Just Cause Mobile Release Date, Early Access, and Preview

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There have been a few setbacks in the mobile release of Square Enix’s action-adventure third-person shooting game Just Cause. However, it seems that we are reaching the end of the tunnel as the game had a pre-release in select countries, mostly in South East Asia. The developers have also previously confirmed that Just Cause Mobile will have its global release sometime this year.

Here’s everything we know about Just Cause Mobile’s live date, early access, possible gameplay, device compatibility, and more.


A Brief Background About Just Cause

Just Cause top down view
Photo by Square Enix

Just Cause is an explosive third-person action-adventure game that was first released in 2006 for Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Swedish developer Avalanche Studios was originally behind the franchise, but Square Enix is taking over the development of its mobile version.

The original game had a positive reception, selling a total of 15 million copies worldwide as of 2018. However, its subsequent releases have many flaws and seemed to exist solely for the reason of making money. The franchise lacks exciting changes with each installment feeling like the previous game.

Square Enix hopes to revive Just Cause’s fan base by releasing its free-to-play mobile version. Although it is the first among the series to be released under their watch, Square Enix reassures that they are committed to bringing back the franchise to life across different platforms.


How to Play Just Cause Mobile

Based on the teaser trailer, Just Cause Mobile will have the staples in the series and won’t be any different from the previous releases. It will still employ an isometric view in an open world environment across its mode, which is a deviation from the first-person shooting that many games of its genre are taking nowadays.

The game will also maintain the gears that players use for traversing maps or evading enemies including a parachute, wingsuit, grapple hook, and vehicle mods. Players can also unlock and upgrade their arsenal using gold, the official currency in the game.

Character customization is also a huge part of the Just Cause mobile installment. It will allow players to create and customize their own agents as they rise through the ranks of their organization.


What Are Game Modes in Just Cause Mobile

Just Cause Mobile will highlight three unique modes that will bring new stories, competitive multiplayer, and co-op missions.

The story campaign will feature an original narrative that will take place in the Just Cause universe. We won’t spoil you with what it is about, but forming alliances with well-known characters is the end game of the campaign.

Just Cause will also include a 30-person competitive multiplayer where three teams of 10 players compete in an open world full of weaponry and vehicles. It has similar elements to battle-royale games like PUBG such as text and voice chat to utilize. But instead of being the last team standing, the goal is to get the highest points by securing bases.

Lastly, the four-player co-op missions put players in the middle of a map swarming with enemies. As players advance through missions, their encounters will get even more challenging.


Just Cause Mobile Release Date

Just Cause Mobile was originally slated for a 2021 release. However, Square Enix pushed it back citing “delays in development schedules” brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason. They pledged to deliver the game in 2022 for Android and iPhone, although there is no definite date.

Just Cause Mobile’s regional early access in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand have already started on April 18 this year. This could mean that we are just counting months before its global release.

You can follow more updates about Just Cause Mobile’s live date or early access on its official website.



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