Roblox Slender: What Does It Mean on Roblox?

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One of the many things that attract players to Roblox is the degree of freedom that it gives in terms of character creation and customization. By just clicking on the Avatar Shop, you can mix and match clothes and items to create the most awesome character you have in mind. However, there are players who don’t settle for just the cute and prefer to go extreme. One of the most freakish character avatars you will encounter, especially in Roblox horror games like The Mimic, is definitely the Roblox Slender.

If you are an outsider, or someone new to the game, you might not have an idea about the stereotypes that lie behind its intimidating structure. In that case, allow us to explain what a Roblox Slender is.

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What Is a Slender on Roblox?

Roblox Slender
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Roblox Slender is just one of the many avatar types in Roblox. Many describe it as tall, lean, and not so nice. It may remind you of the Slender Man from the horror movie that threw many kids into a panic because it pays homage to it after all. And just like the Slender Man, it also has a reputation for being intimidating.

Using Roblox Slender as your avatar doesn’t really give your character an extra boost in the game. But once you carry it, other players may have an impression of you. Aside from being innately terrifying, there is a stereotype going around about Roblox Slender that whoever uses it is not that friendly – someone who is a bully.


Is It OK to Be a Slender in Roblox?

Now that you know what a Roblox Slender is and how some people perceive it, you might already be giving the idea of using it a second thought. If you are wondering if it’s okay to be a Slender in Roblox, our answer is a big fat yes. Although there’s an assumption that players who use it are mean, it’s not true at all times. Perhaps, you can break that stereotype and be the nice Roblox Slender.


How to Get Slender in Roblox?

customizing build of Roblox Avatar
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Roblox avatars and characters use the R6 scaling by default. They are the cute block-like characters that you would see walking around Roblox servers. Those who want to be a Slender in Roblox, however, can use the R15 scaling to appear leaner and taller.

You can switch your avatar’s scale from R6 to R15 under the build section of the avatar customization page. This will unlock more customizable parts for your avatar, which includes the ability to tweak its body size and type to achieve the Slender Man look. You would want to move the pointer to the top-most part of the inverted pyramid to make its body type as tall as possible. The Slender Man is lean, so you would also want to replicate it by moving the pointer inside the body size selector at the top-left corner.

You can also purchase body packs to better accentuate your Roblox Slender avatar. The Robloxian 2.0 Package, for instance, will allow you to change the shape of your torso, arms, and legs that look similar to the terrifying movie character.


Slender Outfit Ideas

You are free to pick the outfit you want for your slender character. However, there are a few specific styles you can follow to replicate the Slender Man from head to toe. First and foremost, the Slender Man is notorious for its black outfit, so sporting everything black is a must for Roblox Slender avatars. You can buy black suits and trousers from the avatar shop to achieve this.

You don’t really need hair since the Slender Man is bald, but some players opt to equip their Slender avatar with it anyway. If you will, choose black spiky hair to add a punk vibe to your character.

Lastly, the face. You would want to make it as mean and terrifying as possible. Equipping it with Stitchface, which cost 10 Robux, can do the trick. But if you want to stay faithful to Slender Man’s original appearance, you may choose to go faceless by equipping your avatar with a faceless head like the Shadow Head or Faceless White Head.



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