Top 20 Best Android Music Player Apps You Never Knew It Existed

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Mobile music player apps for Android are plentiful, so you’re never going to run out of options for the best android music player today. If you’re looking for more flexible on top of the default music player app that Android provides, then you might want to check out these other apps.

Whether you’re a casual listener or have thousands of songs in queue, then you might fancy a player or two here on this list:


List of Top 20 Best Android Music Player

Now, these apps aren’t arranged in any particular order and are curated based on their stars found on Google Play pages. Some of the apps listed here will have either a monthly fee or a one-time fee, so be prepared to shell out a few bucks if you want to get these.


1. Amazon Music – Free / $99 a year (included with Amazon Prime)

you can 50 million songs with ads free
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Amazon Music is another option for the best android music player that lets you play locally stored music. Create and edit playlists, and even stream music to your speakers via Bluetooth. Users can also search and purchase new music and then stream or download the tracks or albums into the device. It comes with Amazon Prime’s annual subscription at $99, which lets you enjoy all of the features that Amazon and its apps provide. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, feel free to try out the Amazon Music app. Sign up to the Amazon Music service now and listen to your favorite songs on-the-go!


2. Google Play Music – Free / $9.99 a month

best android music player that can stream the right music for where you are
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The default choice for the best android music player for the android users is Google Play Music, but just because it’s the default app doesn’t mean it’s useless. Google Play Music or GPM has perks that will make you want to try it out first before you go for the other apps. One of its best features is its upload manager that lets you manage up to 50,000 songs from any other program, even iTunes. Their $9.99 monthly premium service lets you into the Google Play catalog as well as YouTube Red. The monthly premium also grants you ad-free streaming and playing.

3. YouTube Music – Free

best android music player and follows the Top charts today
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YouTube Music is also another option for the best android music player in addition to Android’s music player lineup. YouTube Music now offers music streaming in addition to video content, which has about 30 million music videos in its library. It can search for videos, artists, and albums to help you generate a non-stop playlist. You also get premium access if you play for Google Play Music’s monthly premium.

4. Spotify – Free / $10 a month

now playing Zara Larson
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Dubbed as the King of Music Streaming, Spotify keeps getting better and better. Now, there’s the talk of adding a family account that could accommodate 6 people for $15 a month, and then there’s $10 a month premium service. Their streaming library is impressive, thanks to their official contributors which are no other than the artists themselves. But what really sets Spotify apart from the others is their ability to download music for offline use, which is available for premium users. Another player that has a similar feature is iTunes.



5. Pixel Music Player – Free

best android music player that allows you to listen podcasts
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Pixel Music lets you play music via local storage and online radio and podcasts through their free nifty app. You also have the ability to navigate through their customized library, or you can create your own customized view. In terms of design, the app has black and grey design themes with a minimalistic feel to it. The app can also download album art and lyrics, as well as the ability to edit the music’s metadata within their player.


6. Rocket Player – Free

Rocket Player is one of the most solid apps on this list, even for its free subscription. The app comes with your typical player functionality, its own equalizer, and a library search and management feature. The app also supports podcasts and you get access to their home and lock screen widgets on their free sub. In-app purchases can make you skip all ads and get you access to their other features such as sync features and Cloud backup.


7. JetAudio HD Player Plus – Free / $3.99

JetAudio HD is a solid choice if you’re looking for a free music player with the option to upgrade to premium service. You can play different file formats stored in your device or accessed through your network folders via Wi-fi. The pro version, which costs $3.99, gets you a 20-band equalizer, lock screen widgets, and other neat playback controls that the free service doesn’t get. You can also tag your music for easy searching and to keep your library more organized. It also supports audio plugins such as the BongJovi DPS and AM3D Audio, and you can get these via in-app purchase.


8. DoubleTwist – Free

best android music player designed for music collectors
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DoubleTwist is a free app that provides support for music, radio, and podcasts. DoubleTwist is a free app that does it all. They also have a unique feature called Magic Radio, which gets you access to a different mix of songs based on your existing library. The mix they provide is kind of curated from your preferences, so think of it as having another library of music which might match your music taste. The app also tunes into consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3 and can be streamed on Bluetooth speakers and other devices.


9. Tidal  – Free / $9.99 or $19.99 a month

listen hip-hop and LATIN is now playing
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Tidal is one of those popular music apps for Android. On the other hand. it got its shot to fame when it had the ability to stream high-fidelity music at either 320kbps AAC or lossless FLAC audio. This roughly translates to better sounding music for the audiophiles. You get even better quality at Tidal Premium for only $9.99 a month. If you want the best audio possible, then Tidal Hi-Fi (lossless FLAC) will cost you $19.99 a month.


10. Shuttle – Free / $0.99 a month

best android music player with simple, initiative and lightweight design
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Shuttle is a lightweight free music app that also provides additional features for a few bucks. Their interface is similar to Google Play Music’s Card UI, and the player. It comes with their own equalizer, album and artist downloads, and gapless playback. You can also access Last.FM as part of its features. Shuttle+ costs $0.99 a month and will get you a flexible interface with customizations supports and tag editing as well as Chromecast support.


11. Pulsar – Free

Another solid app on this list is Pulsar, but you get better features when you avail of their premium service. On top of the basic features, the premium service gets you 16 more customized themes, an equalizer, bass boost, and reverb. It also gets you Chromecast Support and automatic download of missing album images. However, it does fall behind the other free players on this list due to its limited features on a free sub. Either way, it’s still a solid app.


12. GoneMAD – Free / $3.99 one-time fee

now playing Lights Go Out with the best android music player
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GoneMAD is a music player rich with features and can support different file formats after its latest major update from the.MP3 to the.MPC’s and.FLAC. GoneMAD throws an audio configuration your way via their 10-band equalizer, auto volume adjustment, and crossfading. You can download for free, or enjoy a free trial of their paid service for 14 days. The premium service costs $3.99 to unlock all the features.


13. PlayerPro – Free / $4.95 one-time fee

now playing Deep Inside Me
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Just like GoneMAD, PlayerPro is known for its features and in-depth customization to provide you better listening experience. Their library can be easily managed and searched as you can filter through artists, albums, and folders. The tag editor also comes in handy when sorting through your collection. The player also has a built-in 5-band equalizer and comes with a bass boost, reverb, and preset configurations. If you want a more powerful audio customization feature, the Premium app costs $4.95 and gets you access to a 10-band equalizer, crossfade, and gapless playback.


14. Neutron Music Player – Free / $3.99 one-time fee

listen music with your favorite playlist
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Neutron Music Player made it to this list because it’s one of the most used apps by audiophiles and some professional music players. Despite having a clunky interface, the audio tweaks, settings, and functions make up for everything else. The player supports different audio formats and provides numerous DSP settings such as surround sound, rumble filtering, and crossfeed.


15. MusixMatch

play music w/ lyrics with the best android music player
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Musixmatch covers your basics with playback controls and a 5-band equalizer, but the real draw is how the app automatically displays synced lyrics for each song as the track plays. Musixmatch also plays well with other music player apps such as Spotify or Play Music, using a feature called FloatingLyrics to display synced song lyrics as a track plays. Chromecast and Android Wear support, as well as the ability to pull up artist or band Twitter accounts, albums, and top tracks round out the extras.


16. PowerAmp – Free / $3.99 one-time fee

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Poweramp is another solid Android player that’s available for free for a 15-day trial. Upgrading costs $3.99 to get the full version, which doesn’t cost that much. The app supports different formats and comes with a 10-band graphic equalizer and support for lyrics, .cue files, and different playlist formats. The library is also equipped with a tag editor for faster searching and management. There’s also lock and home screen widgets as well as different visual settings, so it’s definitely worth it to upgrade.


17. Musicolet – Free

Musicolet is an ad-free music app that foregoes syncing and Cloud features for online functionality and other features to let you play your music locally. It also supports different music formats and comes equipped with a multi-queue manager for queuing multiple albums and playlists. The library comes equipped with a tag editor for better management and searching. It also comes with embedded lyric supports, widgets, and a sleep timer. Sadly, there’s no room for customization here, both visual and audio, so the app leaves a lot to be desired compared to the others on this list. However, if you’re looking for something free and sturdy, you can’t go wrong with Musicolet.


18. BlackPlayer – Free

now playing Chandeliers
© Photo by BlackPlayer on Google Play Store

BlackPlayer is one of those lesser-known music apps that comes with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that’s equipped with decent features even for a free app. The swipe controls in the app let you control the library with ease. It also comes with its own 5-band equalizer and different audio effects such as a visualizer and bass booster. They also come with a gapless playback feature and crossfade on devices that allow it.


19. Phonograph – Free

custom your playlist theme with your favorite color
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A sleek Android music app is what people would use to describe Phonograph. The clean-looking UI also hides features from views such as tag editing and playlist management behind their menus. The result is a clutter-free interface that you can tweak to match your taste. The app also comes with a sleep timer and equalizer.

20. AIMP – Free

switch between screen & playlist
© Photo by AIMP on Google Play Store

Another free music player on this list that delivers powerful features is, which is known amongst older Android users for its simplicity. AIMP makes it easy to cycle through playlists for daily use on a regular basis. And granted it doesn’t have a pretty interface, they do get the job done. The interface is logically designed to have the shuffle and repeat buttons. Buttons are on the right side of the playback screen, right alongside other buttons for sleep timer, playback speed control equalizer, and so on. You can also hide these options via their Advanced Options to get a streamlined music experience. What really makes this app more unique than the others is that you can tap a song name and you get the important details shown like singer, composer, file type, bitrate, and even its storage location.



There is still a lot of music streaming apps that aren’t listed in this article. Similar apps that provide the same features and functionality, such as downloaded songs. With their growing popularity and ever flexible features, physical music players have almost become obsolete. Phones themselves can download music player apps that provide better functionality than any typical physical music player (Zunes, iTouch, and so on).

Some apps, which may or may not be listed here, can provide Chromecast support. It also can make it easy to stream both audio and videos.

Now, it’s time to grab your headphones and try out any of these apps to find the best for you.