Best Horror Games to Play on Mobile for a Spooky Halloween

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Halloween is just right around the corner and what spookier way to spend it than to try a hand on horror games on mobile. Admittedly, watching jump-scare movies is the staple way to spend Halloween night after trick-or-treating but playing mobile horror games is also on the rise. Compared to the usual mobile games, horror games won’t give you the kind of strength and power you get from playing action genres like first-person shooting games. Rather, they will haunt you and make your scaredy-bones go weak.

Nonetheless, horror games are still good diversions from your usual gaming this all hollows’ eve. For this reason, we compile the scariest mobile horror games that will make you scream and shout. Make sure to hold on to your phone tightly and don’t toss it on the wall out of terror.


What Are Horror Games?

Horror games are a gaming genre that aims to, well obviously, scare you. Unlike most gaming genres that focus on single gameplay, horror games are usually a mix of different elements. They are more than just jump scares, although it’s a big factor that makes such games fun.

Most of the effective horror games rely on narrative or visual presentation. Some of these games will test your dexterity by finger tapping or let you widen your imagination by telling spooky stories that can give you nightmares in your sleep. Some horror games also adapt survival games elements, putting emphasis on player characters fighting against ghouls and monsters.

Regardless of the type, horror games have one end goal and that is to haunt players. So choose your poison. Do you want to be immediately shocked, or do you want a little challenge getting to sleep?


The Best Horror Games for Your Mobile

Now that you know what horror games are supposed to do, let us scare ourselves with these horror games. These horror games will surely give you the spooks and give you the nightmares you need (or not). Check out our list of the best horror games for your mobile phones.


Some of the contents of this article are only suited for mature audiences. We encourage that these games be downloaded and played by audiences 17 of age and above.


1. Five Nights at Freddy’s

five nights at freddy's animatronic
Photo from Clickteam USA LLC

There is no doubt about this. The creepiest and “jump-scariest” game of them all is still Five Nights at Freddy’s. This beloved horror PC game has arrived on mobile devices to scare us even on our teeny-tiny screens. The action-packed game is filled with jump scares that surely will make your hair stand in fright and your heart skip a beat. Live to survive the next day or be killed by these “friendly” robots. Choose your fate.

You are employed at Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza, a family-owned pizza parlor, as a night-shift security guard. You are supposed to guard the animatronics: the mascots that bring joy in the day but give fright at night. They have been involved in heinous crimes against children and you are tasked to keep them on guard. Keep an eye on them, or you’ll end up losing your sweet, sweet paycheck. Each night becomes more difficult, so you should be attentive to guarding them. Strategize your use of electricity, for they are only of limited usage. Get ready to scream and shout in the middle of the dark if you don’t use the electricity wisely.

Take note that this game is a ported version of its PC counterparts. Expect that the gameplay from your PC is almost the same as your mobile device. The experience will never be the same, though. The scare is much intense when you get your screen up close. There are also many versions of this game. We recommend this first version of the game for starters.

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2. Into the Dead 2

zombie with dog and pistol
Photo from PIKPOK

This classic zombie killer game still does pack a punch against its competitors. Into the Dead is one of the first zombie killer games that have a basic aim: to save your family and dodge the zombie horde. The first version of this game only focused on running away against the zombie horde. But with Into the Dead 2, it has added another interesting twist in this game.

The developers added seven story modes with 60 stages that will test your finger dexterity. This game still has its trademark mechanic of running away from these zombies until someone eats you. This is more of an action-packed game than a horror game. But hey, who is not terrified of zombies? As you get rewards on your run, these can help you run further against the zombie horde to gain higher scores.

This game is free to play on Android and iOS with in-app purchases for powerups.

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3. Dead Trigger 2

rifles with house
Photo from MADFINGER Games

Remember those times when mobile gaming was just in its infancy? You may have stumbled upon a game that enables you to do a zombie killing spree. For sure, you have played this game called Dead Trigger. This game is one of the first FPS games that was made for mobile devices. The game lets you do missions for your own survival.

In 2013, Madfinger Games released the second iteration of Dead Trigger. The game has since improved its storyline and its characters. You will collect a bunch of items that you can convert into useful tools on your fight against the zombies. The choice of weapons is also diverse. You can buy up to 70 weapons and explosives just to kill those zombies. No doubt about it, Dead Trigger 2 still has a large following after all these years, thanks to its game mechanics.

This game is free to play on your Android and iOS devices with in-app purchases for gold (the virtual currency in Dead Trigger 2) and powerups.

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4. Dead Effect 2

alien zombie with rifle
Photo from App Holdings

Sci-fi games may not be that scary, but Dead Effect 2 will surely give you nightmares in your sleep. This game will give you the creeps because of the alien monsters, thus qualifying it as a horror game. Dead Effect 2 is a first-person shooting game that aims to kill space monsters. The graphics are console-like, making your gameplay as immersive as possible.

Choose between three characters, each with unique characteristics. You will need to develop your character just like in a role-playing game (RPG). Surely, you will surely enjoy its 20-hour campaign plus 10-hour special missions to boost up your character. Throughout your mission, you can collect 100+ collectibles that can strengthen your character. This will help you in dealing with these pesky alien monsters.

This game is free to play on your Android and iOS devices.

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5. Oxenfree

Photo from Night School Studio

Story-based games may sound boring because the gameplay only revolves around hours and hours of talking. But do not underestimate Oxenfree. This game tells the story of Alex, a carefree teenage girl who fled to an abandoned island together with her stepbrother, Jonas, and her circle of friends, including her best friend Ren. A dare gone wrong will make things a little bit eerie. A different dimension appears after Alex after she used a radio. And we all know what can happen in that parallel world.

You are to get out of that island as early as possible. and reconnect with your friends. Choose who will be your sidekick: your stepbrother or your best friend. This will determine your fate on escaping this island. This said fate will determine the ending of your game. There are multiple endings to it, so don’t worry. You can rewind and replay the game to get a different ending if ever you are not satisfied with it.

A purchase is required to play Oxenfree fully on mobile, which costs $4.99. For iOS users, you can try out the game by downloading the free version that lets you play the opening part only.

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6. The Walking Dead

Photo from Telltale Games

From the famous TV series comes this scary mobile game. The Walking Dead is a survival game that lets you play as Lee Everett. You are to survive together with Clementine and escape the world festered by a zombie apocalypse. Gather up the survivors and escape the zombie apocalypse altogether. This is your only chance to escape from the zombie hell, so plan your escape carefully.

The story immerses you into five chapters of human stories. The in-game stories may not be exactly patterned with the TV series. But it will make you realize the flaws and benefits of being a human. You must realize altogether that you need each other’s help when encountering the unknown. Inasmuch as we want to go further, we do not want to spoil the stories to you, so dive into the game before we tell too much of the story.

Take note that this game is more of a watered-down version of the PC game. Expect a downgrade of the gameplay experience and graphics. It is not as immersive as the PC version, but hey, at least you have got the chance to relive The Walking Dead experience.

We recommend that you start with Season One of The Walking Dead. This is free to play for Android and iOS devices. You can also download the next sequels for free.

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7. The Room

box with designs
Photo from Fireproof Games

Puzzle games already bring tension to your mind and sweat all over your body. What if we add a little bit more tension to it? The Room does just that. It is a puzzle game that lets you open a seemingly infinite number of complicated boxes and safes, but it does not stop there. The overall ambiance of this game is eerily quiet but has got a sinister environment. It’s as if someone, a ghost or some otherworldly beings, is looking from behind. Moreover, the music also adds to the eerie environment. This will leave you agitated on solving these complicated puzzles. Double-check if someone is whispering to you. It might be the game… or something more sinister…

The Room has sequels that you can enjoy, too. We recommend that you start with the first version to get an idea of how this game works.

You can buy this game for your Android and iOS devices for $0.99.

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8. Distraint: Deluxe Edition

man in 8-bit
Photo from Jesse Makkonen

Running short of time but still want some spooky entertainment? Distraint: Deluxe Edition has got your back. This game claims to be a psychological horror game, and we can attest to its creepiness. Unlike other games, it does not fully rely on jump scares. It plays with your mind and gives you puzzles that will literally puzzle and creep out your mind instead. You will find important items like keys, “unknown meats,” and many other sketchy items. Mind-boggling adventures and realizations await you. Prepare yourself for a different horror gaming experience.

Distraint: Deluxe Edition costs $3.99 on Android and iOS devices.

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9. Granny

empty room with table
Photo from DVloper

Having a grumpy grandma is something that we should be scared of. But what if that grumpy grandma becomes murderous and frightening? Get ready to run away from a grandma gone berserk in this game, Granny. The ultimate goal of this game is to escape her wrath. She may be old and ghastly, but her senses are as sharp as a wolf. As a famous song would say, “every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.” That’s the whole mantra of your grumpy Granny. She will chase you whenever she sees you or hears your footsteps. So you should be extra careful about escaping the house. You only have five days to escape her anger, so plan your strategy accordingly.

This game is free to play on your Android and iOS devices.

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10. Eyes: The Horror Game

empty classroom with virtual d-pad
Photo from Fearless Sp. z.o.o.

We did not put this last because this is the least scary game of them all. In fact, Eyes: The Horror Game is probably one of the creepiest games created for Android and iOS devices. Dreaming of being a thief? You’ll casually break into places and steal things from various places, like an empty mansion, hospital, or school. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

You are basically a thief that saw empty places, having high hopes of having a huge fortune from those places mentioned. You must steal a total of 20 money bags that are stored inside buildings, but you need to be cautious. Ghosts, demons, and monsters will chase you down and scare you. Certainly, they will not stop until you escape the condemned building. You can use eye runes to see the abilities of monsters and how to dodge their grudges. With these, you can determine how to easily escape the wrath of these monsters.

You can play offline or compete with other players to gain the highest score on the leaderboards. This game is free to play, and you can download it as Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters on iOS or Eyes: Scary Thriller on Android. It has in-app purchases that can jumpstart your gameplay.

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Have a Harrowing Horror Gameplay!

Spooks and scares are around again, all thanks to this upcoming Halloween season. Frightening stories re-emerge, and sometimes we are fed up with them. If you want to add a new spice to your Halloween, harrow away with the best mobile horror games we’ve listed here!

Whether you like it with action or with gradual story buildups, get ready to be frightened by these games. So ready your blanket and snacks, darken your room, and get ready to experience the ultimate fright and surprises this Halloween season with these mobile games!