the service suits your needs.

Another feature Spyic offers is 24/7 customer service. The software is simple to install and use, but there may be some instances when extra assistance is required. What we admire about this service is that it doesn’t have limited customer service. When you have a question, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Overall, of versatile cell phone tracking apps, Spyic is a great software to consider, boasting various features, including keylogger, screen snaps, streaming, remote control, and much more.


3. Cocospy – Reliable Phone Tracker App for iPhone and Android

Cocospy mobile phone tracker app
Photo by Cocospy

Cocospy is a full-fledged mobile tracker software that lets you view someone’s location, monitor their social media activity, and receive real-time notifications. It is another app targeted at parents, but you may use it for many more reasons.

What we like about Cocospy is that it’s solid. You will face no hiccups during installation, usage, or becoming familiar with the results. Some cell phone tracking apps are challenging to install, but this website was perhaps one of the easiest. Once on, it stays hidden and does not slow the phone down.

With that said, Cocospy does have a couple of drawbacks. For one, there’s no free trial. If necessary use a cell phone tracker app, you may want to test it beforehand. However, you cannot do this without a free trial, though it allows viewing its demo.

Another disadvantage comes for iOS users. To monitor some apps, such as Snapchat, it is necessary to install them on a jailbroken monitored phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone means removing the phone’s manufacturer limitations but exposing your device to possible software errors at the same time. That said, the phone monitoring app still provides many features, jailbroken or not. Therefore, we say it’s an app worth considering, despite a couple of gripes that come along.


4. XNSPY – Intuitive GPS Tracker for Real-Time Monitoring

Photo by XNSPY

XNSPY is another cell phone tracker app to consider. As usual, it’s an app to be installed on a target’s phone, and then one is enabled to review the required data, either exact location, deleted messages, phone calls, etc.

What makes it unique is its keylogger feature. Keylogging is when a spy app captures every keystroke typed, letting you easily see their password. In addition, see everything they’re about to type out. It works well to record every keystroke on every app, including some more discreet apps such as Snapchat. With XNSPY, supervise everything your target does, making it an excellent tool to catch someone in the act. No matter how they try to hide their tracks, see every little action they take.

Besides this GPS phone tracker keylogger features, its other features work well, too. We found that its location tracker was accurate, and its notifications were fast. Moreover, it offers social apps’ screen recording, blocking apps remotely, and spying on WhatsApp, Tinder, Line, Kik, Facebook, etc. If you struggle to find a tracker app that comes at an affordable price and works well for most situations, you cannot go wrong with this one. Try it out and see how well it works for you.


5. GEOfinder – Anonymous and Installation-Free Cell Phone Tracker

GEOfinder mobile phone location tracker
Photo by GEOfinder

Some people wish only to have a GPS tracker and don’t want the extra features that spying apps provide. In addition, some users don’t have the ability to access someone’s phone, making it impossible to install the app. The solution is GEOFinder, a free mobile phone number location tracker that requires no installation. You only need to know your target’s phone number, purchase a subscription or make use of a $1 trial, and send a customizable text to a person of interest.

Since you customize it, give the text a unique flair to ensure your target opens it to start phone tracking app work. For example, it is possible to send information about their favorite band or a weather report. The text will then have a link, which will ask for their location when the target clicks on it. Once they turn on their location, you’re set – see where they are on Google Maps.

Service can be a convenient way to spy on someone, but you do need to ensure that your target opens the text. If they tend to ignore texts, this might not be the GPS tracking app for your situation.


6. Location Tracker – Spy on Someone’s Location in 4 Easy Steps

Photo by LocationTracker.Mobi

Location Tracker operates similarly to GEOFinder. In other words, this website claims to be a tracker that does not require you to install anything.

Location Tracker works under the following principle:

  • A user uploads an image to the website on a desktop or mobile device.
  • The software generates the link to that picture, and it will become the key to the tracking process.
  • Your next step will be sending a customized message with that link to the target in any way (all messengers can be used for this purpose). The person needed catches the message, and it is expected that they will follow it.
  • Here is the moment of truth! All location tracking info from their device falls to your online dashboard when they share their location. The accurate geolocation reports are ready to be reviewed.

Not bad for a phone tracking app, right? Developers claim that the service is effective not only for tracking someone’s location but also for logging IP, checking the use of VPN, determining which WiFi network is connected, etc. According to user feedback, all of these features work well, and the service tends to be rather competitive among other tracking apps on the digital market, with the price of $39.99 per month and a $1 trial. Stay anonymous with Location Tracker to get the data needed without any hitches and delays.


Alternative Methods to Pin Down Someone’s Location

Now let’s consider the best phone tracking apps for free available in Google Play and App Store. They are also quite popular but provide limited features if compared to the multifunctional tools described above.


Track Someone Else’s Phone with Find My Device for Android

If your target has an Android phone, it has a built-in feature that lets you easily track a cell phone’s location — the Google Find My Device app.

Most people use this when they have misplaced their Android device. Visit the section needed, log in using your Google Account, and then see the phone’s location, ring it, lock it, or erase its data if needed. It’s an excellent feature for when someone’s phone is lost or in an odd location. First, however, it needs to be turned on.

If you know your target’s account login, use this tool to see where they are and trace their phone without them knowing. The only downside is that they may be aware if someone has logged into their Google Account. However, if you want a truly free way to pin down someone’s phone, this may be the way to do it.


Locate a Cell Phone for Free with Find My for iOS

Find My iPhone Not Working
Photo from Apple

Apple’s Find My is a feature for iPhones and other Apple devices. You enter your iCloud information and then track a cell phone location, lock it, or erase its data.

With Find My, there is an option for a family locator plan. If you want to track the phone of your kid, Find My can be an excellent free tool that does not get too intrusive on your child’s privacy. For example, you could use Find My to ensure they have safely made it to their location. Moreover, the software can be utilized to pin down any iOS device, whether AirPods, AirTags iPadOS, watchOS devices, macOS, and other gadgets connected through the iCloud account.

Once again, you will need to know your target’s login information. Also, be mindful, as they can receive a notification that someone has logged into their account. However, if you get past that, it can be an excellent way for you to trace someone for free.


Track Someone’s Google Maps Location

a person using Google Maps on a mobile phone
Photo by Henry Perks on Unsplash

People can share their location on a map with others through Google Maps feature for this purpose. Using the Google Maps app, one can go to their profile photo, click the section concerning sharing, and share it with their contacts. Furthermore, they can control how long they share it and even use a link for non-contacts so that people who shouldn’t know their location are unable to access it.

For minors, they can share their location with their parents or guardians through the Family Link app to track someone, letting parents know that their children are in a safe location. Otherwise, this feature is limited to protecting minors from predators.

Google Maps feature of sharing was designed to help if two people are trying to meet up but are unsure of their location. For example, a busy city or a festival can make it problematic to meet up. This option of Google Maps works well for this. However, you cannot use it to trace someone without them knowing.


Track IMEI Number to Find Your Lost Phone

Your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique, 15-digit number with all the information about your phone. Some people use an IMEI tracker to determine their phone’s location. If Find My Device does not work, it may be the best phone tracker for the job, as it can help you find it, especially when other methods don’t work.

Find several websites and apps that claim to be able to pin down IMEI. Usually, you need to register the number with the service before you’re able to pin it down. While this can be a hassle, it can add an extra protection layer if you lose your phone. In addition, if you know your target’s IMEI, it may be possible to use that as a tracker. So when deciding to track a cell phone location, this could be an exciting way for you to do so.


Parting Shot

Now you got acquainted with some mobile phone tracking apps with credible features and high ratings in the market. When you desire to track the location, they can help you find it easily, though some cost money. That said, if you know someone’s phone number or login information, it is possible to locate them for free. We hope this article was helpful.


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