Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps For IPhone


Are you looking for a way to unleash your creativity and edit videos on your iPhone? Look no further! In this article, we will take you through the top five free video editing apps available for iPhone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these apps are packed with features that will help you create stunning videos right from the palm of your hand.

With the rise of social media and the popularity of video content, having a reliable video editing app on your iPhone is essential. These apps allow you to trim, crop, add filters, transitions, and effects to your videos, all with just a few taps on your screen. Plus, they offer user-friendly interfaces and powerful editing tools to cater to all skill levels.

So, if you’re ready to take your video editing skills to the next level, let’s dive right in and explore the top five free video editing apps for your iPhone!

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iMovie is one of the most popular video editing apps available for iPhone users. Developed by Apple, this app combines simplicity with powerful features, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and more advanced users.

With iMovie, you can easily import videos from your iPhone’s camera roll or shoot directly within the app. It offers a variety of editing tools, allowing you to trim, split, and merge clips effortlessly. You can also add transitions, text overlays, and music to enhance your videos.

One of the standout features of iMovie is its library of pre-designed templates. These templates make it easy to create professional-looking videos with just a few taps. Whether you’re making a short film, a vlog, or a highlight reel, iMovie has templates to suit your needs.

Another advantage of using iMovie is its seamless integration with other Apple products. You can start editing a video on your iPhone and continue working on it using iMovie on your Mac or iPad. This cross-platform compatibility is a major time-saver and allows for greater flexibility in your editing process.

iMovie also offers advanced audio editing capabilities. You can adjust the volume, add background music, and even apply audio effects to give your videos a polished and professional sound.

When you’re done editing, iMovie allows you to easily share your videos on social media platforms or save them to your camera roll. The app supports high-quality exports, ensuring that your videos look stunning, no matter where you share them.

Overall, iMovie is a powerful and user-friendly video editing app that provides all the tools you need to create impressive videos directly on your iPhone. Its seamless integration with other Apple devices and its extensive features make it a top choice for both casual video editors and content creators.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly and feature-packed video editing app for your iPhone, Splice is a fantastic choice. Developed by GoPro, Splice offers a seamless editing experience with an intuitive interface and a wide range of editing tools. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, Splice has something for everyone.

One of the standout features of Splice is its extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects. With just a few taps, you can add a soundtrack to your videos and elevate them to a whole new level. The app also allows you to trim, crop, and rotate your videos, as well as adjust the playback speed to create intriguing effects.

Splice also offers a range of professional-grade editing features, such as the ability to add transitions, apply filters and effects, and overlay text and stickers. The app even supports multi-layer editing, allowing you to create complex and visually stunning videos right from your iPhone.

Additionally, Splice offers a variety of customization options for your videos. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your clips, as well as fine-tune the audio levels. With its powerful editing capabilities, Splice gives you the flexibility to create videos that truly reflect your vision.

Sharing your edited videos is also made effortless with Splice. You can easily export your videos in various formats and resolutions, including high-definition quality. The app also allows you to directly share your creations to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, or save them to your camera roll to enjoy later.

Whether you’re a vlogger, content creator, or just someone who loves capturing and editing videos on your iPhone, Splice is the perfect companion. It’s free to download from the App Store, and with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of editing tools, it’s an excellent choice for video editing on the go.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a powerful video editing app that caters specifically to iOS devices. It is a simplified version of the well-known Adobe Premiere Pro software, designed specifically for mobile editing. With Adobe Premiere Rush, you have the ability to create professional-quality videos right from your iPhone.

One of the standout features of Adobe Premiere Rush is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Even if you have little to no experience in video editing, you can easily navigate through the app’s features and functions. The streamlined design makes it incredibly simple to import, edit, and share your videos without any hassle.

Adobe Premiere Rush offers a wide range of editing tools to enhance your videos. You can trim, cut, and rearrange clips with precision, as well as add transitions and effects to create a polished final product. The app also includes audio editing capabilities, allowing you to adjust the volume levels, apply filters, and add music or voiceovers to your videos.

One of the unique features of Adobe Premiere Rush is its seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You can easily transfer projects to Adobe Premiere Pro for more advanced editing capabilities or share them directly to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. This level of flexibility and compatibility sets Adobe Premiere Rush apart from other video editing apps available for iOS.

Another advantage of Adobe Premiere Rush is its ability to sync your projects across multiple devices. Whether you start editing on your iPhone and want to continue on your iPad or Mac, the app ensures that your work is always up-to-date and easily accessible. This seamless synchronization makes it convenient to edit on the go and collaborate with others.

Adobe Premiere Rush offers a free version with limited features, as well as a paid subscription that unlocks all the advanced capabilities. The subscription grants you access to additional editing features, such as motion graphics templates, premium soundtracks, and more. Despite the price, many users find the investment worthwhile due to the extensive features and professional-quality results.


Quik is a free video editing app that is perfect for creating stunning videos on your iPhone. Developed by GoPro, this app offers a range of powerful editing tools and features that allow you to transform your videos into professional-looking masterpieces.

With Quik, you can seamlessly import your video clips and photos from your iPhone’s camera roll or GoPro camera. The app then automatically analyzes the footage and intelligently selects the best moments to create a ready-to-watch video. It uses built-in algorithms to detect faces, speed changes, and action to ensure that your video is perfectly edited.

Quik offers a variety of customizable video styles, each with its own unique transitions, filters, and music. You can easily select a style that matches the mood and theme of your video, or you can customize every aspect of your video to make it truly your own.

The app allows you to trim and rearrange your clips, add text overlays, and apply filters to enhance the visual appeal of your videos. You can also add music from your iTunes library or choose from the extensive collection of licensed songs available in the app. Quik automatically syncs your video to the beat of the music, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

One of the standout features of Quik is its ability to create videos in seconds. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and edit your videos with just a few taps. You can preview your video in real-time and make adjustments on the fly, saving you time and effort.

Once you’re satisfied with your video, Quik allows you to easily share it with your friends and family. You can directly publish your video to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or save it to your camera roll for offline viewing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, Quik offers a seamless and user-friendly editing experience on your iPhone. It’s a versatile app that empowers you to create professional-quality videos with ease, making it a must-have for anyone looking to unleash their creativity.


Choosing the right video editing app can make a world of difference in transforming your iPhone videos into impressive masterpieces. From basic editing tools to advanced features, the top 5 free video editing apps highlighted in this article offer a range of options to cater to your creative needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, these apps provide intuitive interfaces and powerful editing capabilities.

With iMovie, you can take advantage of its user-friendly interface and a wide range of editing tools to create professional-looking videos. If you’re looking for more advanced features, Videoleap offers a robust editing experience with options like keyframe animations and blending modes.

For those who prefer simplicity, Quik provides an effortless way to edit videos with its automated features. Splice, on the other hand, offers more customization options to fine-tune your videos. Lastly, InShot allows you to edit videos and add unique effects for sharing on social media.

With these top 5 free video editing apps for iPhone, you have the tools to unleash your creativity and produce stunning videos without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and start editing, capturing memories, and sharing your artistic vision with the world!


1. What are the benefits of using video editing apps on an iPhone?

Video editing apps for your iPhone offer a wide range of benefits. Firstly, they provide convenience as you can edit your videos right on your device without the need for a computer. Secondly, these apps often come with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive editing tools, making it easy for anyone to edit videos, even without prior experience. Additionally, many of these apps offer a variety of special effects, filters, and transitions, allowing you to easily enhance the visual appeal of your videos. Lastly, by using video editing apps, you can quickly and easily share your edited videos on social media platforms, showcasing your creativity to a wider audience.

2. Are the video editing apps mentioned in this article completely free to use?

Yes, the video editing apps mentioned in this article are all free to download and use. However, some might offer additional paid features or a premium version for advanced editing options. Nevertheless, the free versions of these apps already provide excellent editing capabilities, making them suitable for most users’ needs.

3. Can I edit videos shot on other devices with these iPhone video editing apps?

Yes, you can. These video editing apps allow you to import videos from various sources, including other devices, cloud storage, or social media platforms. Once imported, you can edit and enhance the videos using the tools and features provided by the app. This versatility enables you to edit videos from different devices, ensuring seamless integration into your editing workflow.

4. Are there any limits to the duration or quality of the videos that can be edited with these apps?

The limits imposed on video duration and quality may vary depending on the specific app you choose. However, most of the video editing apps mentioned in this article do not impose strict limitations on video duration or quality. You can typically edit videos of varying lengths and resolutions, ranging from short clips to longer, high-definition videos captured on your iPhone or other devices.

5. Do I need any technical knowledge or skills to edit videos using these apps?

No, you do not need any technical knowledge or advanced video editing skills to use these iPhone video editing apps. They are designed to be user-friendly, providing intuitive interfaces and accessible features that make the editing process simple and straightforward. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily navigate the app and use its various tools to edit your videos effectively. These apps often offer guided tutorials or provide tooltips and explanations to assist you in understanding and utilizing their features to their full potential.